6:00 P.M.



DIRECTORS PRESENT:                              David Furst, Maryalice Faltings, Steve Goodman, Scott Kamena, and Dale Turner, (5)


DIRECTORS ABSENT:                                None (0)


STAFF MEMBERS PRESENT:                    Tim Barry, Michael Kyle, Jim Brandenburg, Jim Carlson, Mike Nicholson, Brian Tibbetts, and Gretchen Sommers.


CITY CONTRACT STAFF PRESENT:        Cheri Sheets and Paul Spence.



Meeting was called to order at 6:03 p.m. by Chair Kamena, who led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll was taken and all Directors were present except for Director Faltings.


2.          PUBLIC FORUM

Chair Kamena asked for public comment on any item not on the agenda. No public comment received. Chair Kamena closed public comment.


Chair Kamena presented to Director Furst the gavel and sounding block he used during his tenure as 2005 Chair of the Board of Directors. Chair Kamena thanked Director Furst for the fine job he did as Chair.



General Manager Barry provided background information on a proposed Chevron pipe line through Sycamore Grove Park. Chevron currently has a licensing agreement with the City and County of San Francisco for a pipe line that runs through a watershed owned by San Francisco. The licensing agreement expires soon and San Francisco has elected not to renew it. Chevron is re-route its pipe line by the end of 2007 and would like to have part of the pipe line traverse Sycamore Grove Park. LARPD currently has an easement for a Chevron pipe line thorough the park. Chevron’s proposal is to abandon that pipe line and create a new one where the Tri-Valley Conservancy has a conservation easement through the park. The Tri-Valley Conservancy’s mission statement does not permit it to approve such a pipe line. The Conservancy’s only choice is whether or not to fight a condemnation, should that be declared. Chevron’s plan for the new pipe line is for a less invasive trenching and installation method and involves a deep bore (100’ +/-) with double-walled alternate material. Staff recommends working with Chevron to identify potential mechanisms for addressing several concerns we have.


Several representatives from the Chevron Pipe Line Company were in attendance and presented information about the project to the Directors. They were: Carl Haywood, Lands/ROW Contractor for Coates Field Service (assigned to Chevron Pipe Line Co.); Larry Whitehead, Land Specialist for Chevron Corp; Rand Reynolds, Lands Specialist for Chevron Corp; Aleaxandra Fraser, Environmental/Permitting Contractor for URS Corp; and Bob Cook, Engineering/Construction Contractor for Wilbanks Resources. The Chevron representatives provided a visual display and several handouts to accompany their informational presentation, which explained the historical and technical aspects of the proposed new pipe line.


The Chevron representatives responded to questions from Directors and staff during and after their presentation, and provided clarification on the following items: shallow vs. deep drilling; experience of company performing the work; potential problems during drilling; affect of the project on park users; ongoing maintenance; absence of supply valves in the park; lack of problems with existing pipe line; leak detection and response measures; pipe corrosion prevention measures, etc.


Director Faltings arrived at 6:32 p.m.


Chair Kamena opened public comment.


1)      Beth Wilson, 1503 Bluebell Ct., Livermore, inquired if the 100’ x 300’drilling pad for the pipe line was permanent or temporary


Mr. Cook responded that the pad is temporary.


            Director Kamena closed public comment.


Director Kamena inquired if LARPD has the ability to grant an easement, based on our relationship with the Tri-Valley Conservancy.


District Counsel Kyle responded that we must review the original pipe line but that, as the land owner, LARPD does have a right to take a position on the request for an easement. There are many issues involved with both a condemnation and friendly condemnation approach.


On a motion by Director Furst, seconded by Director Turner, approved the staff recommendation to work with Chevron to identify potential mechanisms for addressing several concerns we have, passing 5-0.


Director Furst noted that it is to LARPD’s advantage to work with Chevron on this project; if the pipe line is in the park, LARPD has some control over the matter. Whereas, if the pipe line is installed just outside the park boundaries, LARPD has no say.


Director Turner inquired an agreement with Chevron would address the current pipe line. General Manager Barry responded that the intent is to abandon the current pipe line.


Director Faltings agreed with the opinion expressed in General Manager Barry’s staff report, that our cooperation will encourage good will on the part of Chevron.  Director Faltings asked if there have been mitigation discussions with Chevron. General Manager Barry responded that such discussion had not yet taken place, as this issue had not yet come before the full Board. He added that such discussions will now begin in earnest, since the Board has directed staff to work with Chevron.


4.          CONSENT AGENDA:


                4.1.1   Meeting of December 14, 2005.


               4.2.1   Letter from Joan Dickinson commending Senior Services staff and trip.

4.3   General Manager’s Monthly Report (#58/6).

4.4   Payroll and Claims.


  4.5.1   Hiring a relative of a full-time LARPD employee as Office Specialist.

  4.5.2   Temporary assignment of a Senior Recreation Supervisor to the higher duties of                           Parks Project Coordinator.

         4.5.3   Staff discounts for District programs and facilities.


The Board-approved settlement of the claim on behalf of Maria Walker has been unsuccessful and District Counsel recommends rejection of the claim.


            On a motion by Director Turner, seconded by Director Faltings, approved the Consent

Agenda 5-0.



5.1  Resolution No.1989, a resolution accepting construction improvements by HRB Construction, Inc. at Sunken Gardens Park.


On a motion by Director Faltings, seconded by Director Turner, approved the Consent Agenda Resolution by the following roll call vote:


AYES:              Director Goodman, Director Turner, Director Faltings, Director Furst and Chair Kamena

NOES:              None (0)

ABSENT:         None (0)




7.         OLD BUSINESS: 


The Board reviewed suggested changes to the Board Policy Manual. The Directors approved changes and additions suggested in order to comply with AB 1234. District Counsel Kyle clarified the meaning of Policy No. 5050, Review of Administrative Decisions. The Directors approved rewording Policy No. 5060.430 to read, “A record of correspondence addressed to the Board of Directors.” The Directors approved making staff-recommended changes to Appendix A: Compensation Guidelines for the Board of Directors of the Livermore Area Recreation and Park District, with the provision that Item 3 under the section, “Qualifies” be changed to read, “Attendance at additional meetings and events at which the Directors are officially representing LARPD.” The Directors approved adding the following sentence to Item C.4.a in Appendix B: District Personnel Rules and Regulations Section: Conferences, Conventions and Professional Society Meetings: “Mileage to be reimbursed at the current federal rate.”


On a motion by Chair Kamena, seconded by Director Furst, approved staff-recommended changes to the Board Policy Manual, as noted above, passing 5-0.


8.          NEW BUSINESS:


General Manager Barry summarized the staff report regarding the recommendation to reclassify LARPD employee Scott Hill from Park Maintenance I to Park Maintenance II. Mr. Hill has been performing the duties of main lawn mower operator and mower maintenance mechanic since the retirement a year ago of Jim Butler, who formerly performed those duties. Reassignment of those duties was intended to be spread out among several staff, but proved unfeasible. As a result of Mr. Hill performing these duties full-time, it is recognized that he is working outside of his classification. Park Supervisor Brandenburg provided photos to the Directors, which demonstrated the fine work Mr. Hill performs, and explained how his efforts save the District time and resources.


On a motion by Director Turner, seconded by Director Faltings, approved the staff recommendation to reclassify Scott Hill from Park Maintenance I to Park Maintenance II, passing 5-0.



The Board will consider hiring a consultant to prepare a feasibility and cost study on upgrading the soccer fields at Robertson Park (Motion).


General Manager Barry summarized the staff report. At the November 9, 2005 Board meeting, the Livermore Youth Soccer League (LYSL) made a presentation to the Board proposing the installation of artificial turf soccer fields to replace the two sand-based soccer fields at Robertson Park, in addition to other changes in the park to promote soccer training. LYSL’s representative, Troy Dayak, met with staff before and after that Boar meeting and discussed the fact that the league has $300,000 it could contribute to this project, and that the league has contacts from outside sources to make additional contributions toward the initial estimate of $1.5 million for the artificial turf conversion of the two fields. The District has also been approached by another potential donor who might contribute approximately $500,000 toward artificial turf or a field at Robertson Park in exchange for naming the field after a family member who was instrumental in the local soccer arena. The rest of the funds may have to come from outside donors and/or District resources.


To move this concept forward, the league and staff agree that a design, feasibility and cost study must be done. The District’s Sports Park Committee reviewed this concept at its December 12, 2005 meeting and agreed. Staff has contacted Beals Alliance, a landscape architecture firm which has extensive experience with sports parks and park design and designed and coordinated the artificial turf field replacements at Livermore and Granada high schools this past year. The cost of such a study is estimated to be $5,000 and will come out of the Unit 7 professional services budgeted for miscellaneous projects.


Staff recommends that the Board approve the expenditure of $5,000 for a consultant study on the design, feasibility, and cost of Robertson Park Soccer Field changes.


Director Turner asked what the time frame for this project is. General Manager Barry responded that staff has not yet met with Beals Alliance, as they are awaiting direction from the Board. He estimates the study process will take four to six weeks.


Director Goodman inquired if the study would take into consideration some of the City’s requirements, pertaining to fish & game, etc., or is that outside the scope of what Beals Alliance does. General Manager Barry responded that the initial scope of the study is pertaining to the 2 sand-based soccer fields, which are not within the arroyo area.. The scope of the larger project would include the arroyo. Director Goodman asked if the District might not contract for a study for the entire proposed Robertson Park renovation project, (estimated by the Sports Committee to cost approximately $15,000, rather than just studying the cost and feasibility of converting the two sand-based soccer fields ($5,000 estimated cost); this seems to be a more efficient approach. Perhaps the Board could authorize an expense range for a study.


Director Faltings noted that the five enhancements to Robertson Park recommended by LYSL in its 11/9/05 report, “Vision for Robertson Park Soccer Complex” might affect the Robertson Park Specific Plan. These enhancements are: replace natural grass with all-weather surface on existing fields; install fixtures on existing infrastructure to light turf area; construct paved parking lot; construct all-weather field and adjacent all-weather goalkeeper training area; and construct permanent snack shack. Director Faltings inquired if the LYSL vision would be an appropriate use for Robertson Park.


General Manager Barry noted that such a project would, indeed, affect the master plan for Robertson Park.


Director Goodman clarified that the Sports Park Committee is recommending that the Board approve the study. Depending on the results of the study, the Sports Committee would then recommend a plan to the Board for approval.


Chair Kamena opened public comment.


1)      Steven Delledera, 1560 San Remo Court, Livermore, thanked the Directors for entertaining LYSL’s proposal, and said it is a wonderful first step. He recommended approving $15,000 for a feasibility study, saying that the more information that is available to the Directors, the better they are able to make a decision. He stated he felt it was a small amount of money for this major step. His opinion was that LARPD could purchase approximately 30 hours of consulting time for $15,000.

2)      Beth Wilson, 1503 Bluebell Court, Livermore, stated that she agrees with Mr. Delledera’s opinions. She stated that she is excited about the prospect of renovating the soccer fields and that it is much-needed.


Chair Kamena closed public comment.


On a motion by Director Faltings, seconded by Director Furst, approved the staff recommendation to enter into an agreement with Beals Alliance, at a cost not to exceed $15,000, to study renovation of the sand-based soccer fields at Robertson Park and to conduct a feasibility study regarding a soccer complex proposed by LYSL at Robertson Park, passing 5-0.


Director Faltings thanked the soccer community for their efforts and offer of a donation, stating that she feels it is a great partnership. She complimented staff on its choice of Beals Alliance to conduct the study.


Director Turner stated that if we can accomplish renovation of the fields, we will be able to accommodate year round soccer and, hence, attract state-level championships. This would enhance the name of the City of Livermore as well as enhance soccer in Livermore. Director Turner is excited, and feels it is a great step forward. He is glad that Troy Dayak is involved.


Chair Kamena stated that he, too, is very excited, as he has always had an interest in increasing athletic facilities for youth and adults in Livermore.



Chair Kamena presented background information as follows: In 2004, to accommodate participants in the first annual Livermore Scottish Games event, Directors granted an exception to the LARPD policy of “no overnight camping at Robertson Park. An exception was granted for participants in the 2005 Scottish Games as well. Chair Kamena stated that he wished to clarify whether this exception was a one-time exception for each occurrence of the event, or shall the exception carry forward with the event. Director Faltings added that the organizers of this event feel that permission to select participants will enhance the number of participant groups who will come to the event. General Manager Barry stated that he assumed the intent was for the exception to go with the Scottish Games event; camping for certain participants is integral to the culture of the event. Chair Kamena inquired if there had been any complaints about the camping that occurred during the 2004 and 2005 Scottish Games. General Manager Barry responded that there had been no such complaints. Director Furst noted that in the LARPD Robertson Park Arenas and Stadium Use Policy, under the section entitled, Parking, Rule # 3 states: “There is no overnight camping at Robertson Park unless previously approved by the General Manager, or the LARPD supervisory staff.” This wording allows the General Manager and staff to make exceptions without Board approval. General Manager Barry asked if the organizers of the Scottish Games were requesting rewording of this rule. Chair Kamena responded that they had not.


Chair Kamena opened public comment.


Dorothy Chappell, 2375 Chateau Way, Livermore, stated that the park rules indicate no overnight camping in Robertson Park. She inquired why a change is being requested again. Ms. Chappell also asked if the overnight parking would occur in a particular area of the park, or throughout the park. Chair Kamena responded that this issue was brought before the Board in order to clarify whether the exception to the rule was still valid. Ms. Chappell stated that she is objects to overnight camping. Director Faltings clarified that camping has occurred at the event the last two years, and inquired if Ms. Chappell had been bothered or inconvenienced by it. Ms. Chappell asked where the campers would be set up. Director Faltings responded that it would be near the campers’ belongings, in order to ensure their security. Ms. Chappell reiterated that she is against overnight camping.


Chair Kamena closed public comment.


Chair Kamena asked where, specifically, the participants wish to camp. Senior Recreation Supervisor Carlson responded that campers would be situated in RV’s  near the pole barn, and that a representative from each group of re-enactors would stay near their belongings on the grass area. Chair Kamena asked the Directors whether the District should continue to permit the practice of overnight camping at the Scottish Games, in the area described by Senior Recreation Supervisor Carlson.


On a motion by Director Faltings, seconded by Director Turner, approved allowing overnight camping at Robertson Park by participants in the Scottish Games event,

passing 5-0.


Director Goodman stated that staff should continue to monitor this practice and that we will notify the Police Department when the camping will occur.



        Chair Kamena stated that he basically left the Board Committees intact for calendar year 2006, as he was satisfied with the 2005 committee assignments made by Director Furst. He stated that he is willing to switch assignments if requested by the Directors. Chair Kamena dissolved the Ad Hoc Equestrian and Community Center Committees, as their purposes had been fulfilled.


        Director Furst inquired about the jurisdiction and scope of work of the Ad Hoc Sports Park Committee and the Facilities Committee, requesting clarification. Chair Kamena responded that he feels that the two committees could successfully overlap. The Sports Park Committee is charged with investigating the potential for sports parks involving a multi-field arrangement, where more than one sport can be going on at one time. Director Furst stated that that was not his understanding, that he thought the original charge of the Sports Park Committee was to find a site for a large, 75- to 120-acre sports park. He stated that it seems the Sports Park Committee is taking on some of the charges of the Facilities Committee, such as Cayetano Park and the Robertson Park Soccer Complex, which does not meet the original charge of the Sports Park Committee. Director Furst stated his concern that having committees with overlapping jurisdictions could result in items having to go through both committees. He is also concerned that the Facilities Committee might be left out of the decision-making process.


Chair Kamena noted that these were good observations, but that he felt the only problem with having more than one committee consider items would be possible inefficiency. He stated that the Sports Park Committee has members from all of the youth and adults sports leagues in Livermore and that he feels it is important that the District receive public input. The evening meeting time of the Sports Park Committee better accommodates public attendance than does the meeting time of the Facilities Committee. Chair Kamena defined the scope of the Sports Park Committee as dealing with multi-field sports facilities. He stated that he anticipates that this committee will probably deal primarily with two issues in the next year: the proposed Robertson Park Soccer Complex and a sports park east of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. The Sports Park Committee, which meets irregularly, will not review the decisions of the Facilities Committee, which meets monthly. Also, the Chair does not wish to limit staff. General Manager Barry recommended holding joint meetings of the two committees, when appropriate.


Director Faltings noted that, at the bottom of the 2006 Committee Assignments list, the Program Committee was mistakenly not listed as one of her assignments. Director Faltings stated that she would like the California Association of Recreation and Park Districts (CARPD) to be listed under the Community Outreach Liaison committees. Chair Kamena appointed Director Faltings as the LARPD representative to CARPD.


9.         ORAL REPORTS: Removed from agenda by Chair Kamena.  



The Board received reports on the 6 committee meetings attended since the Regular Board Meeting of December 14, 2005, as follows: Facilities (2), Program, Personnel, Alameda County Special Districts Association ACSDA) and California Recreation and Park Districts (CARPD).



1)  Director Goodman stated that he attended the LARPD Showcase event on January 7 at the Robert Livermore Community Center. He felt it was a very well-organized event, that the attendees enjoyed it. Director Goodman commended staff for the fine job they did.


2)  Director Furst stated that he, too, felt the staff did a great job and that he appreciated the volunteers as well.


3)  Chair Kamena agreed with the complimentary assessment of the event and compliments to the staff. It was a nice event for the public and many of our contract instructors were here as well. Chair Kamena would like to explore the possibility of a District-wide volunteer appreciation event.


4)  Director Faltings commended Volunteer Coordinator, Joey Benjamin, for the great job he did recruiting volunteers, old and young.


5)  Chair Kamena would like the Directors to discuss the prospect of televising the second Board meetings of the month at the January 25, 2006 Board meeting.



1)  General Manager Barry extended his thanks and compliments to the staff for the Showcase event, which went very well. Getting people here is our goal, and finding more ways to do so is our intent. Mr. Barry expresses his appreciation for Recreation Supervisor Moe Kline for her efforts putting together the event, and for being the contact for LARPD supervisors.


13.        ADJOURNMENT Meeting adjourned at 8:07 p.m.








                                                                                    Chair, Board of Directors






General Manager and ex-officio

Clerk to the Board of Directors