6:00 P.M.


7:00 P.M.




DIRECTORS PRESENT:              David Furst, Maryalice Faltings, Steve Goodman, Scott Kamena, and Dale Turner (5)


DIRECTORS ABSENT:                                  None (0)


STAFF MEMBERS PRESENT:            Tim Barry, Jim Brandenburg, Jim Carlson, Lora Cohen, Michael Kyle, Barbara Kraybill, Rich Lange, Mike Nicholson, Gretchen Sommers, Brian Tibbetts.



Meeting was called to order at 6:03 p.m. by Chair Kamena. Roll was taken and all Directors were present.


2.            BUDGET WORKSHOP (6:00 P.M.)

            2.1   Review 2005/2006 Midyear Operating Budget Revisions.

General Manger Barry presented a staff report. Based on the December 10th property and special tax revenue and state mandated cost reimbursement received by the District, staff is projecting revenue from those sources to be $84,000 higher than budgeted. The increase in tax revenue is offset by the difference between projected and actual program revenue for the first year of operation of the community center and rental income from surplus property in the amount of $230,750.  The result is a net reduction in projected revenue of $160,750.


Staff is projecting a net reduction in the salary and benefit budget of $66,886 due to lower full-time and part-time staffing than expected.  Staff is also projecting a net expenditure reduction of $93,864 in services and supplies and other expenses. The result is a net reduction in projected expenditures of $160,750. 


                    Directors requested and received explanation regarding several items where budget projections fell short, including; Unit 42 café contract; Unit 52 teen center; Unit 56 youth sports; unit 53 adult sports; and gym programs. Also discussed were the marketing consultant’s progress; LLNL use of pool; Unit 25 surplus space rental; Unit 16 water education grant; and the possible placement of the Denton house in Sycamore Grove Park.


                    On a motion by Director Turner, seconded by Director Faltings, approved Resolution No. 1990, a resolution approving the 2005/2006 operating budget revisions, by the following roll call vote:


AYES:            Director Goodman, Director Turner, Director Faltings, Director Furst, and Chair Kamena.

NOES:     None (0)

ABSENT:     None (0)


2.2     Review 2005/2006 Midyear Capital Budget Revisions.

General Manger Barry presented the staff report.  Changes recommended in the capital budget include the categories of: equestrian arena cover; South Livermore trails connections; Ravenswood parking lot; Bothwell Recreation Center Park; Master Plan, park restrooms; South Livermore Trails Segment H; and Little House/Merritt parcel split.


The Board and staff discussed the issue of the equestrian arena cover. It was decided that the $745,000 previously allocated for the project, would be put into the 2006/2007 budget, pending discussions with some equestrian enthusiasts who expressed dismay that they had not been aware of the previous meetings about the arena. In previous Equestrian Committee meetings it was decided that the equestrian community would determine if they could raise private funding to cover the balance of the arena cost. Nobody came forth by the stated deadline and the Equestrian Committee was disbanded.  Chair Kamena re-appointed the Equestrian Committee for the remainder of this fiscal year, until June 2006, appointing Directors Turner and Goodman as Committee members, with Senior Recreation Supervisor Tibbetts in charge of organizing the meetings. The goals of the temporary committee will be to gauge local interest in an arena and to determine to what extent equestrian enthusiasts can raise private funding.


Chair Kamena opened public comment. No public comment received.


On a motion by Director Faltings, seconded by Director Turner, approved Resolution No.1991, a resolution approving the 2005/2006 capital budget revisions, by the following roll call vote:


AYES:            Director Turner, Director Faltings, Director Furst, Director Goodman, and Chair Kamena.

NOES:     None (0)

ABSENT:     None (0)


            2.3   Discuss 2006/2007 Budget Preparation Calendar and Process.

                    The Board reviewed the draft of the 2006/2007 budget development schedule and found it to be satisfactory.


Meeting recessed from 6:54 p.m. to 7:10 p.m.


Chair Kamena led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Chair Kamena stated that the Directors and staff held a budget workshop at the start of this meeting. He reappointed the Equestrian Committee to reopen dialogue regarding some questions about the Robertson Park equestrian arena issue from some citizens. The item was moved to next year’s budget, pending input from the public. It does not reflect any decision by the Board to change its previous decision to abandon the arena cover project, due to lack of additional funding.


3.          PUBLIC FORUM (7:00 P.M.)

Chair Kamena asked for public comment on any item not on the agenda.


a)  Dennis Gambs, 1862 Marini Lane, of the Tri-Valley Adult Day Care Program (TVADCP) addressed the Directors regarding the Friendship Center. Mr. Gambs stated that this program is looking for a permanent home. The school board lease runs out in 18 months. He would like to request that a project for the Friendship Center be included in next year’s budget. He understands LARPD is in the process of working with a consultant to assess the feasibility of moving the program to the R.E. Merritt Building on Trevarno Road. Mr. Gambs urges the Board to keep this in the budget. We need a plan developed, and we need support for the project, he said. Development fees might help pay for funding needed, he stated. The City could be looked at for potential grant funds. Mr. Gambs asked that LARPD look to other areas/cities for funding. The Friendship Center is a wonderful program that provides a valuable service to the community and the need will only increase. We are speaking for those who cannot. We would like to suggest a board liaison with the TVADCP Board. Mr. Gambs thanked the Directors for their time.


General Manager Barry stated that LARPD staff has engaged a firm to do a feasibility study. The time left on our lease with the school district is not enough time for us to find a place for the Friendship Center program and get permits. Staff is doing cost estimates now. Then, depending on the results, staff may approach the school district for a lease extension. Staff will explore all options, then come back before the Board with findings and a recommendation.


b)  Heather Newlin, 5853 Wilma Court in Livermore, stated she would like to address the Board about finding a permanent home for the Friendship Center. She asked that the Intergovernmental Committee be asked to extend the lease to give the Friendship Center more time at its current location.  She would like to make sure space is available as long as it is needed. Her second request was to provide the staff and budgeting to allow the transition to happen not in emergency mode. Ms. Newlin has been volunteering at the Friendship Center since 1999. She has seen the effect the program has on clients and their families’ lives. Also, she has personal experience as she has aging parents and grandparents. The Friendship Center provides a benefit to the community, she stated, in that it involves different age generations. There is participation by 4H groups, scout groups, etc. Ms. Newlin stated that the Friendship Center provides a resource for intergenerational connectivity, and that it has been a fabulous experience for her own children. They can experience what it’s like to have grandparents. This program helps the seniors, too. Ms. Newlin serves as a leader of her religious community.  Her church elders were very alarmed at the possibility of losing the Friendship Center. Ms. Newlin would like a long-term solution. Ms. Newlin Thanked the Board for its consideration.


c)Marena Drlik, 2377 Walnut Street, Livermore, President and Chair of the Tri-Valley Adult Day Care Program since 1993. Ms. Drlik stated she has participated in fundraising for scholarships and general Friendship Center support for a long time. Her organization has helped keep the program alive. It was a program her father took part in and was very important in her own life. Ms. Drlik asks that the Board join the TVADCP in re-creating the team that formed the Friendship Center in the first place. The program needs to continue. It is almost at capacity now. TVADCP adult day care is here to take on the role of reaching the community and fund raising but needs the support of LARPD the City of Livermore and other cities, which send people to our facility. We must reach out and do this together. It’s too big a project for one group to handle. It covers too many political and geographical realms. Ms. Drlik thanked the Board for its consideration.


d) Beth Wilson, 1503 Bluebell Ct. Ms. Wilson stated that the Board has an opportunity to make decisions on things but doesn’t often get to see the results of decisions.  Ms. Wilson came to the Board a while back regarding trail signs in the parks. The signs are up now. There is nice detail on the signs. Ms. Wilson showed a photo of one of the trail signs. Ms. Wilson expressed her thanks to the Board, General Manager and the ranger staff.


Director Faltings noted that former Director Alice Quinn made the trail signs a personal project ten years ago. Director Faltings is pleased that we used universal trail access standards for the signs. She complimented the ranger staff for this achievement of universal access signs, and expressed gratitude to Alice Quinn.


Chair Kamena closed public comment.


4.          CONSENT AGENDA:


                4.1.1   Meeting of January 11, 2006.


4.3   General Manager’s Monthly Report (#58/7).

4.4   Payroll and Claims.


On a motion by Director Faltings, seconded by Director Furst, approved the Consent

Agenda, 5-0.



5.1   Resolution No.1992, a resolution approving adoption of the job description for Pool Maintenance Specialist and the proposed salary range.

5.2   Resolution No.1993, a resolution appointing John Linn to another four-year term on the Personnel Commission.

5.3   Resolution No.1994, a resolution approving a lease agreement with the City of Livermore for use of City land for the Sunken Gardens Park Improvements.


On a motion by Director Faltings, seconded by Director Turner, approved the Consent Agenda Resolutions by the following roll call vote:


AYES:              Director Faltings, Director Furst, Director Goodman, Director Turner and Chair Kamena

NOES:              None (0)

ABSENT:            None (0)




7.         OLD BUSINESS:  None


8.          NEW BUSINESS:



General Manager Barry presented the staff report. The California Cultural and Historical Endowment (CCHE) has issued a grant application for funding the 2nd Round of Proposition 40 funds. A total of $43 million will be allocated during this funding cycle.


The grant request from LARPD is for $950,000 to rehabilitate Bothwell Recreation Center. In order to fully utilize the center, it has been determined that significant renovation and repair are necessary. The center needs a new heater, air conditioner for the entire building, new duct work, new heater control system, ADA compliant bathrooms, dual pane windows, a fire sprinkler system, a new roof, new exterior doors and replacement of Plexiglas windows, renovation of the kitchen with new appliances, and an upgrade of the electrical system that might include additional power from PG&E. According to Senior Recreation Supervisor, Brian Tibbetts, the cost would be in the range of one million dollars.


The CCHE grant requires a 50% match of funds. If the contribution from CCHE is $475,000 then the amount required by LARPD will be the same. LARPD does have the option to raise that funding through other grants and in-kind services. The grant application proposes to raise $75,000 in grant funding and expend staff time on the project amounting to $8,500. This leaves a balance of $391,500 in matching funding required from LARPD. Should the grant funding from other sources be less than $75,000 then LARPD would pick up that difference.


LARPD has had the opportunity to talk with Scott Haggerty’s office about an Alameda County Board of Supervisors fund and some interest was expressed in the Bothwell Center if it contained a Health component. Supervisor Haggerty many have as much as $50,000-$100,000 for assistance with the Bothwell project. Staff will prepare the appropriate information to create this project for the District’s 2006/2007 capital improvement budget.


The grant award will be in April, 2006 and if granted, would affect the 2006-2007 budget year. Staff recommends planning to budget the funds for Bothwell should the CCHE  grant be awarded to LARPD and to continue to pursue additional funding from other sources, including the Alameda County Board of Supervisors.


Superintendent of Youth Services Kraybill noted that this is the second round of funding, and it requires 50% of funding from us. She gave a description of the funding breakdown.


Director Turner stated he is happy to see we’re using grants to help our programs.


Chair Kamena opened public comment. No public comment received. Chair Kamena closed public comment.


Director Faltings complimented staff on their efforts.


On a motion by Director Turner, seconded by Director Faltings, approved Resolution No.1995, a resolution authorizing a grant application to the State of California for Bothwell

Recreation Center improvements, by the following roll call vote:


AYES:            Director Furst, Director Goodman, Director Turner, Director Faltings, and Chair Kamena

NOES:            None (0)

ABSENT:            None (0)



            General Manager Barry presented the staff report. The Board approved amendments to the Board Policy Manual in January 2006, which included specifying “two regular Board meetings per month.” Since the first regular meeting is already televised, it is logical to discuss whether the Board wishes to televise the second regular Board meeting of the month as well. The financial impact of adding an extra night of television coverage per month is $585. To televise remaining meetings this year, the total would be $2,340, which can be absorbed by the administration budget. A full year’s television coverage of one extra meeting per month will cost $7,000, which would have to be budgeted as an addition to the 2006/2007 budget. Staff is seeking direction from the Board on this matter. Staff will also work with TV-30 staff to improve the quality of the broadcast where possible for future meetings.


Director Turner inquired if asked if CTV 30 had been contacted. Director Turner felt that if we televise one meeting, we should televise both.


Director Goodman noted that the history behind the 5:45 pm start time of the second meeting was to accommodate former board member.  He stated he feels second meeting should be televised as well. He would like to see about adjusting the meeting times.


Director Faltings asked when televising of the second meeting would start.


Chair Kamena would like to see about the additional cost of filming the meetings live, as the City Council does.


Chair Kamena opened public comment. No public comment received.


On a motion by Director Faltings, seconded by Director Turner, approved televising the second Board meetings of the month through the end of this fiscal year, passing 5-0.


Director Goodman stated that, as a public body, LARPD has an obligation to solicit comments from the public. Televising the Board meetings helps us be more transparent in what we do here.


Director Furst feels we need to be consistent, so the public readily knows about LARPD proceedings.


Chair Kamena voiced his agreement, as currently almost half of what we do is not on television. Reporters watch the meetings to see what we do; much of our coverage comes from that.



The Board received reports on the seven committee meetings attended since the meeting of January 11, as follows: Budget, Facilities, Intergovernmental, Personnel, Scottish Games, ESS Parent Advisory Commission and Livermore Cultural Arts Council.           


In reference to the earlier Public Comment, Chair Kamena stated that the said Friendship Center was discussed at the January Intergovernmental meeting.  Chair Kamena said he was assured by City and School District officials that the transition of the Friendship Center would be a smooth one.




1) Chair Kamena asked if we have gotten a formal request from the City about joint trail naming. He inquired if the full Board should discuss the issue.


2) Director Furst asked if the Board would like to reconsider the Cayetano Park Master Plan, which has been redesigned. Director Furst made a motion, seconded by Director Faltings, to reconsider the design at another meeting. Chair Kamena stated he did not support the motion. He does not feel it was appropriate for staff to ask for a re-design of the park. He agrees there are shortcomings to the first design, but the new design has shortcomings, also. He would like to leave park design as is.  Director Goodman stated he has not seen the re-designed plan and cannot vote. However, he would support looking at the design again.  He liked first plan, but he is open to looking at the re-designed plan. Director Turner stated that he likes the plan we approved and would not support reconsideration of the design. A vote was taken regarding the motion made by Director Furst: 3 ayes: Director Faltings, Director Furst and Director Goodman; 2 noes: Director Turner and Chair Furst: motion passed 3-2.


Chair Kamena stated he feels it is important for Board decisions to be final, and that when items are reconsidered, it be initiated by the full Board.  He would like the sports groups to have input on this type of item, so that people can rely upon the decisions as final. He asked for a Sports Park Committee meeting to be held prior to the March 8 Board meeting.


3) Director Faltings notified the group that Jean Siri, a Director of the East Bay Regional Park District, passed away.


4) Director Goodman stated he was encouraged that the Tri-Valley adult day care representatives came tonight in support of the Friendship Center. He feels it is important that we support this important program. He said he would be grateful if the school board can help us out. Anything staff can do to expedite this will be appreciated.


5) Director Goodman stated that he heard that the advertised Parks Project Coordinator position hasn’t gotten much response. He hopes we can analyze why. He is concerned the projects we have will suffer.


6) Chair Kamena stated he has reappointed the Equestrian Committee for the remainder of this fiscal year.



1) General Manager Barry echoed Director Goodman’s concern about the Parks Project Coordinator recruitment. He complimented Senior Recreation Supervisor Tibbetts for the good job he has done filling in for the position in the interim.


2) General Manager Barry apologized to the Board about the Cayetano Park Master Plan issue. He thought he had followed the proper steps and had not intended to violate Board policy.


12.            ADJOURNMENT

            Meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.








                                                                                    Chair, Board of Directors






General Manager and ex-officio

Clerk to the Board of Directors