5:45 P.M.




DIRECTORS PRESENT:              David Furst, Maryalice Faltings, Steve Goodman, Scott Kamena, and Dale Turner (5)


DIRECTORS ABSENT:                                  None (0)


STAFF MEMBERS PRESENT:            Tim Barry, Lora Cohen, Michael Kyle, Barbara Kraybill, Julie Lange, Mike Nicholson, Gretchen Sommers, Brian Tibbetts.


CITY STAFF PRESENT:            Cheri Sheets



Meeting was called to order at 5:57 p.m. p.m. by Chair Kamena. Roll was taken and all Directors were present.


2.          PUBLIC FORUM

Chair Kamena asked for public comment on any item not on the agenda.


            No public comment.


3.          CONSENT AGENDA:


                3.1.1   Meeting of February 8, 2006.



On a motion by Director Furst, seconded by Director Faltings, approved the Consent Agenda, with amendments to the February 8, 2006 meeting minutes, passing 5-0.



4.1   Resolution No. 1996, a resolution amending the Annual Salary Resolution to include the position of Pool Maintenance Specialist as a full-time position.

4.2   Resolution No. 1997, a resolution accepting Phase II of the Landscape Improvements to  Northfront Park by Western Pacific Housing as complete.


On a motion by Director Turner, seconded by Director Goodman, approved the Consent Agenda Resolutions by the following roll call vote:


AYES:              Director Goodman, Director Turner, Director Faltings, Director Furst, and Chair Kamena


NOES:              None (0)


ABSENT:            None (0)




6.         OLD BUSINESS: 


                    Chair Kamena presented background information on the issue. In 2003 the Board passed a resolution to enter into an agreement with the Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center (LVPAC). There were three public hearings regarding use of the Bothwell Recreation Center, which would be vacated upon the LARPD Senior Services Center’s move to the new Robert Livermore Community Center.  LARPD received three competing proposals, from the YMCA, LVPAC and a coalition of youth athletic groups wanting office use. The Board, in theory, approved renting the building for $4,0000 a month for arts uses, once LARPD vacated. LARPD vacated a year later than planned due to the late opening of the Robert Livermore Community Center (RLCC). Since moving to the RLCC, LARPD staff has discovered programming needs that it feels are important, and staff would like to continue to manage the Bothwell Recreation Center and use it for youth programs. LVPAC also continues to wish to use the facility.


The Board has heard proposals from LARPD staff and LVPAC representatives, and both groups are invited to speak tonight. General Manager Barry summarized the staff report, the text of which follows:


“Staff’s proposal is to retain the operation/scheduling of the facility and deliver programs and activities at the Center centered around youth. The attached color coded schedule [Exhibit A ] shows 50-60 possible uses of the space within the operation time frame. The attached break-even budget [Exhibit B] of $107,400 reflects revenue from less than half of the listed classes, events, etc., and at minimum participation, so it is designed to be fiscally conservative.  Expenses are based on the last full year of operation at Bothwell for Gas/Electricity and estimates for telephone, garbage, household supplies, and janitorial. The staffing would include coverage of the center by 20% of a Recreation Supervisor (Youth and Teens) and a designated part-time employee whose regular duties would be performed while on site. Programs and events are planned with either staff costs built in to program fees, or a reflection of the use of volunteers. Scheduling would be through the on-site Recreation Supervisor coordinating with the Facilities Coordinator and the Recreation Supervisor in charge of contracted classes/brochure.


For the 05-06 fiscal year, the Bothwell Recreation Center is operating with two LARPD classes and two rentals. With no lease in place to date, we have not hit our revenue estimate for the year.  The Thanksgiving Community Dinner has been held and teen dances have been and will continue to be offered at the site through this school year. The expected District subsidy in the 05-06 budget is estimated at $17,300. Both anticipated revenues and costs have been significantly lower because of the lower than anticipated activity in the facility to date.


Staff anticipates scheduling the Bothwell Center for classes serving youth, preschoolers, youth with special needs, home schooled students and, on a limited basis, adults. In addition, camps, special events, and activities will be scheduled in the building. The main focus for the Bothwell Recreation Center will be to provide LARPD the flexibility to provide additional revenue generation by expansion of these classes and programs. The green colored programs/events in Exhibit A are the current usage pattern for the District. LARPD currently has classes that need additional space and are indicated on Exhibit A in pink. Red indicates programs and classes that LARPD has staff or instructors willing to implement when space becomes available. New programs are indicated in blue and staff is seeking instructors.


The original reason for leasing Bothwell was the anticipation that the new Robert Livermore Community Center would provide sufficient space for the expansion of recreation offerings in demand in the community, and the staff would be consumed by the programming of the new Center. After completion of a year of occupancy in the new RLCC, staff finds that the public demand for activities has quickly outpaced the available space at the new Center. In the preparation of the latest recreation guide, staff found an increase in the number of instructors wanting space to teach, and an increase in the public’s interest in additional programming. In response, staff has generated over 60 ideas for potential classes, activities, programs and events. Space for LARPD continues to be an issue which has prompted the need to make this proposal for District management of the Bothwell Recreation Center.


The staff’s recommendation is that the Board of Directors consider staff’s proposal for retaining management of Bothwell Recreation Center for use by the District to provide classes, activities and events serving primarily the youth of the community.”


The Directors asked several questions of LARPD staff such as:  how realistic the proposed schedule and budget projections are; whether the revenue projections included previously untried classes; what the likelihood of finding instructors for the new classes is; extent of current programming at the RLCC; and what the current uses of the Bothwell Center, Little House and the R.E. Merritt Building (on Trevarno Rd.) are. Superintendent of Youth Services Kraybill stated that staff budget and scheduling projections were very conservative; that finding instructors can be difficult, but this was taken into consideration in putting together the report; that the Bothwell Center is currently used for monthly LARPD teen dances and several weekly early childhood classes during the school year, summer youth camps, as well as for the annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner. A couple of arts groups are currently renting the building for rehearsal space.


Chair Kamena asked that a representative from LVPAC make a presentation. Jamie Hyams, Administrative Director of the LVPAC, addressed the Board. Ms. Hyams spoke in detail about the benefits to the community of LVPAC operating the Bothwell Center as and arts center. The text of the LVPAC proposal is as follows (attachments to the proposal included: a list of advantages of LVPAC operation of the Bothwell Center; proposed Bothwell Center lease term sheet and floor plan of Bothwell Center):


“LVPAC proposes leasing the building in order to create a community arts center that offers affordable workshop, meeting, rehearsal, and presentation space for area performing arts and cultural groups and dedicated studio space for visual artists.


LVPAC has determined that arts groups and visual artists have significant interest in using the space. This interest is expected to grow over time as the facility functions more and more as an arts center. LVPAC has identified a number of visual artists and performing arts groups who desire to sublet space in the Center.


At the same time, we understand that LARPD may continue to need the facility for teen dances, toddler programs, the annual community Thanksgiving dinner, and other ongoing programs, as well as activities whose participants use the restroom facilities on the weekend. These programs could continue at the Center and others could be added whenever space is available.


In addition, LVPAC will consider introducing new program elements into the space. Such elements may include a centralized box office to support the sale of tickets to local performance events, a mini-concert/performance series designed to showcase area performers and groups leading up to the opening of LVPAC’s 500-seat theatre, additional classes and workshops created by LVPAC, and community arts celebrations and special events.


The Bothwell Center, while offering a number of various size spaces for use by community groups and individual artists, is an aging building that requires significant capital investments to bring it up to current building code requirements, provide a functioning theatrical presentation space, improve HVAC efficiency and operations and present a warm and welcoming environment for potential users.


Insofar as LVPAC is not in a position to make such a capital investment at this time, the use of the space will be limited to those functions that can essentially use the space “as is.” LVPAC will make some cosmetic improvements to the building (paint, signage, furnishings).


LVPAC would operate the Bothwell Center as a community arts and cultural center, providing short and long term accommodations for local organizations and artists. LVPAC would also work closely with LARPD to provide space for LARPD classes, programs and recreational activities. LVPAC, at its option, may elect to move its offices into the Bothwell Center.


We propose entering into a lease arrangement with LARPD for the use of the Bothwell Center. LVPAC would assume responsibility for the day-to-day operation. Proposed terms of the lease are attached.


We have surveyed the Tri-Valley and at this time have found ten individuals or organizations who want to rent on an hourly basis the Bothwell Center. Their hours for the year total 1700. In addition, two groups wish to rent four rooms for the year. LARPD usage is not included in either of these numbers.


As the schedules we have sent to LARPD show, we are able to accommodate all of LARPD’s green-coded (existing) programs that LARPD staff has identified as appropriate for the Bothwell Center. These add up to almost 1500 hours. (Teen dances, an existing program, have been included, although they were coded red.)


We can also fit into the schedule about 25 of the 59 red-coded school year classes and about 41 of the 60 red-coded summer classes. (Our scheduler has defined a class as an event that takes place at one time period in the week throughout the season, either summer or school year.) Although LARPD’s red-coded classes have not been established, staff feels they could readily be developed in the Center. These classes add almost 4000 hours of LARPD programs per year. Our scheduler believes that approximately 20% more red-coded LARPD classes could fit if there were some flexibility in the start-end times, or if a couple of classes were skipped.


We will take the LARPD Board and LVPAC approved term sheet items, and have our lawyer prepare a lease for LARPD to review.”


Phillip Dean, Secretary to the Board of Directors of LVPAC, stated that the LVPAC Board is unanimously in favor of LVPAC’s proposal. LVPAC has devoted many years, as well as staff, volunteer and consultant time to plan this project. The LVPAC Board is willing to subsidize the program for the start-up period. He asked for a positive response from the LARPD Board to the LVPAC proposal.


LARPD Directors asked various questions, covering the following items: what percentage of LARPD classes could be accommodated if LVPAC operates the Bothwell Center; whether LVPAC feels confident it can sustain their budget projections; whether LVPAC had prepared a schedule similar to what LARPD staff had prepared; potential building use conflicts; the cost to LARPD of renting the facility back from LVPAC; and the costs to the community groups wishing to rent the facility.


Mr. Dean, Ms. Hyams and Joan Seppala, President & CEO of LVPAC responded that a good percentage of LARPD classes could be accommodated; that LVPAC intends to operate at a loss the first year, but expects to operate in the black starting the second year; that it had created a proposed schedule; and that none of the projected schedules are firm. LVPAC proposed creation of a sub-committee to work out the scheduling between LARPD and LVPAC and would like to receive letters of intent from other potential renters.


Chair Kamena opened public comment, limiting speakers to three minutes each at the podium.


1) Gary Sears, 3857 Stone Point Way, Pleasanton, representing the Livermore Valley Opera Board of Directors as well as the Livermore Valley Opera Orchestra, spoke in favor of the LVPAC proposal.


2) Liz Freeman, 22 Eucalyptus Court, President of the Livermore Valley Opera, spoke in favor of the LVPAC proposal.


3) Doug Mann, South N Street, spoke in favor of the LVPAC proposal. Mr. Mann stated that Mr. Ferrucci, owner of Fine Fretted Friends, could not be here tonight , but supports the LVPAC proposal as well.


4) Gloria Conover Armstrong, Livermore, teacher, spoke in favor of the idea of  LARPD and LVPAC meshing uses. She would like to see programs offering recreation and supervision for at-risk youth in Livermore.


5) Valerie Jonas, 2894 Superior Drive, Livermore, read a statement on behalf of John Marchand, in favor of the LVPAC proposal.


6) Tim Neely, 363 Diablo Road, Danville, Director of the California Independent Film Festival, spoke in favor of the LVPAC proposal.


7) Walter Davies, 791 McLeod Street, Livermore, spoke in favor of the LVPAC proposal.


8) Linda Ryan, 1570 Fifth Street, artist, spoke in favor of the LVPAC proposal.


9) Paul Weiss, 396 Adelle Street, Livermore, spoke in favor of the LVPAC proposal.


10) Lisa Tromovitch, 298 College Avenue, Livermore, of the Valley Shakespeare Festival, and  Lee Ann Bean,  theatre instructor at Foothill High School in Pleasanton, spoke in favor of the LVPAC proposal. Ms. Bean stated that Karen Hogan of Livermore is also in favor of the LVPAC proposal.


11) Nancy Porch, 3193 Chardonnay Drive, Pleasanton, spoke in favor of the LVPAC proposal.


12) Carolyn Lord, 1992 De Vaca Way, Livermore, spoke in favor of the LVPAC proposal.


13) Ann Montgomery, one of the co-founders of the California Independent Film Festival, and owner of East Bay Casting, spoke in favor of the LVPAC proposal.


14) Jim Stafford, filmmaker and representative of Unity, 2172 Railroad Avenue, Livermore, spoke in favor of the LVPAC proposal.


Chair Kamena closed public comment.


On a motion by Director Turner, seconded by Director Furst, approved the concept of the LVPAC proposal to lease and operate the Bothwell Recreation Center, with the condition that the lease agreement be negotiated, passing 5-0.


Items discussed by the Directors included: the importance of supporting the arts in the community; the necessity of LARPD limiting its liability; their appreciation of LARPD staff efforts in preparing its proposal; concerns about the terms of the lease; insurance issues; the formation of an LVPAC/LARPD sub-committee; the impact of an arts center on the creation of a neighborhood park at the Bothwell Center; LARPD’s inability to subsidize the arts at the expense of its own livelihood; and the need to move the process along.


General Manger Barry stated that LARPD staff did a good job of presenting the staff proposal. LARPD staff is trying to follow the direction of the Board to create youth programs in the community. It is hard for us to let that go. LARPD is a partner with the arts. The arts are part of a park and recreation agency. Mr. Barry stated he has been trying to look at different ways this can be successful. Our message is that we are trying in earnest to provide activities for kids in Livermore and programming of the Bothwell Center is a possible way to fulfill that vision. Mr. Barry said there are a couple of issues he has problems with. One of them is the notion of LARPD renting space in its own building. It is problematic from a philosophic point of view. He does not want LARPD to be hesitant to use its own facility because of rental charges. He would expect LARPD to negotiate something that would be more agreeable. He commended staff, especially Recreation Supervisor Julie Lange, Recreation Supervisor Moe Kline and Superintendent of Youth Services Barbara Kraybill. LARPD staff cares about the Bothwell Center and it is hard for staff to give up control of it. Mr. Barry stated that he sees benefits to both sides. He stated that staff will do whatever the Board directs it to do.


Chair Kamena stated that LARPD has a terrific opportunity. Ms. Lange and Ms. Kraybill have done a terrific job coming up with ideas. The LARPD Bothwell Center programming proposal was not done earlier because the community center building didn’t get done earlier, and that is not staff’s fault. Chair Kamena stated he has 100% confidence in LARPD staff’s ability to make its proposal work. He stated that he also does not doubt that the arts groups can get it done as well. The fundamental issue is the integrity of the District; we did make a commitment two years ago; we do not have a compelling enough reason to not go through with this commitment. It has gotten harder to let go of the building because LARPD has more demands for the space than staff and Board had realized it would. Chair Kamena agreed with Director Goodman that it is not always easy to marry two programs. We cannot come up with a way to have the core programs of both groups co-exist. He stated that he supports the motion to support the LVPAC proposal, but that he is concerned about this dragging on for another year or two. LARPD renting space seems to be the biggest issue of contention. Chair Kamena stated he felt LARPD should rent back. We would be taking space for a significant amount of time. LARPD’s not paying rent would make it impossible for LVPAC to be solvent. Chair Kamena said he does not agree to everything in the proposal, but that the Directors have to make a decision. He requested clarification of the motion.


Director Turner responded that the purpose of the motion was to get us to talk about this but, clearly, the agreement  requires negotiation. He said that, if we send it to committee, he would like it to be a short-term committee.  It is not uncommon for private owners to lease back space on buildings they own. Director Turner would like staff  of both agencies, and counsel, to negotiate in a reasonable amount of time.


Director Faltings stated that she can support this motion, but that it is problematic if LARPD is asked to financially subsidize this in any way. She would like to see some numbers. She asked what monetary position the District will be in after the dust settles. She cannot vote for anything that harms LARPD in any way.


Director Goodman stated he would like the process to happen in a timely manner.


District Counsel Kyle asked for guidance from the Directors. His initial analysis of the situation is that the District is entering into a position where it is willing to subsidize LVPAC. The rent proposed is not a market rate. LARPD would be left with heating and ventilation, and any maintenance costs above $6,000, according to LVPAC’s proposal. Mr. Kyle stated that terms of LVPAC’s proposal would not even be considered if he were representing a commercial client. Mr. Kyle asked the Board what they would like his role to be in the negotiations.


Director Faltings stated that Mr. Kyle should be primarily concerned with legal liability. LARPD is not looking to turn a profit. Chair Kamena noted that the original premise was for public groups to get use of a facility at below-market rates. He directed Mr. Kyle to deal with the negotiations from a liability and legal standpoint, not whether it’s a good deal.


Director Furst raised questions regarding items 8 and 9 of the LVPAC proposal. He stated that LARPD does not expect to make a profit at LVPAC’s expense, but that he does not want LARPD to lose money.  The $6,000 liability cap proposed by LVPAC  could put the District into a real hole. The District must be protected.  He stated that the District does not want to subsidize LVPAC by taking on a financial liability.


The meeting recessed from 7:57 p.m. to 8:15 p.m.


7.          NEW BUSINESS:


        General Manager Barry introduced Cheri Sheets, City of Livermore Engineer. Ms. Sheets presented an overview of the report presented by the City staff concerning planning activities for LARPD under the City of Livermore contract, the text of which follows (a list of 2005 accomplishments was attached to the report):


“The Board last received a status report on the contract planning and engineering services from City of Livermore at the January 6, 2005 Board meeting.  Similarly, this is a report of the past year’s activities from January of 2005 through this date.  The District entered into an agreement for planning and engineering services with the City in September of 2004.  There are two working groups that comprise the coordination of this effort.  The management (policy) group (Tim Barry, Cheri Sheets (City Engineer) and Eric Brown (Planning Manager) meets twice monthly and discusses current and future assignments, progress on completion of projects and assignments, and upcoming agenda items for committee and board meetings.  The staff-to-staff (technical) group (LARPD team of Brian Tibbetts, Jim Brandenburg, Mike Nicholson and the Parks Projects Coordinator, as well as a team of City staff) which meets twice monthly to discuss coordination and project execution issues.  The staff-to-staff group also generates policy questions and issues that are given to the management group for consideration and resolution.  This structure has worked well and provides a great deal more communication between the staffs of the agencies than ever before.


A major emphasis in reviewing projects and work programs for 2005, involving the combined efforts of LARPD and City contract staff, was to design and construct trails.  Attached is a list of the many trail segments that were worked on or completed, with the majority located in the South Livermore Valley.


There were also important initial steps taken to facilitate development of the following:  (1) a Livermore to Pleasanton trail, (2) trails crossing under Highway 84 (Trail Segment N), and (3) beginning design and construction of segments of the Iron Horse Trail in the Downtown Specific Plan area.


Beyond the attached list, there are many other projects that moved forward during the past year.  The LARPD Master Plan Update was initiated, and an RFP for a community survey is in process.  The Barn ADA retrofit is underway in phases, and the Master Plan for the Oak Grove Nature Reserve was approved.  A Conservation Easement was prepared for Olivina Gate, and staff is coordinating with the County to obtain a historical designation for the structure.  The Arroyo Crossing residential project will provide significant park in-lieu fees and a million dollar contribution towards a future sports park.  Entitled major park improvements for Shea and Arroyo Crossing housing developments have been secured, resulting in the new 9.8-acre Cayetano Park and a new playground at Robertson Park to be developed in the next 18 months.


Of major benefit are the continued bi-weekly team coordination meetings at both policy and technical levels that facilitate and expedite planning and implementation of LARPD projects and work programs.  Overall, the result has been another productive year, with many accomplishments.”


Ms. Sheets stated the City staff looks forward to another year working with LARPD.


Director Turner stated he thinks this has been a great relationship ad is very pleased with the way things have been going. Director Furst inquired about the Olivina Gate Conservation Easement. Ms. Sheets stated that City staff has drafted the conservation easement agreement, but that the process has been delayed by the County of Alameda due to staffing shortages. City staff has gone to the County to get designation as a historical site. Director Furst thanked Ms. Sheets for all of the work City staff has done and the coordination the City has provided. Ms. Sheets said her experience working with LARPD staff has been wonderful, very collaborative. She noted that City staff has applied for major grants and have put into place ongoing long-term operation and maintenance programs. Director Faltings expressed thanks to Eric Brown, Planning Manager, City of Livermore, and Cheri Sheets, for all of their work. Working together with the City makes great sense. Chair Kamena expressed thanks to Ms. Sheets and the City of Livermore.



Chair Kamena presented background information on the request by the American Little League (ALL) for advertising signs on the outfield fences of LARPD parks. General Manager Barry presented the staff report and the request letter from  John Jaureguito, Vice President and Sponsor Coordinator for American Little League. The text of the staff report follows:


“Staff received the attached letter from John Jaureguito representing Livermore American Little League.  The letter requests permission to erect, at the League’s cost and of approved materials, seasonal sponsor advertising signs on the inside of outfield fences of fields located on District parks.  They currently use Robert Livermore Park.  The signs would be 30’x48” to fit properly to the temporary outfield fences, which are actually the property of the Leagues, and would face inward toward the field.  Sales of sign space is a traditional way youth leagues raise funds to pay for equipment and keep enrollment fees affordable for participating families.  Granada Little League and Livermore National Little League have sponsor signs on their fences, but the fields are located on school district property and not subject to LARPD policies. 


The District’s policy on signage in parks generally prohibits them except by permission of the General Manager.  While I have the authority to approve this request, I felt it delved into a larger policy picture of what is appropriate signage in parks, and wanted Board direction on this for future requests, which I would consider administratively.  My feeling is that the general public would approve of, and expect, the size and type of signage that American Little League is requesting.  I would issue a permit to them, with stipulations such as the size limitations, approved materials, the general dates when signs go up and come down, unacceptable subject matter of signage, and that the backs of the signs must be painted a dark green to blend in with the park environment.  With such approval, we could expect similar requests from soccer organizations, so the consideration should also include the precedent it sets for park signage.


My feeling is that this request falls within traditional park usage parameters, is generally accepted by the public, and I would recommend approval.  If we receive future requests of a similar nature from soccer or other sports, we would consider issuing a permit that would follow the same general guidelines of signs facing inward toward the field for a specific time during the season, and then removed for the balance of the year.”


Discussion by the Directors included: concern for what type of material the signs will be made of; who will install the signs; whether LARPD staff can inspect and give advice regarding such things as rounding the sign corners, etc.; the fact that the LARPD has the ultimate authority to approve the content of the signs; concerns about LARPD’s ability to restrict first amendment rights; and the implementation of sign content criteria. Chair Kamena stated that the General Manager will act at his discretion and consult the Board should he feel the need for direction.


On a motion by Director Turner, seconded by Director Furst, approved the American Little League’s request to place advertising signs on the outfield fences of LARPD ball fields, passing 5-0.




General Manager Barry recognized Lora Cohen, Fiscal Supervisor, who works with Cory Biggs of our auditors, Maze and Associates.


Mr. Biggs addressed the Board, stating that nothing in the District audit overly concerned him. He has made some recommendations to staff. Mr. Biggs inquired if, for subsequent audits, the Board would like the auditors to look at any particular areas, and to please let the General Manager know, or contact him directly. Chair Kamena inquired about researching return on investment, efficient use of space, revenue per square foot, if it is not too difficult. Director Faltings asked about  improving cash handling procedures at the pool. Ms. Cohen stated that staff has already met and have begun taking action on some of the items. Director Faltings asked for a report back on this item. Mr. Biggs said staff had expressed a desire for auditors to examine the cash flow at the new Robert Livermore Community Center.


On a motion by Director Faltings, seconded by Director Turner, approved the District Audit for fiscal year 2004/2005, passing 5-0.



On a motion by Director Faltings, seconded by Director Turner, approved the Extended Student Services Program Audit for fiscal year 2004/2005, passing 5-0.



        The Board took no action on this item, as a nomination by LARPD is not required.




1) Director Goodman inquired about the Parks Project Coordinator position recruitment. General Manager Barry stated that the District had received no responses to its advertising. Director Goodman asked if staff thought the salary was an issue. General Manager Barry responded that he had checked with other agencies, and was told that Landscape Architect as the title of the position might be more appropriate. Mr. Barry intends to meet with the Personnel Commission to discuss, then the Personnel Committee, then the full Board. Te District will then advertise again. Director Goodman stated he would support anything we could do to get the position filled. General Manager Barry stated that he and Senior Recreation Supervisor Tibbetts have asked for outside management assistance for Mr. Tibbetts from Harris Associates. The District will consider hiring the firm.


2) Director Goodman restated his desire that the District consider, as soon as possible, installation of a bocce ball court in once of our parks. The item will be on a Facilities Committee agenda.


3) Director Faltings attended a museum exhibits workshop hosted by CPRS District III. Thirty or forty people attended. She said it was a good workshop, and she learned about designing museum exhibits and working with volunteers.


4) Director Faltings stated her concern about the repair of the Olivina Gate. General Manager Barry stated that the repair is taking longer than staff had hoped it would. The District needs to find right person for the job. Mr. Barry hopes to take the sign down and get it fixed within the next couple of months.


5) Chair Kamena congratulated Director Furst for being nominated as a commissioner on the Alameda County Park, Recreation and Historical Commission.


6) Chair Kamena stated he appointed a Naming Committee to work with the City of Livermore on naming trails, etc. He appointed Directors Furst and Faltings as committee members.


7) Chair Kamena appointed himself and as the committee to manage negotiations with LVPAC.


8) Chair Kamena stated that Channel 30 is televising LARPD’s second Board meetings of the month now. He would like us to consider Channel 30’s request to start the second meetings at 6:00 p.m., rather than 5:45 p.m.


On a motion by Director Faltings, seconded by Director Goodman approved placement on the agenda of a future Board meeting the concept of changing the start time of the second Board meeting of the month, passing 5-0.





Meeting recessed from 8:52 p.m. to 8:58 p.m.


10.            EXECUTIVE SESSION

             Meeting convened to Executive Session at 8:58 p.m.



            Meeting reconvened to Open Session at 9:39 p.m.



            In Executive Session, Board gave direction to staff to continue negotiations.


13.            ADJOURNMENT

            Meeting adjourned at 9:40 p.m.








                                                                                    Chair, Board of Directors






General Manager and ex-officio

Clerk to the Board of Directors