5:30 P.M.


7:00 P.M.




DIRECTORS PRESENT:              Director Faltings, Director Furst, Director Goodman, Director Kamena and President Turner (5)


DIRECTORS ABSENT:                                  None (0)


STAFF MEMBERS PRESENT:            Chiye Azuma, Tim Barry, Nancy Blair, Jim Brandenburg, Jim Carlson, Lora Cohen, Sharon Grant, Moe Kline, Barbara Kraybill, Michael Kyle, Julie Lange, Mike Nicholson and Gretchen Sommers



Meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m. by President Turner. Roll was taken and all Directors were present except Director Faltings, Director Furst and Director Kamena.


Director Faltings and Director Furst arrived at 5:34 p.m.


2.            BUDGET WORKSHOP (5:30 P.M.)

President Turner stated that the Board will review midyear budget revisions, calendar and process.


2.1     Review 2006/2007 Midyear Operating Budget Revisions.


General Manager Barry reviewed the staff report which provided information on projected revenue  and expenditure revisions


2.2     Review 2006/2007 Midyear Capital Budget.

General Manager Barry stated that staff is recommending no changes to the Capital Budget He noted that AB1600 park in lieu fees are lower than in the past.


President Turner asked if Directors had any questions of staff. Directors asked for and received clarification on the following items: which parks were receiving $40,000 in additional funding for repairs and renovations; whether any major concerns had been raised by the public regarding park maintenance; and projected revenue and progress of the rock gym.


President Turner asked for public comment. No public comment was received.


On a motion by Director Faltings, seconded by Director Furst, approved Resolution No. 2045, a resolution approving the 2006/2007 operating budget revisions, by the following roll call vote:


AYES:                            Director Goodman, Director Faltings, Director Furst and President Turner (4)


NOES:        None (0)




ABSENT:             Director Kamena (1)


            2.3   Discuss 2007/2008 Budget Preparation Calendar and Process.

General Manager Barry reviewed the Draft 2007/2008 Budget Development Schedule. He noted that there will be a workshop on District reserves policy on May 9, 2007. He also stated that the workshop would address the District auditors’ suggestion that LARPD institute an expenditure approval limit for the General Manager. General Manager Barry asked if the Board had any direction to staff on budget preparation for the next year. He stated that he recommends that the District build in a 3.5% cost of living increase in the 2007/2008 budget.


President Turner asked for Director comments or questions.


Director Faltings asked if it would be possible for Directors to received Board committee minutes more frequently than at the first Board meeting of the month. General Manager Barry said that staff would make an effort to do so, time permitting. He said that any committee meeting minutes sent to individual Directors would be considered drafts until approved by the full Board.


Director Furst suggested that the Board and staff work together in developing the annual budget; he said he would like there to be more discussion and give and take between Directors and staff in the budget planning process. He said he wants staff feedback in order to assist with Directors making major policy decisions. President Turner said that it is important that staff views not come as a surprise to the General Manager. General Manager Barry asked if the District should add an element to the yearly budget development process which includes staff presentations on their visions for the year. President Turner said that it has been valuable to him to attend the ESS Parent Advisory Committee meetings. He suggested that perhaps Directors could visit different LARPD departments. Mr. Barry said that the budget process usually involves the following steps: staff develops recommendations; staff presents these recommendations to the Budget Committee; the Budget Committee discusses and makes recommendations to the full Board; the Board reviews and takes action on the staff and Budget Committee recommendations. He suggested that staff might present program plans to the Board in the early stages of the budgeting process, that this be incorporated into one of the already scheduled workshops.


Meeting recessed at 6:20 p.m.


Meeting adjourned to regular session at 7:00 PM. Director Kamena was present at the start of the regular session. President Turner called the meeting to order and led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.


3.          PUBLIC FORUM:

President Turner issued an invitation to the public to address the Board on any item not on the agenda. He asked that speakers limit their time at the podium to two minutes.


1) Dennis Gambs, member of the Tri-Valley Adult Day Care Program (TVADCP) Board of Directors, said that at the last meeting of the Board, Directors expresses shock at the cost of facilities. He said  felt this put a damper on many people’s hopes. He asked that in the feasibility study it be made clear that the District is looking for funding for the program, not specifically for a site. He asked the Board to keep the capital options open.


2) Betty Motzkus Winn, part-time Friendship Center employee, said she became involved with the Friendship Center when she taught exercise classes through another agency. She said she volunteered for a time, then became an employee 7 years ago. She spoke in favor of the Friendship Center program and would like to save the program.


3) Cara Houck, Assistant Administrator of the Friendship Center, said she appreciates the big decision the Board needs to make. She said the program serves more than the 27 daily clients, that there are 40-45 clients, plus all of their families. She spoke in favor of the program.


4) Frosty, a member of the Livermore Henchmen Motorcycle Club, said that his club spends time at the program and donates money to the program. He spoke in favor of the Friendship Center program.


5) Laura Melchionne, whose father attends the Friendship Center, spoke in favor of the program.


President Turner closed public comment. He stated that no action can be made tonight in response to the public comment received.


4.          CONSENT AGENDA:


        4.1.1   Meeting of February 14, 2007.


        4.2.1   Letter from Jean Bettencourt regarding the Friendship Center.


Director Faltings made a motion, seconded by Director Goodman, to approve the Consent Agenda.


President Turner asked for Director questions or comments.


Director Furst asked for clarification of the minutes on page 6, on the motion for the feasibility study. He said he needs clarification of whether the motion the Board approved obligates the District to participate in the feasibility study if any of the parties back out. President Turner clarified that the intent of the motion was do the study as a cost share. He said that this is a question that would more appropriately be addressed under Matters Initiated as it does not involve a correction of the minutes.


President Turner called the motion. The motion to approve that Consent Agenda passed 5-0.


5.            CONSENT AGENDA:  RESOLUTIONS:  None.




7.          OLD BUSINESS:  None.


8.          NEW BUSINESS: 


        President Turner stated that the Board will review the Annual Report of Planning Activities under the City of Livermore contract.


        General Manager Barry summarized the report. He said that City staff Eric Brown and Cheri Sheets sent their regrets. He said that they would normally present the report themselves, but are out of town. Mr. Barry said there are two work groups of LARPD and City staff who meet regularly to work on projects, as part of LARPD’s planning contract with the City of Livermore. General Manager Barry summarized the various projects that are in progress.


        President Turner asked if Directors had any questions.


        Director Furst asked for clarification on the “bike park” and had questions about several trail segments listed in the report. Mr. Barry responded that will meet with Director Furst to answer any questions he has.



        President Turner stated that the Board will review the Quarterly Capital Projects Status Report and Budget and provide comment and direction to staff.


        Mr. Barry stated that Chiye Azuma, LARPD Landscape Architect/Project Manager manages these projects and prepared the staff report.


        President Turner asked if Directors had questions of staff.


        Directors asked for an received clarification on the following items: Item #8 (gathering information on cost options);  the schedule for the moving of the Denton House to Sycamore Grove Park; agricultural building on Ravenswood Historic Site; status of the Robertson Park equestrian show arena cover project; fencing at Holdener Park.


        President Turner asked that fencing at Holdener park be put on the agenda of the next Board meeting.


        President asked for further Director comments. None were received. Mr. Barry asked that if the Board would like this annual report presented differently in future, to please let him know.




            1) Director Furst asked when the Board will see a draft of the Master Plan.


2) Director Furst stated that he is not clear where the District goes from here with the Friendship Center feasibility study. His understanding was that this is a cost share agreement and that TVADCP may pull out; if so, does this change things for the District? Mr. Barry responded that he plans to meet with the TVADCP board to discuss this and confirm whether or not they are in. Mr. Barry feels strongly that the study is worthwhile and would seek for the District to approve making up any shortfall, if needed. Mr. Barry said he will bring it back to the Board if there is a shortfall.


3) Director Goodman said he appreciates people attending the meeting tonight and asked them to share their love of the Friendship Center program with others who may be able to help with funding.


4) Director Goodman said he’s heard the Robert Livermore Community Center is being well utilized. He stated he appreciates staff efforts.


5) Director Kamena said he felt that Director Furst’s question had not been answered. His said his feeling is that, since there was no contingency in the motion approving the feasibility study, that if the funders back out, the motion is dead. He said it would be easy to rectify if that is the case, by initiating a new motion.


6) Director Kamena spoke about the Friendship Center. He said the deal with the Charter School was to accommodate the school’s expansion, and that if the District paid for the portables  for the Charter School, that the program could stay there. He said he wonders if this is a good idea. He said he would like this to be discussed at the next Board meeting. He said he spoke to staff and understands that they evaluated this idea and rejected it. He would like to know how staff came to this conclusion. He said that he would like to discuss portables and any other alternative Directors might want to bring up, at the next Board meeting.


Mr. Barry replied that he does not know if staff can bring complete information to the next meeting. He asked if Directors would like to see what staff knows as of now. President Turner asked that  this item be put on the March 14 meeting agenda.


7) President Turner said he supports the Friendship Center completely. He understands the need for the program. He said that we are going to make it work.



1) Mr. Barry said that he had completed a training series on special district leadership and management. He thanked the board for allocating funding for training for him. He recommended that the Board attend the special districts workshop next year.


Meeting adjourned to Executive Session at 7:46 pm


11.              EXECUTIVE SESSION


                    Pursuant to Section 54956.8 of the Government Code

Property: 14 acres of land, Robertson Park Rd., Livermore, CA

                    Agency Negotiator: District Staff and/or Legal Counsel

                    Negotiating Parties: Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District

                    Under Negotiation: Terms of Purchase



                    Pursuant to Section 54956.8 of the Government Code

Property:  Sycamore Grove Park, 1051 Wetmore Road, Livermore, CA

                    Agency Negotiator: District Staff and/or Legal Counsel

                    Negotiating Parties: Chevron Pipe Line Company

                    Under Negotiation: Easement agreement



             Meeting reconvened to Open Session at 8:35 p.m.



              No action to report.


14.            ADJOURNMENT

            Meeting adjourned at 8:36 p.m.





                                                                                    Dale Turner

President, Board of Directors




General Manager and ex-officio

Clerk to the Board of Director