7:00 P.M.



DIRECTORS PRESENT:                              David Furst, Steve Goodman, Maryalice Faltings,

                                                                        Scott Kamena, and Dale Turner, (5)


DIRECTORS ABSENT:                                None (0)


STAFF MEMBERS PRESENT:                    Tim Barry, Michael Kyle, Lora, Cohen, Barbara Kraybill, Jim Carlson, Felix Errico, and Jim Brandenburg




Meeting was called to order at 7:01 p.m. by Chair Furst, who led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll was taken and all Directors were present.


2.          PUBLIC FORUM

Chair Furst asked for public comment on any item not on the agenda.


a)  Nancy Bankhead, representing the Livermore Valley Lithophiles, extended an invitation to the public to attend the club’s show at the Barn the weekend of November 19 and 20, 2005.


 b)  Beth Wilson, Bluebell Court, Livermore, suggested that, in the next budget year, the Directors consider increasing the fee for the annual parking pass for Sycamore Grove and Veterans Park from $36 to $45.


c) Corey Nelson, President, Livermore Youth Soccer League, and North Recreation   Committee Chair for the California Youth Soccer Association, encouraged the Directors to support LYSL’s suggested improvements to the Robertson Park soccer complex.


d)  Troy Dayak, Technical Director, Livermore Youth Soccer League, distributed handouts to the Board of Directors regarding LYSL’s “Vision for the Robertson Park Soccer Complex.” Suggested improvements would include artificial turf, installation of permanent parking and a concession stand.


      Mr. Dayak stated that Livermore has an opportunity to have a state-of-the-art soccer complex at Robertson Park that would attract people from all of the United States for tournaments and soccer events, would allow year-round play, and would generate revenue for the District.  LYSL has a $300,000 fund that it has been saving for years; the league would like to offer this funding to help get such a project started.


e)   Steven Delledera, 1560 San Remo Court, Livermore, LYSL representative, asked for LARPD’s continued support of the sports community. He requested that Directors direct staff to plan and engineer improvements to the Robertson Park Soccer Complex. He urged immediate cooperation in order to attain these goals in the next 12 months.


f)    Scott Kamena, Livermore citizen and Director of LARPD, expressed his gratitude to the citizens of Livermore for the incredible voter turnout on November 8. He stated that 22,000 in Livermore voted this year, as compared to 14,000 and 12,000 in the previous two elections.


      Mr. Kamena spoke about Measure D, the Pardee Homes initiative that did not pass at the polls. Though Measure D did not pass, Mr. Kamena stated that he would still like the community to provide support for more athletic facilities in Livermore. LARPD has an Ad Hoc Sports Committee and will continue to pursue the matter.  Mr. Kamena thanked Livermore voters, parents, and Mr. Dayak for their interest and support.

g)   Ryan Thomas, 4467 Firenza Ct., Livermore, a youth who plays and referees soccer in Livermore, said he felt it would be great if the soccer fields at Robertson Park were renovated.


h)   Tatiana Delledera, 1560 San Remo Court, Livermore, is a youth who participates in soccer and cross-country activities at Robertson Park. She requested that the Board review and upgrade the fields at Robertson Park.


3.          CONSENT AGENDA:

3.1   Board Minutes

                3.1.1   Regular meeting of October 12, 2005.

3.2   Communications    

3.2.1  Letter from Karen Mattison thanking the General Manager and Board of Directors for their decision to keep the RLCC pool open year round for lap swimmers.

3.2.2  Letter from Larry Sampson requesting that the Board lower the Senior Drop-In Activity Fee.

3.3   General Manager’s Monthly Report (#58/4).

             3.4   Payroll and Claims.


On motion by Director Kamena, seconded by Director Faltings, approved the Consent Agenda, with the exception of the General Manager’s Monthly Report, passing 5-0.


Director Faltings inquired about an item on page 5 of the General Managers Monthly Report, under the section “October RLCC Classes.” What do the numbers within the parenthesis represent? General Manager Barry responded that the numbers represent the number of participants in the specified classes. Director Faltings recommended that staff review minimum enrollment requirements for classes, as some of the enrollment numbers in the report seemed low. Director Goodman asked why the Elbow Room teen center attendance figures were low. General Manager Barry responded that staff is working on marketing the program. Youth Services Superintendent Kraybill added that students at Granada High School have expressed interest in the program, but that it takes over 1 hour to reach the RLCC from Granada High School by bus. For Livermore High students, the walk is about 20 to 30 minutes.  Ms. Kraybill also stated that, now that school is in session, youth are engaged in other activities.


On motion by Director Faltings, seconded by Director Kamena, approved the Consent Agenda, including the General Manager’s Monthly Report, passing 5-0.



4.1  Resolution No.1980, a resolution authorizing designated staff to acquire federal surplus property.


On a motion by Director Faltings, seconded by Director Goodman, approved the Consent Agenda Resolution, passing unanimously. No roll call vote taken




6.         OLD BUSINESS

6.1    Sycamore Grove Phase II Scope

General Manager Barry summarized the staff report on the proposed scope of work and cost estimate for the Sycamore Grove Recovery Program Phase II, a program designed to determine the best way to manage water in Sycamore Grove for the continued health of the Sycamore Trees.


Mr. Barry introduced Nelda Matheny of HortScience, Inc. Ms. Matheny addressed the Board, stating that Phase I of the Recovery Program began in 2003, and was completed in 2004, and the program was established via LARPD’s Resource Management Plan for Sycamore Grove Park.  Ms. Matheny explained in detail the proposed scope of work of the Phase II study: 1) Document the severity of the late 1980’s sycamore mortality event at Sycamore Grove; 2) Document sycamore recruitment patterns; 3) Identify the roles of climate and hydrology in governing sycamore growth; and 4) Develop conservation and resource management guidelines in the form of a sycamore revegetation and management plan.


Director Goodman inquired if the Board would see the report prior to it release to the public. Ms. Matheny did not know the answer. General Manager Barry stated that he anticipates a first draft review by LARPD and Zone 7. Director Faltings inquired about the timeline for the project. Ms. Matheny responded that, though there is no timeline, winter is the best time for collecting samples from the trees and is when the dendrochronologist is available. She estimated the document will be ready in the spring of 2006. Chair Furst asked if Zone 7 has approved the Phase II study. General Manager Barry responded that the General Manager of Zone 7 has approved the project and is forwarding it to the Zone 7 Board of Directors for approval. Mr. Barry noted that the project will have one less consultant than the Phase I project had, as Sycamore Associates has declined to continue with the study.


Chair Furst opened public comment.


a)      Keith Rothenberg, 23 Diamond Drive, representing Friends of Sycamore Grove expressed his enthusiasm that the project was continuing. Mr. Rothenberg stated that he did not see a water management strategy in the attached staff report. He stated that Zone 7 has mentioned several times that it intends to renew water rights permits in 2007 and it had something to do with Zone 7’s reluctance to alter the water flow into the Arroyo prior to summer. Will Zone 7 be able to accommodate a possible recommendation to release water earlier than summer? Mr. Rothenberg is not clear if this Scope of Work addresses this issue.


Chair Furst closed public comment.


On a motion by Director Kamena, seconded by Director Faltings, approved the staff recommendation to approve the Sycamore Grove Recovery Program Phase 2 Scope and budget of LARPD’s share of $52,462, passing 5-0.



(this item moved to later in the agenda due to temporary unavailability of relevant budget figures)


The Board will review recommendations from staff and the Scottish Games Committee to conduct the Games in 2006. (Motion)


7.         NEW BUSINESS

7.1  Cayetano Park Master Plan

      General Manager Barry introduced the subject by summarizing the staff report.  As a condition of its housing subdivision approval for North Livermore, Shea Homes will be constructing the 9.8 acre Cayetano Park, utilizing funding it is providing for the cost of land and development of the park. The developer and staff chose landscape architect John Nicol and Associates to conduct the Master Plan process and spent the past several months meeting with City and District staff to determine the most desirable park design for this new housing community.


      The park will be located on an extension of Portola Avenue, and will feature a full-size artificial turf soccer field with lights, playground, picnic areas, divided dog park, youth softball/baseball field, snack bar/restroom/storage building, lighted basketball court and lighted parking lot. The Facilities Committee reviewed this design at their October 31, 2005 meeting, and recommends approval to the Board.


      Dave Best of Shea Homes spoke a bit about the project and introduced John Nicol of John Nicol and Associates, landscape architect, Walnut Creek. Mr. Nicol showed slides of the park’s Master Plan, explained the major features and was available to answer questions from Directors.


      Mr. Best noted that She Homes has a $4.75 million budget for development of Cayetano Park, and the Master Plan was developed with the intention of using all of those funds. Any costs above the $4.75 million budget will not be She Homes’ responsibility.


      Director Kamena asked if the costs were real costs, as opposed to what it would cost LARPD to develop the park. Mr. Best responded that Shea Homes is grading the land at no charge to LARPD. Director Kamena asked how easily the soccer field could be converted to a football field. Mr. Nicol responded that the field will convert nicely to other uses, that it is almost a no-cost item. There was some discussion about the field being capable of supporting various sports uses, with general agreement that this was possible. Director Faltings pointed out that, though she has heard that artificial turf is desirable, the ability to change lines can be tricky. Director Faltings expressed concerns about the single entrance of the dog parks, citing concern for the turf. She also voiced concern about the location of the restrooms. Both Director Faltings and Chair Furst asked questions about the size and location of the parking lot, noting concerns about the non-central location of the lot, and the fact that dogs would be in the parking lot and the path areas at the same time as small children. Discussion ensued about the possibility of moving the parking lot. Mr. Best stated that it would be very difficult to change the location of the lot due to grade of the site. Mr. Nicol suggested it might be possible to install a 5-6-foot path around the south perimeter of the park for dog owners to use to access the dog park. Director Goodman said he would have liked it if the different sports groups had been able to see the Master Plan prior to tonight. He also inquired about the distance from the baseball field home plate to the tot lot. Mr. Nicol responded that the distance was approximately 250 feet, which included a double row of trees as a barrier. Director Goodman stated that he would like to see bocce ball courts. Director Kamena asked if the concession building will have a snack shack for sports groups to use to sell snacks. General Manager Barry stated that this has been worked out with the user groups.


      Chair Furst opened public comment.


a)      Beth Wilson, Bluebell Court, Livermore, expressed that she is excited to see a new park and likes the fact that the landscape architect incorporated decomposed granite and native plantings in the park’s Master Plan. She stated that, as a dog owner, she felt the dog park is too far away from the parking lot and, therefore, does not seem usable.


b)      Peter Brook, Jr., 3686 Carrington Common?, Livermore, representing the Livermore Youth Football League, thanked the District for planning a park. He stated that the number of parking spaces seems insufficient to support multiple activities at the park. He stated that it is possible to use the soccer field for football, as well, by using collapsible goals.


c)      Ann, representing Pony Baseball and a dog owner, stated that she does not think the dog area is too far away, though she acknowledged the concerns about dogs and children mingling. Her feeling is that the further away dogs and children are from one another, the better.


d)      Corey Nelson, 1403 Aspen Court, Livermore, representing the Livermore Youth Soccer League feels there should be no problem sharing facilities among different sports groups, although insufficient parking could be an issue when multiple events are going on.


e)      Steven Delledera, 1560 San Remo Court, Livermore, representing the Livermore Youth Soccer League, stated his opinion that the budget for Cayetano Park is too low and, if so, asked how LARPD will deal with the shortfall.


Chair Furst closed public comment.


Director Kamena stated that he feels it is important to have an additional lighted sports park in Livermore. Though the removal of the dog park may have to be considered, he said that that, overall, the amenities in the proposed park are great. Also, though the distance of the parking lot from the rest of the park is a concern, Director Kamena feels the park will nevertheless be well-used. He stated, also, that he is very interested in seeing football facilities in Livermore, as he feels the sport is under-represented. He expressed regret that the Ad Hoc Sports Committee did not have the opportunity to discuss the Master Plan. Director Faltings stated that she was unhappy having to accept something she does not feel is the best it can be, that corrections to the park at a later date will cost LARPD, as opposed to costing the developer.


On a motion by Director Kamena, seconded by Director Turner, approved acceptance of Shea Homes’ Master Plan for Cayetano Park, passing 5-0.


      The Chair called for a 10-minute recess at 8:45 p.m.


      Chair Furst called the meeting back to order at 8:55 p.m.


6.         OLD BUSINESS  (resumed)



General Manager Barry summarized the staff report regarding amending the budget for the 2006 Scottish Games.


Staff has charted the fiscal performance from 2004 and 2005 and has worked closely with the Scottish Games Committee to come up with a recommended amendment for the 2005/2006 budget. The draft Livermore Scottish Games 2006 Draft Budget (attached) presents a more realistic picture of what is to be financially expected based on the previous two years. However, it reduces the net revenue in the District budget by $17,021. Therefore, at its meeting of November 2, 2005, the Scottish Games Committee voted to ask the Board to amend the District budget to reflect this change.


Staff has determined that the District recently received $8,500 in revenue as a reimbursement in state mandated costs, which was not budgeted. In addition, the ESS program has experienced a savings in its first quarter of this fiscal year due to program and staffing changes, and staff has identified Unit 9 as the source for the remaining $8,521 for the changes in Unit 34.


Senior Recreation Supervisor Carlson and Director Faltings, Chair of the Scottish Games Committee, both stated that the Committee recommends amending the budget to make it more realistic. Director Goodman stated that, though he does not think LARPD necessarily has to make revenue on events, he would find it difficult to continue to support this event again if the District should lose money. Director Kamena pointed out that the District is not spending more than the event makes; however, when we allocate staff time in the budget, which has not been done in the past, the District does, indeed, lose money. He agrees with Director Goodman that it would be ideal not to subsidize such events, even if we do not expect to make revenue.


Chair Furst opened public comment. No public comment received. Chair Furst closed public comment.


On a motion by Director Turner, seconded by Director Faltings, approved Resolution No. 1981, amending the Unit 34 2005/2006 operating budget for the 2006 Scottish Games, utilizing unspent funding from Unit 9, by the following roll call vote:


AYES:              Director Kamena, Director Goodman, Director Turner, Director Faltings, and Chair Furst (5)

            NOES:              None (0)

            ABSENT:         None (0)                                    


7.         NEW BUSINESS (resumed)

7.2  Agreement with U.S. Bank to Provide the District’s General Fund Banking Transactions

General Manager Barry introduced the item and Fiscal Supervisor Cohen summarized the staff report.  Alameda County has been acting as LARPD’s bank per the Public Resource code.  Effective January, 2002 the Public Resource Code was amended to allow Recreation & Park Districts to establish a separate depositary with a bank for all or some of its funds.  Section 5784.9 (k) states the District may choose a bank, notwithstanding the fact that a member of the board of directors is an officer, employee, or stockholder; or has funds on deposit at said bank. Staff had researched the process in 2002 and 2003. At that time Staff recommended waiting to implement any change until the District Office was moved to the RLCC in anticipation of improved technology at both the District and Alameda County. The proposal process has now been completed by staff as directed by the Board. Staff recommends that the Board approve a resolution authorizing the General Manager to enter into an agreement with U. S. Bank to provide the District's general fund banking deposit and disbursement transactions.


Director Kamena asked about the criteria used for scoring the banks, who did the scoring and how the scoring worked. Ms. Cohen referred to the staff report regarding the scoring criteria, stated that she and the District Bookkeeper performed the scoring independently, and that there were 20 scored items worth 5 points each.


      Discussion ensued about the services offered by U.S. Bank. Carlos and ?, U.S. Bank representatives Carlos Almanza, Community Development Manager for U.S. Bank in California, Caren Galloway, southwest Regional Sales Manager, Government Banking, and Lily Ng, Relationship Manager, Government Banking were present. Mr. Almanza and Ms Galloway answered questions from Directors regarding the bank’s services.


Chair Furst opened public comment. No public comment received. Chair Furst closed public comment.


      On a motion by Director Turner, seconded by Director Faltings, approved resolution  No.1982, authorizing General Manager to enter into an agreement with U.S. Bank to provide the District’s general fund banking transactions, by the following roll call vote:


AYES:              Director Goodman, Director Turner, Director Faltings, Director Kamena, and Chair Furst (5)

            NOES:              None (0)

ABSENT:         None (0)               


      General Manager Barry thanked Lora Cohen and Lynn Loucks for the thorough job done on this project.



General Manager Barry introduced the item, and summarized the attached staff report. The Bicycle Transportation Account, administered by Caltrans, provides local agencies and counties grant funding for projects that improve safety and convenience for bicycle commuters. For the upcoming Fiscal Year 2006/2007, a total of $5 million is available statewide. Since the funds may only be granted to a city or county agency, the City of Livermore is applying for these funds on LARPD’s behalf. Staff recommends that the Board approve a resolution approving the grant application.


Chair Furst opened public comment. No public comment received. Chair Furst closed public comment.


On a motion by Director Faltings, seconded by Director Goodman, approved Resolution No.1983, approving Bicycle Transportation Account Grant Application for a portion of Trail Segment H & G., by the following roll call vote:


AYES:              Director Turner, Director Faltings, Director Kamena, Director Goodman, and Chair Furst (5)

            NOES:              None (0)

ABSENT:         None (0)               



        General Manager Barry summarized the attached staff report. The County of Alameda has some Proposition 12 funding that they are considering offering to the District. They have indicated that the District may be able to receive approximately $90,000 for a capital project. This funding must be used outside the city limits. Staff has reviewed potential projects and is recommending that we submit two possible projects to the County. The first project is to assist with the funding of trail segments H-2 and F, the connector from tail segment H-1, along Wente Street and meets up with the existing trail along Concannon Blvd. This trail segment is currently proposed for completion during the Fiscal Year 2006/2007 budget. The second project would provide funding to conduct a study evaluating the condition of the Olivina Distillery in Sycamore Grove Park and to install a new roof on the building. The study would also prepare estimates for the restoration/stabilization of both the winery and distillery buildings.


        With the Board’s approval, the staff will send a letter of application for funding to the County of Alameda.


Chair Furst opened public comment. No public comment received. Chair Furst closed public comment.


        Director Faltings stated that she must abstain from discussion or voting because she sits on the Board of the County of Alameda Park and Recreation Commission, which is the body that determines which projects receive funding.


        On a motion by Director Turner, seconded by Chair Furst, the Board approved the District’s submitting a formal letter of application for Proposition 12 funding, passing 4-0, with one abstention.



General Manager Barry summarized the attached staff report. In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities ACT (ADA) was signed into law, creating a requirement to eliminate architectural barriers at public facilities. Recently, City staff retained an architectural firm, JWD Group in Oakland, to conduct an assessment of the Barn for compliance with ADA requirements, and to prepare a schematic design and a cost estimate to upgrade the Barn to meet ADA requirements. JWD Group’s findings indicate the need to construct certain improvements to the Barn to bring it up to ADA compliance. The recommended improvements include new bathrooms, concrete ramps, parking space conversion, door modifications, signage, raising a hallway floor, relocating a fire extinguisher, replacing a pay phone, and miscellaneous work. The total cost of the recommended ADA upgrades including design, construction, inspection, and administration is estimated at $189,000.


Because of the large expenditure required to construct these improvements, staff recommends installing temporary ADA accommodations until LARPD can execute a project for constructing permanent ADA improvements over a two-year period. The temporary accommodations include installing a concrete ramp and stairs at the main entry to the building on the south side, and installing an exterior ADA accessible portable restroom. The temporary concrete ramp and stairs will cost $10,470 including design, construction, inspection, and administration. There will be additional operating costs of approximately $2,000 for the remainder of this fiscal year for portable restroom rental. The cost of the temporary concrete ramp will be split 50/50 between the City of Livermore and LARPD. LARPD will pay for the cost of the portable restroom. Staff recommends that the Board approve construction of  ADA-compliant temporary improvements for the Barn at a budget of $10,470.


Director Goodman inquired if we had discussed shared funding for the complete project with the City of Livermore, as the Barn is the property of the City. General Manager Barry responded that our lease agreement with the City states that LARPD is responsible for the cost of improvements to the building. He stated, also, that there is the possibility of future grant funding for the improvements, with the City’s assistance. Director Goodman asked if the $10,470 for temporary ADA improvements is in this year’s budget. General Manager Barry responded that no, it is not, and will be discussed at the mid-year budget review.


Chair Furst opened public comment. No public comment received. Chair Furst closed public comment.


On a motion by Director Faltings, seconded by Director Turner, approved staff’s recommendation to construct temporary ADA improvements to the Barn at a budget of $10,470, passing 5-0.


8.         ORAL REPORTS

8.1   District Legal Counsel Michael Kyle reported that during October he worked on the J.W. Riley and Son issue, conducting follow-up discussions with Riley’s bonding company. He also continued to work on various trail segment projects, and advised LARPD Fiscal Supervisor Cohen on the banking selection process. He had one meeting to discuss the project regarding the Chevron pipeline through Sycamore Grove Park. Another meeting is scheduled for November 14, 2005. The three parties involved are the Tri Valley Conservancy, the City of Livermore, and LARPD.



Board received reports on the committee 9 meetings attended since the Regular Board meeting of October 12, 2005, as follows: Livermore Downtown, Facilities (2), Ravenswood Progress League, Budget, Livermore Cultural Arts Council, Alameda County Special Districts Association, Scottish Games, and Program.


Board members also attended: CARPD Conference in Sacramento, Farmer’s Market, NRPA Congress in San Antonio, Livermore Chamber of Commerce Mixer.



            a)  Director Goodman requested an update on the status of hiring a new marketing person.

            b)  Director Goodman inquired about how the Ox Games event at Robertson Park went.

            c)  Director Goodman would like a report of upcoming events.

d)  Director Goodman would like to discuss a question he is asked frequently: why is LARPD not  part of the City of Livermore?

e)   Director Faltings would like a calendar of upcoming events in LARPD facilities, for the Board, and to be posted on the LARPD website.

f)   Director Kamena thanked the Hindu Community and Cultural Center for its recent $500 grant to fund scholarships for LARPD childcare staff.

g)   Director Turner asked if the Robertson Park Soccer Complex issue should be discussed by the Facilities Committee.

h)   Director Turner would like to know if LARPD is interested in participating in this year’s Summerfest Event presented by the Livermore Cultural Arts Council.

i)    Director Turner commented that the public address system in the Cresta Blanca Ballroom needs improvement.

j)    Director Furst asked staff to review the citizen request to lower drop-in fees for the Senior Services Center.



a)  General Manager Barry reminded the Board of Directors that, at the December Regular Board    items will include selection of the 2006 Chair and Vice Chair of the Board as well as a review of the Board Policy and Procedure Manual. Mr. Barry will send a communication to the Directors regarding items they would like discussed.

b)  Reminded Board and staff of the Brushy Peak Regional Preserve Dedication event on   Saturday, November 12 at 10:00 a.m. at Brushy Peak.


12.        ADJOURNMENT:  Meeting adjourned at 10:10 p.m.







                                                                                    Chair, Board of Directors






General Manager and ex-officio

Clerk to the Board of Directors