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Board Meeting Minutes



Wednesday, March 17, 2004
7:00 p.m., Council Chambers
3575 Pacific Avenue
Livermore, California


LARPD BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Alice Quinn, Maryalice Summers Faltings, Dale Turner, David Furst and Chair Scott Kamena (5)


STAFF MEMBERS PRESENT: Tim Barry, Michael Kyle, Ken Craig, Gail Sloane, Jim Carlson, Barbara Kraybill, Felix Errico


Meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m., with Director Kamena absent.


Public comment was received from Martha Edelman, 771 Wimbledon Lane, Livermore, regarding development of a Sycamore Grove Park plant-a-tree program.Ms. Edelman informed the Board that she was making a pledge of $550 to start the program.Ms. Edelman made suggestions for operation of the program and proposed an April 22, Earth Day, start date.


3.1††† Board Minutes

4.1.1††† Regular meeting of February 11, 2004.

4.1.2††† Special meeting of February 25, 2004.

3.2††† Communications

3.2.1††† Letter of resignation from Personnel Commission member John Hines.

3.3††† General Managerís Monthly Report (#56-8).

3.4††† Payroll and Claims.

On motion by Director Turner, seconded by Director Furst, approved Consent Agenda items, passing 4-0.

Director Turner requested that a letter of reply be sent to John Hines regarding his resignation.


On motion by Director Turner, seconded by Director Furst, adopted and approved Consent Agenda Resolutions, by the following roll call vote:

AYES:†††††† Directors Quinn, Furst, Turner, and Chair Faltings (4)

NOES:†††††† None (0)

ABSENT:Director Kamena (1)


Resolutions adopted:

4.1†††††† Resolution No. 1882, approving plans and specifications for the Ravenswood, Vista Meadows, and Livermore Downs Park Improvement Projects and authorizing going to bid.


Director Kamena arrived at 7:20 p.m.



6.1††† park improvement projects draft preliminary design review

†††††††† Parks Project Coordinator Errico presented background information to the Board on the five park projects being presented to the Board for design approval.Bruce Jett of Bruce Jett Associates provided a detailed presentation of the proposed designs for Almond, Independence, Marlin Pound, May Nissen and Wattenburger neighborhood parks.


a.†† Regarding Almond Park, no public comment was received.


b.†† Regarding Independence Park, public comment was received from:

1)†† Simon Cohen, Livermore.Mr. Cohen addressed the Board on the need for additional park access from his neighborhood.Mr. Cohen noted that play group option 1 seemed to have more play options available and posed questions regarding the bathrooms at the park that were usually locked.††

2)†† Greg Schmid, 1305 Windsor Way, Livermore.Mr. Schmid agreed with what previous speakers comments.He also noted that it would be nice if the park pathways connected to Sycamore Grove Park.†† He asked that play equipment slides be steep enough so that kids could actually slide down them.

3)†† Maxine Brookner, 1359 Chelsea Way, Livermore. Ms. Brookner commented that at the neighborhood meeting in January she had indicated that she had some very fine sight lines at her house and had asked trees and plantings be done in such a manner to maintain those sight lines.She stated that she would like to work with the neighbors and architects and the District on the issue.She asked that the Board wait to approve the design schematic.

4)†† Jacqueline Stamps, 2911 Talinga Court, Livermore.Ms. Stamps questioned Mr. Jett about the play equipment teeter-totter, the relocation of the seating benches and the selection of option 2 as the preferred play group option.She questioned staff about the timeframe for completion of the project.

5)†† Jim Dempsey, 2501 Regent Road, Livermore.Mr. Dempsey commented that redwood trees were not an appropriate choice for screening.Mr. Dempsey further commented that at the January neighborhood meeting, several people had pointed out that the handicap access ramp was nice, but that nothing was being provided for handicapped children to use.

6)†† Greg Stanford, 2489 Regent Road, Livermore.Mr. Stanford objected to the use of any high slides, as he did want park users to be able to look into the windows of his residence.

7)†† Lance Brookner, 1359 Chelsea Way, Livermore.Mr. Brookner also agreed that redwood trees were not appropriate for use for screening. On the handicap access issue, Mr. Brookner questioned why the play equipment area had to be enclosed.


Superintendent of Planning and Parks Craig stated that in regards to the trees, he would be happy to work with the neighbors.He further stated that he believed that redwood trees were probably not the right kind of trees for that area. He acknowledged that at the neighborhood meeting he had heard that there was a desire to have a buffer zone, but one that preserved the view to the hills.


c.†† Regarding Marlin Pound Park, Superintendent Craig explained that the park play equipment upgrade would be considered a project alternate; it would be included as part of the project if favorable bids were received.Public comment was received from:

1)†† Helen Meyer, 2083 Galloway Common, Livermore. Ms. Meyer expressed her concern about how the location of the dog park would impact her life, as she was the closest neighbor to the area.She indicated that due to the operation hours for the park she could be awakened by dogs, and that it could be dark before the usage was stopped.There would additionally be noise from dogs during the day that she would hear if she used her back yard.Ms. Meyer made suggestions for rotating sections of the dog park for use, as well for curtailing the hours of operation.She proposed that the dog park be opened at 7:30 a.m., Monday through Friday, and 8:30 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday, and that it be closed no later than 8:00 p.m.

2)†† An unidentified neighbor expressed a desire to make the play equipment a higher priority than the dog park.

3)†† Tim Lick, Hollyhock, Livermore.Mr. Lick questioned Mr. Jett regarding the width of the dog park, indicated that he would like to see it moved closer to the street where it would be easier to access.

4)†† Anna Koloso, Galloway Street.Ms. Koloso expressed her concern about the expense of a dog park. She said that she had approached the neighbors that backed up to the park, and talked to eight people,seven of whom opposed spending $60,000 on a dog park. Ms. Koloso expressed her preference for making basketball court improvements or play equipment, or for giving the money to the schools.

5)†† VinceTurner, Galloway Common, Livermore.Mr. Turner agreed with what had been said so far.

6) John Jewell, Livermore. Mr. Jewell stated that it was a waste of money to build a dog park when there was open space near the area that could be used for dogs.


The Board discussed the location of the dog park, confirmed that no lights were planned for the facility, the possibility for relocation, the lack of problems with the Districtís other dog parks, the distance from the dog park to the nearest residences, and the possibility of changing hours of operation.


d.†† Regarding May Nissen Park, no public comment was received.

e.†† Regarding Wattenburger Park, public comment was received from:

1)†† An unidentified neighbor who asked as to the removal of trees and composition of the planned pathway. †††††††††††

2)†† Mike Roach, Livermore.Mr. Roach thanked the Board for redoing Wattenburger Park, and noted that a bathroom would be welcome.††


Board took action, as follows

a.†† On motion by Director Turner, seconded by Director Kamena, approved the recommended design for Marlin Pound Park, including play group option 3, passing 5-0.

b.†† On motion by Director Turner, seconded by Director Furst, approved the recommended design for Independence Park, including play group option 2, passing 5-0.

c.†† On motion by Director Turner, seconded by Director Kamena, approved the recommended design for Almond Park, including play group option 2, passing 5-0.

d.†† Board discussion occurred on what was included for the add alternates for the May Nissen Park project.The only add alternate to be included in the project was the concrete at the new picnic tables, in the amount of $13,452.On motion by Director Turner, seconded by Director Furst, approved the recommended design for May Nissen Park, passing 5-0.

e.†† On motion by Director Kamena, seconded by Chair Faltings, approved the recommended design for Wattenburger Park, including play group option 3, passing 5-0.


6.2††† nomination to the 2004-2005 board of directors of the california association of recreation and park districts

Board took no action.


6.3††† provision of candidate services for the november 2004 election

Board reached a consensus that they would like staff to continue to provide candidate election services through the LARPD District Office for the upcoming November, 2004, election.


7.1.†† robert livermore community center project status report:

Superintendent Craig reported on the continuation of interior finishing work and outdoor landscaping. Installation for alarm, telephone and computer systems was beginning.Staff continued to address the issue of project time delays with Overaa Construction; liquidated damages began to be assessed February 4.Superintendent Craig noted that there was no definitive completion date as yet; it was estimated that building occupation would occur in June, with programs starting in July.




Board received reports on the ten committees attended since the Regular Meeting of February 11, 2004, as follows:Facilities, Program, Budget, Intergovernmental, Downtown Inc. (2), City of Livermore Growth Review, LCAC, RPL, and Scottish Games.


Regarding the Facilities Committee report, Director Turner confirmed with Superintendent Craig that the District had finally received a permit from the City of Livermore needed for the Skate Park project to proceed.Director Turner stated for the record that he was disturbed at the process the District was put through to get a permit. for a public facility to be used by the citizens of Livermore.


Chair Faltings appointed Director Turner Board liaison to the Extended Student Services Program Parent Advisory Committee.


Director Kamena requested that a link to the Scottish Games website be placed on the LARPD website, as the event was an LARPD event.


a.†† Director Quinn noted that the rental rates for the Almond Park gazebo area seemed high for small, short-term uses, and asked if alternatives could be investigated.Chair Faltings remanded the item to the Facilities Committee.

b.†† Director Quinn indicated that she would like to see better representation for the people within the District but outside the City limits.

c.†† Director Furst, as Chair of the Master Plan Committee, called the first meeting to start the process for revision of the District Master Plan.

d.†† Director Kamena, as Chair of the Sports Park Committee, called for a meeting to discuss the potential for joint powers agreements.




a. General Manager Barry reported on his attendance at the California Park and Recreation Society conference.

b. General Manager announced the retirement of the District Bookkeeper, Patricia Stella.

c. General Manager reminded the Board of the Larry Faltings field dedication scheduled for Saturday, March 20 at 11:00 a.m.


Meeting recessed at 9:43 p.m.


13. EXECUTIVE SESSION: Meeting convened to Executive Session at9:56 p.m.


14. RECONVENE TO OPEN SESSION:Meeting reconvened to Open Session at 10:16 p.m.


15. REPORT OF ACTION TAKEN IN EXECUTIVE SESSION:Chair Faltings reported that the Board, by unanimous vote, had appointed General Manager Timothy Barry Negotiator on behalf of the District, and had instructed him on how to proceed to negotiate the conditions of purchase for APN 099-1343-016, APN 099-1354-003, APN 099-1354-004, APN 099-0475-006-02, APN 099-0290-011-04, and APN 099-0291-011.


16. ADJOURNMENT:Meeting adjourned at 10:17 p.m.




†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† APPROVED:




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