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Board Meeting Minutes



Wednesday, June 29, 2005
4:45 p.m.
 Robert Livermore Community Center
4444 East Avenue
Livermore, California


LARPD BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Dale Turner, Maryalice Faltings, Scott Kamena, Steve Goodman,and Chair David Furst (5)


STAFF MEMBERS PRESENT: Tim Barry, Pat Kasberg, Michael Kyle, Barbara Kraybill, Felix Errico, Brian Tibbetts, Lora Cohen, and Jim Brandenburg





General Manager Barry conducted a Board workshop and discussion on the District’s Operating and Capital Improvement Budget for Fiscal Year 2005/2006. The Capital Improvement Plan Budget includes a projection of carryover and new funds for 2005/06. The City projected the AB 1600 funds (formerly park in-lieu funds) to be $4.4 million. Staff have budgeted AB 1600 revenue at a more conservative $3.5 million. Other workshop topics included:

1) The $745,000 budgeted for the equestrian arena cover. If the bids come in over that amount staff is to find alternative funding for the difference.




Meeting was called to order at 5:50 p.m. by Chair Furst, who led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll was taken and all Directors were present.




Brian Foster from Maximus, Inc. presented the final report of the District’s User Fee Study. Mr. Foster explained that the District engaged Maximus, Inc. to conduct a detailed cost of

services study of user fee activities throughout the District. Maximus, Inc. employed proven and objective methodologies to calculate the full actual cost of the services, and used their

experience to advise the District regarding the development of reasonable potential fees that the board and staff can use to make more informed decisions and set fees to meet the fiscal

and policy goals and objectives of the District. The study incorporates a cost allocation plan, a cost of service study, an hourly rate study for planning activities, and market study to

compare the District’s fees to those of neighboring jurisdictions (for selected fees). This final report incorporates a series of revisions from the draft report, as identified by staff.


 Director Furst opened public comment. No public comment was received.


 Director Goodman commended staff for working with Maximus, Inc. to complete this report, stating that he feels the report is a good tool that contains useful statistical information that

 will help the Board and staff make good decisions to better serve the citizens in the District.


 On a motion by Director Faltings, seconded by Director Turner, accepted the District’s Cost of Service and Fee Study report by Maximus, Inc., passing 5-0.


 General Manager Barry commended Administrative Assistant Lora Cohen for coordinating this process and all the staff who contributed to it as well. They did an excellent job.




3.1 Board Minutes

3.1.1  Adjourned Regular meeting of June 15, 2005.


On a motion by Director Faltings, seconded by Director Goodman, approved the Consent Agenda, passing 5-0.





General Manager Barry reported on the proposed salaries and benefits for District employees for FY 2005/06. They include a 3% cost of living increase for full-time staff beginning July 1, 2005, the District paying the increased cost of the District’s medical plan up to a 10% increase for full-time and part-time designated staff, and the District researching the feasibility of a 9/80 work week. Staff and the Personnel Committee recommend approval.


Director Furst opened public comment.


Bill Burgle, LARPD park maintenance staff, addressed the Board. Mr. Bugle stated that not having a cost of living increase for 3 years has been a big burden on all the staff. The cost of living increase this year will help, however, Mr. Burgle asked for the Board to assure that there are future plans to restore salaries to a parallel level with other agencies, as LARPD remains 10% below other agencies. Mr. Burgle stated that the maintenance staff has also had their uniform allowance budget reduced by 50 to 60 percent.


Brendan Turner, LARPD Mechanic, addressed the Board. Mr. Turner commended the Board for doing a good job and stated that staff works very hard at doing what they do. Mr. Turner stated that it has taken a toll on the staff not having a pay increase for 3 years so the 3% this year is really going to help out a lot. Staff knows that the budget is really tight and over the next year hopefully the District will come out of the current situation and bring staff salaries back up to where they are suppose to be. Mr. Turner further stated that he has to pay a lot of extra money from his own pocket for uniforms and that he has to wash his greasy uniforms in his own washing machine while the City of Livermore provides for a laundry service allowance for their mechanics’ uniforms. Mr. Turner also recommended that the Board look into the future and replace the District’s run down vehicles, especially the ones with over 100,000 miles.



On a motion by Director Kamena, seconded by Director Turner, approved Resolution No. 1965, adopting the Annual Salary Resolution designating employee compensation for Fiscal Year 2005/2006, by the following roll call vote:

               AYES:          Directors Kamena, Goodman, Turner, Faltings and Chair Furst (5)

               NOES:          None (0)

               ABSENT:     None (0)



General Manager Barry stated that the preliminary budget is the result of staff recommendations discussed with the Budget Committee, which recommends approval ofthis budget. The document reflects a balanced operating budget of $14,570,450. This represents a 6.7% increase over the FY 2004/05 budget and projects a general fund reserve of $1 million which will be a 13% increase over the projected 2004/05 year end general fund reserve of $865,211.It is significant to note that, that after one of the most difficult fiscal years in District history that included the layoff of 6 full-time staff, the District staff’s conservative spending and attentive revenue generation has positioned the District to add funds to its reserves that will help to meet future fiscal emergencies such as the one we faced in 2004/05. Service levels have largely remained the same as 2004/05, with adjustments being made for the Robert Livermore Community Center part-time staffing as necessary and to keep minimum staffing levels in place for Sycamore Grove Park.


General Manager Barry further stated that the Capital Improvement Program Budget is balanced and reflects the changing revenue picture for the District for capital projects as more projects are completed. Fiscal Year 2004/05 was a banner year for completing projects, and while 2005/06 will not see as much activity, it will meet the pace of revenue derived from new development through park in-lieu fees and attempts to complete the District’s highest priority projects at District facilities. The Budget Committee and staff recommend approval.


The Board discussed:

1)  Swim passes for employees

2)  District budget for employee uniforms

3)  Mileage reimbursement


General Manager Barry suggested that the Board pass the Preliminary Budget and by August when the final budget is adopted, staff will make a report to the Board regarding the uniform budget and employee discounts.


Director Furst opened public comment.


Megan Cohen addressed the Board about the District’s Jr. Ranger program that has been cut from the budget. Ms. Cohen was a Jr. Ranger for two years and she thinks it is a worthwhile program and she urged the Board to bring it back.


 Beth Wilson, 1503 Bluebell Court, Livermore, addressed the Board. Ms. Wilson stated that she would like the Board to reapportion funds to increase the staff for the regional parks and programs, such as Camp Shelly, Jr. Rangers, school programs, the egg hunt, and weekend programs. Ms. Wilson works as a volunteer for LARPD’s regional parks and nature programs.


Director Furst closed public comment.


On a motion by Director Kamena, seconded by Director Faltings, moved to approve the Preliminary Budget for Fiscal Year 2005/2006.


Director Kamena made an amending motion to increase line item 4417 by $2,500,seconded by Director Turner.


Board discussion determined that a better plan would be to have staff ascertain what amount is needed by each unit to fully fund uniforms that staff are required to wear and present that information in August when the Board is scheduled to approve the final budget.


Director Kamena withdrew his amending motion.


Director Kamena made a motion to reduce the aquatics revenue by $500 and give complimentary passes to the staff. The motion was seconded by Director Turner.


Director Faltings made an amending motion, seconded by Director Kamena, to reduce the aquatics revenue by $100 making Unit 4 (May Nissen Pool) $9,900, and Unit 54 (RLCC Pool) $141,900, and giving complimentary individual swim passes to full-time and part-time designated staff, passing 5-0.


Director Goodman would like staff to look in the future, costs for adding more staff at Camp Shelly and bringing back the Jr. Ranger program.


Director Turner asked staff to research the cost of bringing back the school programs and he would like to know the cost before approving the final budget.


Director Kamena acknowledged the beautiful letter from Beth Wilson and thanked her for her passion and for volunteering in the District’s programs.



On a motion by Director Kamena, seconded by Director Faltings, approved Resolution No. 1966 adopting the Preliminary Budget for Fiscal Year 2005/2006, by the following roll call vote:

              AYES:           Directors Turner, Faltings, Kamena, Goodman, and Chair Furst (5)

              NOES:           None (0)

              ABSENT:      None (0)



Legal Counsel Kyle presented the terms of the agreement for District legal services with Michael E. Kyle and McNichols, Randick, O’Dea & Tooliatos LLP. Mr. Kyle stated thatthe retainer agreement includes 1) a monthly increase from $900 to 1,200 for one meeting per month and $1,600 for a second meeting of the month; and 2) an increase in the hourly service rate from $185/hour to $255/hour.


Chair Furst instructed Legal Counsel Kyle to include in the job description under Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities, Director Kamena’s suggestion to add “licensed to practice law in the State of California”.


Director Furst opened public comment. No public comment was received.



On a motion by Director Turner, seconded by Director Faltings, approved Resolution No. 1967 adopting an agreement with Michael E. Kyle and McNichols, Randick, O’Dea & Tooliatos, LLP, for District legal services, by the following roll call vote:

AYES:          Directors Faltings, Kamena, Goodman, Turner, and Chair Furst (5)

NOES:          None (0)

ABSENT:     None (0)




Sr. Recreation Supervisor Tibbetts stated that the City of Livermore has requested modifications to the parking lot expansion project at Ravenswood Historic Site, based on city staff review and acceptance, as well as review and acceptance by the City’s Preservation Commission. In addition, the construction of the roofed recycling building has been incorporated into the design of the project, replacing the proposed fenced dumpster located near the northwest corner of the parking lot. The recycling enclosure modification will be funded from a grant awarded to the City from the Alameda County Waste Management Authority. This grant will reimburse LARPD for all costs associated with engineering, architectural and construction of the structure. The staff and Facilities Committee concur with the City’s recommendations. Sr. Recreation Supervisor Tibbetts introduced John Nicol, Landscape Architect, who explained to the Board the modifications to the previous Board-reviewed and approved design for the parking lot, as follows:


1)  Convey an orchard concept in the design of the parking lot, including additional landscape islands to “break up” parking pavement areas. Flowering Pear will be the primary shade tree.

2)  Provide three (vs. one) pedestrian crosswalks within the parking lot.

3)  Expand the parking lot “footprint” as required for islands and crosswalks.

4)  Reduce the extent of the perimeter landscape planting beds and install a split rail fence with climbing roses.

5)  Provide pedestrian area enhancements at the northwest corner to serve as a staging/transition area to the historic buildings.

6)  Construct a roofed recycling building, having an appearance compatible with the existing on-site winery ruin.


Chair Furst asked if the four handicapped parking spaces were adequate and meet requirements both legal and functional. Mr. Nicol stated that four handicapped parking spaces meet the requirements for parking lots under 100 spaces. General Manager Barry stated that four spaces should be sufficient due to the types of events scheduled at Ravenswood Historic Site.


On a motion by Director Turner, seconded by Director Kamena approved the revisions to the Ravenswood Historic Site parking lot expansion project, passing 5-0.



A motion was made by Director Faltings, seconded by Director Kamena, to cast the District’s vote for the CAPRI Board of Directors for the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District in the Membership At-Large category, Pleasant Hill Recreation and Park District in the Upper One-Third category, and Arcade Creek Recreation and Park District in the Middle One-Third category, passing 5-0.


Director Kamena left the meeting.



General Manager Barry stated that the Board, at their meeting of June 15, 2005,approved a new job classification of Fiscal Supervisor at a salary a range of $5,196-$6,336 per month. The Administrative Assistant for financial matters for the District has been Lora Cohen at a salary range of $4,397-$5,361. The new classification is designed to take the place of the Administrative Assistant position for fiscal services and it is appropriate to fill the new position at this time with the incumbent who has been doing the work for the District as Administrative Assistant since 2000 and has done anexcellent job during very difficult financial times for the District. Lora Cohen is uniquelyqualified amongst the staff to assume the new position, therefore he is recommending reclassification rather than doing an internal recruitment to fill the new classification. General Manager Barry stated that he will not be re-filling the Administrative Assistant position, but will keep it on the list of approved classifications for future use if needed. The new salary requirements of the Fiscal Supervisor position are included in the draft FY 2005/06 budget. At their meeting of June 22, 2005, the Personnel Committee discussed this proposal and voted to recommend approval to the Board of Directors.


On a motion by Director Turner, seconded by Director Faltings, approved reclassifying Lora Cohen, Administrative Assistant to the position of Fiscal Supervisor, effective  July 1, 2005, passing 4-0.


Director Kamena returned to the meeting.


5. EXECUTIVE SESSION:  Meeting convened to Executive Session at 7:15 p.m.


6. RECONVENE TO OPEN SESSION:  Meeting reconvened to Open Session at 8:18 p.m.




On a motion by Director Kamena, seconded by Director Faltings, approved an amendment to the contract for the General Manager for a 3% cost of living increase, effective July 1, 2005.


8. ADJOURNMENT:  Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.








            Chair, Board of Directors






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