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Board Meeting Minutes









Wednesday, July 14, 2004

7:00 p.m., Council Chambers

3575 Pacific Avenue

 Livermore, California




DIRECTORS PRESENT:            Alice Quinn, David Furst, Scott Kamena, Dale Turner and

Chair Maryalice Summers Faltings (5)


DIRECTORS ABSENT:              None (1)


STAFF MEMBERS PRESENT:  Tim Barry, Michael Kyle, Gail Sloane, Barbara Kraybill,

                                                      Lora Cohen, Diane Daniel                                                    




      Meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m., with all Directors present.


2.   PUBLIC FORUM:  No public comment was received.



3.1     Board Minutes

3.1.1     Regular meeting of June 10, 2004.

3.1.2     Special meeting of June 30, 2004.

3.2     Communications

3.2.1     None.

3.3     General Manager’s Monthly Report (#56-12).

3.4     Payroll and Claims.


General Manager Barry noted the receipt of correspondence from Janine Giese-Davis, Jane Olson, Janice Keller, Lindsay Pavel, Carol and David Counts, all in regards to the possible closure of Sycamore Grove Park.


Chair Faltings addressed the audience, stating that she was not aware that the District ever intended to close Sycamore Grove Park.


      On motion by Director Kamena, seconded by Director Turner, approved the Consent Agenda, passing 5-0.



4.1     resolution:  On motion by Director Turner, seconded by Director Kamena, adopted and approved Resolution No. 1905, a resolution authorizing an agreement with the California State Department of Education for Child Development Services for Fiscal Year 2004/2005, by the following roll call vote:

AYES:        Directors Quinn, Furst, Kamena, Turner, and Chair Faltings (5)

NOES:        None (0)

ABSENT:   None (0)





      6.1 centex homes trail and slope easement

Legal Counsel Kyle recommended acceptance of a Grant of Easement from RMC Pacific Materials, Inc., for an easement that would allow the District access to a slope contiguous to the Del Valle trail.  Access by the District would be necessary in case of trail maintenance or failure of the slope.


No public comment was received. 


Resolution:  On motion by Director Turner, seconded by Director Quinn, adopted and approved Resolution No. 1906, accepting a Grant of Easement from RMC Pacific Materials, Inc., and consenting to recordation, by the following roll call vote:

AYES:        Directors Quinn, Furst, Kamena, Turner and Chair Faltings (5)

NOES:        None (0)

ABSENT:   None (0)


      6.2 fiscal year 2004/2005 employee salary and benefit levels

The Board of Directors reconsidered the benefit package for employees for Fiscal Year 2004/2005.  Because the Board’s earlier decision regarding employee benefit levels had been predicated upon incorrect financial information, staff was returning to the Board with new calculations.  General Manager Barry presented the staff recommendation regarding health plan levels (Alternative 3 of the staff report), which was for the District to pay the total cost of health plans,  at the full family coverage level for full time employees beginning on January 1, 2005, for dental coverage, and on February 1, 2005, for medical coverage.   Under the staff recommendation, the total cost of health plans at the single coverage level for part time designated employees would also be paid by the District, beginning on those same dates. Until those dates, the current level of district contribution to health plans would remain in place. The cost associated with that benefit would be an additional $69,760.00 above the amount contained in the Preliminary Budget.


General Manager Barry presented a brief overview of the remaining alternatives, as follows:  Alternative 1 assumed a 50/50 split between the District and the employee of the increases to cost of  health plans over the next fiscal year, with an estimated additional cost to the District of $10,752.  Alternative 2 assumed the District would pay 100% of the increases to cost of health plans over the next fiscal year, with the cost to the District of $21,504.  Alternative 4 assumed the District would pay the total cost of eligible employee health plans beginning in July, 2004, with the cost to the District being $109,368.


Administrative Assistant Cohen confirmed the accuracy of the numbers being supplied to the Board, explaining that a complete audit of employee benefit levels had been conducted.


No public comment was received.


A motion was made by Director Furst, to adopt Alternative No. 3.  Motion died for lack of a second.  A motion was made by Director Turner, to adopt Alternative No. 4.  Motion died for lack of a second. 


On motion by Chair Faltings, seconded by Director Quinn, adopted and approved Resolution No. 1907, alternative no. 2. , rescinding Resolution No. 1898 and designating the compensation for District employees during Fiscal Year 2004/2005, by the following roll call vote:

AYES:        Directors Quinn, Furst and Chair Faltings (3)

NOES:        Directors Kamena and Turner (2)

ABSENT:  None (0)


      6.3 operating and capital improvement budget for fiscal year 2004/2005

General Manager Barry reported to the Board on the status of the development of the District’s budget.  Adoption of the Preliminary Budget had taken place at the June 30 Special Board Meeting.  That budget did not include the State proposal for an additional property tax shift of $1.3 million. The final budget would need to be balanced with the additional ERAF shift. General Manager Barry presented proposed measures to balance the final budget that included the $1.3 additional ERAF shift, as well as a revised Capital Development Plan. General Manager Barry’s proposed measures include:  a) Not hiring additional Robert Livermore Community Center (RLCC) front counter staff; b)  Reducing RLCC front counter hours of operation; c) Delay RLCC lap pool opening until April; d) Reduce water usage in parks; e) Reduce mowing schedule in parks; f) Fill vacant full time positions with part time designated positions; g) Do not fill one future vacant full time park maintenance position (retirement); h) Eliminate landscape maintenance contract for some parks; i) Lay-off several full time positions; j) Offer an early retirement program; k) Reduce services and supplies; l) Joint effort and cost-sharing measures with other agencies; m) Delay opening of the RLCC until January of 2005.           


      Barry reported that even with the implementation of these measures, the District would still be out of balance by $380,000-$480,000.  Choices to address that shortfall could include:  a) Taking funds from reserves; b) Laying-off 6-7 more full time staff; c) Offering an early retirement program to additional staff; d) An across-the-board reduction in pay and work hours for full time staff.


Public comment was received from:

1.   Rebecca Hudson, Allison Circle, Livermore.  Ms. Hudson spoke in favor of retaining as many programs for children as possible, especially the District’s nature programs.

2.   Beth Wilson, Bluebell Court, Livermore.  Ms. Wilson spoke on behalf of retaining the staff and programs in the regional parks.

3.   Jan Gollaher, Xavier Way, Livermore and LARPD employee. Ms. Gollaher addressed the Board regarding the budget situation.  She indicated that many residents of Livermore had no concept of what was going on; for years LARPD staff had tried to cover the loss of revenue in the best way they knew how in order to keep the people in Livermore from feeling the pain of those cuts.  Ms. Gollaher suggested that perhaps a delay in the opening of the RLCC would get the public’s attention regarding the impacts to the District from budget cuts.  She additionally asked the Board to support the employees. 

4.   Adam LaWinter, Livermore, member of Granada cross country team, who trained at Sycamore Grove Park, asked the Board to fund maintenance and personnel at the park so that it would remain open and running.

5.   Mike Gollaher, Xavier Way, Livermore, addressed the Board on the proposed LARPD staff reduction.  Mr. Gollaher stated that experienced staff was the District’s most valuable asset.  He stated that the Board needed to send a message to the public, that due to budget cuts, the RLCC would not open.


Director Furst asked the Board to consider cuts to the Board travel budget and to the amount of stipend received by the Directors for attendance at meetings.  Director Turner agreed with Director Furst’s proposal for reduction of the Directors’ travel budget.  He stated opposition to the District’s committee structure and proposed eliminating committees and holding discussions at Board meetings. Director Turner asked that the committee structure item be agendized for Board consideration.  Director Turner additionally proposed that the District look at closing Camp Shelley.  Director Quinn indicated her opposition for eliminating the committee structure.  


Chair Faltings initiated discussion on the capital improvement portion of the budget, with the Directors providing direction to staff on specific revisions to the capital improvement budget to be presented for consideration at the August 11 Board meeting.


Public comment on the capital improvement budget was received from:


a.   Jerry Griffith, M Street, Livermore.  Mr. Griffith stated his concerns about the Board spending money on facilities that accommodated only a small portion of Livermore residents.  He indicated that he believed that the money would be better spent on projects that served the majority.  He asked the Board how much revenue would be generated by placing a cover over the equestrian center arena, in relation to what the cover would cost.  Mr. Griffith suggested that money needed to be spent on reducing facility operating costs and public safety items.  He further suggested that an outside entity might be the best way to get an open-minded prioritization of the capital improvement projects.



7.1    call for nominations for california special districts association board of directors

         No action was taken by the Board.


7.2    scottish games event report

Senior Recreation Supervisor Carlson presented a staff recommendation for continuation of the Scottish Games event in 2005 with certain procedural changes in those event operation areas needing improvement.


Public comment was received from:

a.   Kris Anderson;

b.   Malcolm Carden.


Chair Faltings asked for Board action on the question of whether or not to continue the games in 2005.  On motion by Director Turner, seconded by Director Furst, supported the staff recommendation to stage the 2nd annual LARPD Tri-Valley Scotian League and  Celtic Celebration in 2005, passing 5-0.



8.1.   robert livermore community center project status report:

         General Manager Barry reported that Overaa Construction continued working on finishing the building and swimming pools.  Staff was continuing to work with the contractor on areas of differences regarding the time of project completion. 


9.   COMMITTEE REPORTS:  Board received reports on the twelve committees attended since the Regular Meeting of June 10, 2004, as follows: Facilities, Program, Budget, Personnel, Intergovernmental, Community Center, Master Plan, Alameda County Special Districts Association, Community Gardens, Downtown Inc., ESS PAC, Ravenswood Progress League.



a.   Director Turner announced that he would be running for re-election.

b.   Director Quinn announced that she would be running for re-election.



a.   General Manager Barry informed the Board that he would schedule his personnel evaluation with the Board for a meeting after adoption of the budget.


Meeting recessed at 9:40 p.m.


12. EXECUTIVE SESSION: Meeting convened to Executive Session at  9:50 p.m.


13. RECONVENE TO OPEN SESSION:  Meeting reconvened to Open Session at 10:08 p.m.


14. REPORT OF ACTION TAKEN IN EXECUTIVE SESSION:  Chair Faltings reported that no action was taken by the Board in Executive Session.


15. ADJOURNMENT:  Meeting adjourned at 10:08 p.m.








                                                                                    Chair, Board of Directors






General Manager and ex-officio

Clerk to the Board of Directors