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Springtown Open Space Concept Plan

Current status (updated 1/18/18): At the Oct. 25 Board meeting, the Board received a presentation from consultants RRM Design Group, who pointed out revisions that were made in the Concept Plan as a result of direction given by the Board at the Sept. 11 Special Board meeting concerning the Plan. The Board took public comment, discussed the plan and voted to recommend it to the City Council. The Council received a presentation of the plan and received public comment on Dec. 11, 2017.  The Council unanimously voted in favor of the plan.  The next step is to form a sub-committee between the City and LARPD to work on funding options and phasing, led by the City.   


Springtown Open Space Final Concept Plan



Conceptual Plans presented at the July 25, 2017, public meeting:






The following reports are from the City of Livermore and may provide some background and context for this project. For additional information, please visit the City's website at: