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Brushy Peak

Brushy Peak Regional Preserve

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Size: 507 acres
Hours: open by guided tour only

Upcoming Tour Dates:
April 22, 2017
May 20, 2017
Sept. 9, 2017

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Special tours for groups may be available for a fee. Call 925-960-2400 for more information.

General information

A prominent landmark from both the Livermore Valley and the Central Valley, Brushy Peak has drawn people to its slopes for hundreds of years. It is considered a sacred place by Native American people.

From the peak you can look out across the Central Valley toward the Sierra Nevada mountains. Sandstone rock formations dot the area and come in fascinating shapes. They are home to many species. Colorful lichens cover their surfaces, birds nest on them and a variety of creatures live in the rainwater that collects in the depressions in the rock. 

The preserve is home to several endangered and threatened species including red-legged frogs, California tiger salamander and two species of fairy shrimp. Other species such as golden eagles, horned larks, ground squirrels, fence lizards and coyotes are often seen.

The site has a number of sensitive features — the rocks have a soft surface and are easily impacted by people climbing on them; lichens are easily dislodged by people climbing and grow back very slowly; birds that nest on the ground and on the rocks can be disturbed by people in the area during nesting season. To protect this special place so that all can continue to experience its full beauty, the special protection area is open by guided tour only.

Brushy Peak Preserve is operated in cooperation with the East Bay Regional Park District which owns and manages an adjacent portion of the preserve. This area is located on the south slope of the peak and is open daily. Access is from a staging area at the end of Laughlin Road. Contact the East Bay Regional Park District for more information on this portion of the preserve.

Know before you go

Public Tours – Public tours for individuals and families are listed on the "Outdoor Recreation" pages of the LARPD Classes and Programs brochure.

Group Tours – Scheduled by special arrangement for groups. Dependent on staff availability. Call the ranger office at 925-960-2400 for more information.

Pets – Due to the sensitive nature of this site, no pets are allowed.

Days of operation – The preserve is open by guided tour only.

Contact the rangers – If you have questions for the rangers you can call the ranger office at 925-960-2400 or can reach them by email.