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Geocaching in LARPD

GPS deviceIn keeping with its goal of providing opportunities for safe recreational activities, LARPD has created a geocaching policy to encourage and regulate this popular outdoor activity.

What is geocaching? Geocaching is an adventure activity for people who use hand-held global positioning satellite devices (GPS). This device, along with a set of coordinates, enables the user to locate hidden caches around the world. There are probably many trails in your area with geocaches on them; you have probably passed them while out hiking or biking.

The cache itself can come in many forms depending on the person who hides it.  The one thing you will find in all caches is a logbook to chronicle the adventure of getting to the cache and to see what others had to say before you.

Since early 2000, when geocaching began to evolve, park managers have been concerned about the impacts this activity can cause. Social trails leading to caches are being inadvertently created in our open space parks. Because social trails aren’t planned and placed using appropriate design methods, once they have been formed they can cause erosion due to the ground being stripped of vegetation. Inappropriately placed trails may also harm natural resources, degrade natural features and cause undue stress to wildlife.  Additional problems have occurred in our neighborhood facilities with unmarked caches being mistaken for explosives or being placed in areas that created maintenance and safety issues.

LARPD supports geocaching in our facilities and parklands and recognizes the popularity of this activity. The District has developed a policy regarding placement of caches within LARPD facilities and parklands to minimize their impact on the environment as well as staff and other park visitors. In this way we hope to insure a fun, safe and environmentally sensitive activity for geocachers for years to come.

People interested in placing caches in LARPD facilities or parklands need to read LARPD’s Geocaching Policy and submit a Geocaching Permit Application.

For more information regarding geocaching, please visit and let the adventure begin.  For questions on caches in LARPD facilities and parklands, please contact District staff at 925-960-2400.


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