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Stadiums and Equestrian Arenas at Robertson Park

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Stadiumarena and stadium
Park Information

Two large arenas for show and/or warm-up sites are available for public use. Arenas can be reserved separately from, or in conjunction with, the stadium. Both arenas have a built-in watering system, which allows for easy dust control. The 300-by-150-foot covered show arena, with special footing specifically designed for the comfort and safety of horses, seats up to 300 spectators. The adjacent 270-by-140-foot practice arena provides an additional warm-up area.

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equestrian areaRental Information

Drop-in Use
Covered and Practice Equestrian arenas are available for drop-in use if no events are scheduled. Drop-in fee is $5 per day.

Equestrian Monthly Use Calendar -- Subject to change. Call 925-373-5703 for more information.

Admissions and Concession Fees
If there is a charge for admission and/or concessionaires are used, add 20% gross receipts collected. Community Nonprofit groups will not be charged, unless any individual makes private gain.

Charges for parking:

Community Nonprofit: add 25% gross receipts collected
Resident: add 50% gross receipts collected
Nonresident/Nonprofit: add 50% gross receipts collected
Nonresident: add 50% gross receipts collected

Straw Removal
Renter is responsible for removing all straw or bedding material.

RFP for Robertson Park Equestrian Center Marketing Plan
The District is seeking proposals for a comprehensive marketing plan for Robertson Park Equestrian facilities. View the detailed RFP and accompanying documents.