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Stadiums and Equestrian Arenas at Robertson Park

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Stadiumarena and stadium
Park Information

Two large arenas for show and/or warm-up sites are available for public use. Arenas can be reserved separately from, or in conjunction with, the stadium. Both arenas have a built-in watering system, which allows for easy dust control. The 300-by-150-foot covered show arena, with special footing specifically designed for the comfort and safety of horses, seats up to 300 spectators. The adjacent 270-by-140-foot practice arena provides an additional warm-up area.

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equestrian areaRental Information

Drop-in Use
Covered and Practice Equestrian arenas are available for drop-in use if no events are scheduled. Drop-in fee is $5 per day.

Equestrian Monthly Use Calendar -- Subject to change. Call 925-373-5703 for more information.
ALERT: In preparation of the 100th Livermore Rodeo anniversary, LARPD will not be accepting any more rental applications for the Rodeo Grounds, including the Covered Arena, from April to June 2018. Please join us the second weekend in June for the 100th Livermore Rodeo at Robertson Park Stadium!

Admissions and Concession Fees
If there is a charge for admission and/or concessionaires are used, add 20% gross receipts collected. Community Nonprofit groups will not be charged, unless any individual makes private gain.

Charges for parking:

Community Nonprofit: add 25% gross receipts collected
Resident: add 50% gross receipts collected
Nonresident/Nonprofit: add 50% gross receipts collected
Nonresident: add 50% gross receipts collected

Straw Removal
Renter is responsible for removing all straw or bedding material.

RFP for Robertson Park Equestrian Center Marketing Plan
The District is seeking proposals for a comprehensive marketing plan for Robertson Park Equestrian facilities. View the detailed RFP and accompanying documents.