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Open Turf/Sports Fields at Robertson Park

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Open TurfTurf Information
Open turf area is a large 3.5 acre field approximately 450 ft. x 300ft.. There are a limited number of picnic tables spaced around the perimeter, with an individual sized BBQ near several of the tables. Restrooms are available with rentals.

Reservation may be made up to one year in advance at the LARPD office. Robertson Park Turf rental requires a payment in full at time of reservation.

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Map and directions

Rental Information

Admissions and Concession Fees
If there is a charge for admission, and/or concessionaires are used, add 20% gross receipts collected. Community Non-Profit groups will not be charged, unless any individual makes private gain.

Charges for parking:

Community Non-Profit add 25% gross receipts collected
Resident add 50% gross receipts collected
Non-resident/Non-Profit add 50% gross receipts collected
Non-resident add 50% gross receipts collected