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LARPD Bicycle Motocross

BMX in actionThe Livermore Area Recreation and Park District Bicycle Motocross (BMX) course at William J. (Bill) Payne Sports Park on Patterson Pass Road, at Vasco Road, is open weekdays for use by all who abide by the posted rules.

LARPD no longer offers organized programs, but the course is open to drop-in use. The City of Pleasanton operates a course, as well.

Livermore BMX Course Rules

This track facility is built for bicycle use only, and is extremely dangerous to riders if used in any other manner. Please Note: Any motorized bike or vehicle use at this facility is strictly prohibited per District and City codes and regulations. Any violation could result in a warrant citation and fine.

Due to the safety nature and track destruction motorized vehicles/motorcycles can cause, your assistance in reporting any such violation is appreciated. Contact the Livermore Police Department directly at 925-371-4987.