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Dog Parks

LARPD has five park facilities with areas where a dog may be off leash. These areas are perfect for training, exercise, catch or frolicking. Each dog run area is fenced and includes a water spigot. Please conserve water.

Bruno Canziani
South Charlotte Way
The 49,000-square-foot fenced run is on the east side of the street, two blocks south of East Avenue.

Marlin A. Pound
2010 Bluebell Drive
This fenced run is on the west side of Bluebell Drive, between Buckskin and Shetland Roads. This dog park features separate areas for large and small dogs.

Max Baer Park
1310 Murdell Lane
At the southeast corner of the park between the softball fields and Mendenhall Middle School, there is a fenced dog area of approximately 28,000 square feet.

May Nissen Park
685 Rincon Ave.
The approximately 15,000-square-foot fenced dog run is located behind the library and picnic area.

Vista Meadows Park
2450 Westminster Way
Follow the paved path up the hill from the play area and just over the crest to a nearly 39,000-square-foot fenced grassy hillside where your dog is allowed off leash.

Robertson Park Meadow
3200 Robertson Park Road
Off-leash use is allowed only during park hours except during permitted events.

  1. All dogs must be leashed when not on the Meadow.
  2. All dogs must be obedient to recall. If your dog does not return immediately to your call, keep it leashed.
  3. All dogs must be attended by their owners at all times. If your dog is on the Meadow, you must be on the Meadow.
  4. Carry a leash for each dog in your care. Limit: three dogs per person.
  5. No unattended children are permitted in the off-leash area.
  6. All dogs must be licensed and current on vaccinations.
  7. Do not use the Meadow if your dog is aggressive, unruly or in heat. 
  8. Pick up your dog’s droppings and dispose of them in the receptacles.  

LARPD is not responsible for injury or illness to dogs or owners.
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