Hagemann Neighborhood Park

 Hagemann Park

Hagemann Neighborhood Park
459 Olivina Ave.
7.2 acres
Contains tot lot, group picnic area, barbecue pits, picnic tables and soccer fields.

Originally major pasture for the Mission of San Jose, the land became public in 1835. Juan Pablo Bernal bought the land in 1848 and Martin Mendenhall was known to have lived here in 1852. The site was sold to August Hagemann in 1892 and he leased it to H.O. Ruter until 1916, when the Herbert Hagemann family took up residence. The house on the property is the oldest in Livermore, having been built in 1848 to house the workers who rode the range and herded the cattle. In the early 1860-70s a brick yard operated on the slopes of the hill. The original park was constructed by Tom Therp Contractor Inc. of Dublin and John J. Buranis Construction Inc. of Livermore for a cost of $133,972. One of the soccer fields is named in memory of Jim Kline who was very active in soccer coaching and refereeing from 1979-84. He headed the St. Michael's Soccer Club, was a founder of the Girls' Soccer Club and played on some adult leagues. His widow, Delma Kline, has served on the LARPD Personnel Commission from August 1973 - January 2001.