Holdener Park


Holdener Park is the District's newest open space facility. Nestled into a corner of the foothills, the park offers a bit of wilderness for the residents of its nearby neighborhoods. With a multi-use trail running along the base of the hills, the park is a key element along the South Livermore Valley Trail system. Connected by other trail segments, the park's trail connects Marina Avenue with Arroyo Road and beyond. Holdener Park's grassland and oak woodland areas are home to many birds, reptiles and small mammals, as well as many native wildflowers, bunch grasses and blue oaks.

LARPD accepted a grant deed of this beautiful property from Hans and Karen (Holdener) Zumbach in 2003. The Holdener family operated a dairy in Livermore from 1931 to 1980. The land had previously been owned by Lewis Lawson, a close friend of the Holdener and Zumbach families. In 2005, LARPD named the land Holdener Park, fulfilling Lawson’s wish to honor the Holdener family.

The District held an official park dedication on April 5, 2008, where the following poem was read:

Holdener Park

Cowboys and horses, cattle cars,

Eight room hotel, belly-up bars.

Dry Goods Mart, with rough wooden floor,

In 19th century Livermore.

Hay burners gone, like a mirage,

Duarte's Lincoln Highway garage.

Silent movies on silver screen,

Max Baer training to fight "champeen."

Dublin grade with suicide lane,

Old Altamont, a two way pain.

Biggest bargain, cash and carry,


Fast chute action, Rodeo high,

World class cowpokes, make cowgirls sigh.

Here comes a hundred housing tracts.

Soon gone the deer with six point racks.

Just like locusts, and other blights.

A thousand swarm of city lights.

The moon, the stars, and planets fade,

We crave what Mother Nature made.

So turn me South, Arroyo Road,

A piece of Heaven's been bestowed.

Into our eye, returns a spark,

Please welcome now, HOLDENER PARK !!!!

—Rick Nickison