Karl Wente Neighborhood Park

Karl Wente

1455 Kingsport Ave.
3.38 acres
Opened 1977
Contains tot lot and picnic tables.

Named for the third generation of the Wente family to run the Wente Bros. Winery on Tesla Road. He died at age 49 (June 21, 1927-Jan. 22, 1977). He was the first Zone 7 Water Conservation District board chairman, a member of the original Valley Memorial Hospital Board of Directors, and had been chairman of the State Colleges and Universities board of trustees. He served on the boards of the California Wine Institute, California State Automobile Association, California Water Service Co., Bank of America and Pacific Gas and Electric Co. He was grandson of winery founder Herman Wente and the son of Ernest Wente. His wife was Jean Wente and his children were Eric, Philip and Carolyn Wente.