Marlin Pound Neighborhood Park
(formerly North Livermore, renamed September, 2003)

North Livermore

2010 Bluebell Drive
9 acres
Opened 1980

Park is named for Marlin A. Pound, who served on the Livermore Area Recreation and Park District's Board of Directors for 32 years (1968-2000). This is the longest of any of our board members.

An advocate of community participation and involvement in facility design, the District increased in size from 10 to 40 facilities during Pound's tenure. Among those facilities were Sycamore Grove Park and Ravenswood Historic Site, the development of Robertson Park, the Equestrian Center Master Plan Committee and the expansion of many LARPD programs.

Pound served on both the California and National Recreation Associations and received the Outstanding State Board Member Award for Leadership in recreation and park programs.

He was a founding board member of both the State Self-Insured Worker's Compensation and Liability Insurance Programs for Park Districts, which have saved LARPD and other districts many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This nine acres was designated a park in 1975 and dedicated as North Livermore Neighborhood Park in 1980. The initial four acres were developed between 1977-80 with the cooperation and assistance of the neighborhood and the Livermore Jaycees. In 1984 Citation Builders donated $30,000 for improvements to the original tot-lot.

As the surrounding land developed, the park grew to the west and access was opened via Springtown Boulevard and a bicycle and pedestrian trail linked it to Altamont Creek. A new play area, shade structure, basketball court, paths, landscaping and irrigation were completed in June, 1992 at a cost of $442,000.

A backstop, enclosed dog park and additional landscaping and irrigation, worth $200,000, are planned for 2004.