Robertson Community Park - A Special Use Park

Robertson park

3200 Robertson Park Road
133 acres
Opened 1966

Robertson Park play structureBricks at Robertson park synthetic turf fieldsRibbon cutting at Robertson Park synthetic turf fieldsRobertson Park synthetic turf field

NEW! View this video of construction of the now-complete synthetic turf fields!

Thank you to Arroyo Clean-Up Day volunteers!

Rules for off-leash Meadow, posted at Robertson Park:

Off-leash use is allowed only during park hours except during permitted events.

  1. All dogs must be leashed when not on the Meadow.
  2. All dogs must be obedient to recall.  If your dog does not return immediately to your call, keep it leashed.
  3. All dogs must be attended by their owners at all times.  If your dog is on the Meadow, you must be on the Meadow.
  4. Carry a leash for each dog in your care.  Limit: two dogs per person.
  5. No unattended children are permitted in the off-leash area.
  6. All dogs must be licensed and current on vaccinations.
  7. Do not use the Meadow if your dog is aggressive, unruly or in heat. 
  8. Pick up your dog’s droppings and dispose of them in the receptacles.  

LARPD is not responsible for injury or illness to dogs or owners.
Comments: 925-373-5700 or e-mail

Robertson Park Master Plan information

Contains group picnic area, picnic tables, soccer fields, riding arenas/stadium, horse trails, hiking/bicycle trails, restrooms, horseshoe pits and softball areas. The 4-acre fenced dog park Meadow offers two water stations for dogs. The Meadow is situated between the arroyo and the synthetic turf field. Coming in Fall 2015, LARPD plans to install play structures for dogs.

77 acres were purchased from the Tobin family, who asked that the park be named for their relative, Dr. John Robertson, an early Livermore physician and founder of the Livermore Sanitarium (College Avenue and L St.).

In 1967 LARPD used $250,000 from the city to buy 12 more acres from the Calderia Family to provide high ground for the rodeo stadium (replacing the condemned facility on Pacific Avenue).

In the early 1980s the Livermore Valley Rotary Club helped LARPD and the Rodeo Association provide stadium night lights.

The park grew to its current size with land from the City of Livermore and from two small acquisitions.

The 1987 passage of Proposition G, the Gann tax override measure, provided the $2.2 million to build the soccer complex on the southeast side. It opened September 1993.

The $207,000 Equestrian Center Phase I was dedicated Oct. 30, 1993.

LARPD and the City of Livermore opened their joint-Maintenance Service Center on the park's northeast side on Oct. 27, 1992. LARPD paid 38 percent of the $7.8 million cost and the City of Livermore paid 62 percent - based on percentage of use of the 52,400-square-foot facility.

The two softball fields at the corner of South Livermore Avenue and Concannon Boulevard were named for former LARPD Board Member Ernie Rodrigues on May 17, 2003. Rodrigues served on the board for 24 years (1976-92, 1994-2002).