Sunken Gardens Neighborhood Park

sunken garden park

Sunken Gardens 3800 Pacific Ave.
8.5 acres
Land acquired by LARPD in 1959
Skate park: dedicated March, 2001

This was the first piece of land that the LARPD Board bought. The purchase was from home builder Roy Jensen for $8,500 ($1,000 per acre). Over the years, many things have been proposed for the site, including a rodeo grounds.

In the late 1980s, LARPD master planned a Senior Services Center for the site. But, in November, 1990 a bond measure to pay for it (as well as improvements to Robertson Park and a Robert Livermore Community Center) was turned down by voters.

A master plan for the neighborhood park was completed in 2000. It included a skate park, dog park, turf, a tot lot and pathways.

Beginning in 1998, LARPD created a committee of citizens (including persons aged 14-25) to work on the creation of the skate park. Architect Zach Wormhoudt met twice with committee members in early 1999 to determine desirable skate park features, gathering firsthand input from skaters through forms and shapes that they molded in clay.

Ground was broken in late-August, 2000 on the $281,333 project (including $245,000 in construction, $21,000 for the architect and $15,000 for required soil tests and maps) and the skaters were first permitted on the fresh concrete on Jan. 13, 2001. The skate park was dedicated on Saturday, March 10, 2001.

The City of Livermore helped fund this phase with $205,000 from its 1999-00 budget.
In February, 2001 the LARPD Board of Directors authorized additional improvements, including asphalt trail connections, pathways, gravel edging, benches, a water fountain, fencing, turf and a parking lot.

In July, 2003 the District sought bids on the additional work, plus street improvements. Construction began in late 2003.