William J. (Bill) Payne Sports Park

map to Bill payne Sports part

5800 Patterson Pass Road
17 acres

Phase I contains two baseball fields, a soccer field and a BMX course.

Once part of the immense Rancho de Las Positas, this land grew wheat and hay for George May for several decades, beginning in 1864. The land was idle when Signature Properties bought it in the late 1980s. It took more than 10 years for a ground water contamination problem to be resolved, for it to be deeded to the Livermore Area Recreation and Park District and for development plans to be approved.

Construction on the 14 acres of park land began in September 2000, was snagged a few months later when workmanship fell short, then resumed with a new contractor.

Phase I, $1.2 million worth of work, was dedicated May 11, 2002. Paving of most of the parking lot was finished in early 2003. A third phase, including restrooms, a tot lot, a storage area, walk ways, and additional irrigation and landscaping, is planned.

The park is named for William J. (Bill) Payne who worked for LARPD for 28 years, 25 of these as general manager.

Payne came to the District as Assistant General Manager in 1965, when the District had but 15 employees and an annual budget under $1 million to serve the community's 30,000 population. His first duties were to oversee the completion of the Granada High School swimming pool, and the design and construction of Almond Avenue and Al Caffodio parks.

Payne was General Manager from 1968-1993. During that time the District staff grew to 48 full-time workers and as many as 200 part-time workers, with an annual budget of $10 million.