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Services for students

LARPD works with families to broaden their children’s educational experience, starting from as young as toddlers up to teenagers. The District offers Preschool classes that parents can enjoy with their children as well as pre-kindergarten classes for those almost ready to enter school. The District’s ESS (Extended Student Services) programs offer before- and after-school care for elementary school students. Middle school students can also take advantage of the PAL before and after school.

Ongoing activities

Throughout the year, youth can get involved with a range of classes and programs on subjects of all sorts. Youth arts and crafts classes offer drawing, sewing, sketching and painting. Youth dance classes are available for ballet, tap, jazz, hula, hip-hop and even break dancing. Youth sports programs offer a chance to learn basketball, volleyball, football soccer, golf, baseball, BMX, tennis, gymnastics, tumbling and trampoline. Youth also can learn the martial arts of Tae Kwon Do, Brazilian Jujitsu, Aikido and Judo. Other special interest classes are available for youth year-round.

Summer camps

During the summer, children and teenagers can participate in a number of week-long day camps that focus on themes such as nature, cooking, horses, science, Spanish, music, art, education and more. Summer Nature Camps feature the topics of plants and animals and park secrets. A five-day, four-night trip to LARPD’s Camp Shelly at Lake Tahoe is also open to 12- to 15-year-olds.

Science camps highlight robotics, anatomy, outer space and chemistry, among other topics. Kids looking to get in touch with their creative side can join camps on rock music, musical performance, mixed media art and creative writing. Sports buffs can get in on the action with camps that feature golf, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, baseball and football.

For more details on LARPD’s offerings for youth, check out our Brochure or call 925-373-5700.