Summer Week 1

Week 1: June 13 - 19

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Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4* Week 5
6/13-6/17 6/20-6/24 6/27-7/1 7/5-7/8* 7/11-7/15
Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10
7/18-7/22 7/25-7/29 8/1-8/5 8/8-8/12 8/15-/19

*No Program Monday, July 4

Day Camps 

Pre-Care | LARPD Summer Camp | Superhero Week 
LARPD Staff 

Pre-care gives you the ability to drop off early each day of camp for the week registered. This pre-care will take place at the Robert Livermore Community Center.   

Days Time Res / NR Location
M-F 7:30a-8:30a $50 / $55 RLCC
Course # Dates Ages
9901.200 (Pre-Care) 6/13-6/17 6-12

LARPD Summer Camp | Superhero Week 
LARPD Staff 

Join our fun and energetic staff at Summer Camp 2022! This summer day camp is action-packed with traditional sports and games along with enrichment activities! Each week offers a new theme to add a fun twist to games, activities, and crafts. Please bring water, snacks, and lunch. Camp groups will be separated by age. Sign-in/out will be located at the Robert Livermore Community Center. **Drop-in is not available. Health order protocols will be followed.  

Days Time Res / NR Location
M-F 8:30a-1p  $189 / $207 RLCC
Course # Dates Ages
9815.200 6/13-6/17 6-12

Enrichment Camps

LARPD Around the World Craft Camp


Pack your bags and let's go exploring! As we cut, draw, paint, color, glitter, glue, and make crafts together, we'll explore a different country each day through interactive projects. All crafts will be geared towards our "travels" and the country we visit each day. Join us for a week of artistic creativity, exploring, and summertime craft fun! *Bring water and a snack

Days Time Res / NR Location
M-F 9a-12p $125/$138 RLCC
Course # Age Dates
9939.101 7-10 yrs 6/13-6/17

Sports Camps

Hots Shots Basketball Camp 
LARPD Sports Staff  

Have fun learning the game of basketball through dribbling, passing, shooting, and defense! These fundamentals of the game will be taught through a variety of drills and competitions, all while maintaining a fun and safe environment. Camps will be held in the gymnasium, current health orders will be followed. 

Hot Shots: 5 - 7 Years

Ages Days Res / NR Location
5-7 yrs W $70 / $77 RLCC Gym
Course # Dates Time
9728.200 6/15-6/29 3:15p-4p
9728.203 6/15-6/29 4:15p-5p

Hot Shots: 8-10 Years

Ages Days Res / NR Location
8-10 yrs W $70 / $77 RLCC Gym
Course # Dates Time
9729.200 6/15-6/29 3:15p-4p
9729.203 6/15-6/29 4:15p-5p

Hot Shots: 11-13 Years

Ages Days Res / NR Location
11-13 yrs W $70 / $77 RLCC Gym
Course # Dates Time
9730.201 6/15-6/29 5:15p-6p

Junior Tennis 
Arora Tennis 

Fun skill-building tennis drills that help students learn the basics while building confidence.  Camp will focus on rally contests, playing games, understanding the score, learning basic tennis rules, and end with a camp tournament. Students will be grouped by age and ability. Come learn a sport you can play for a lifetime! Camp welcomes beginner and intermediate levels. Please bring a tennis racket, a small snack, and plenty of liquids to drink.

Days Time Res / NR Age
M-F 9a-12p  $299 / $329 7-14
Course # Dates Location
9930.201 6/13-6/17 RLCC Tennis Courts

Tots and Rockets Tennis | RLCC 
Arora Tennis 

A fun start to summer break mornings! Players will learn basic tennis strokes and enjoy fun games. The emphasis of this camp is improving hand-eye coordination. A tennis racket is required.  The suggested kid-sized racket is 23 inches.  

Days Time Res /NR Location
M-F 8a-8:45a $99 / $109 RLCC Tennis Courts
Course # Dates Ages
9932.201 6/13-6/17 4-6 yrs

Track and Field | Skyhawks Sports Camp 
Skyhawks Sports  

Learn the fundamentals of body positioning, stride, proper stretching, and cool-down techniques. Track and field events include javelin, discus, shot put, hurdles, long jump, triple jump, and various running and relay events.

Days Time Res / NR Location
M-F 9a-12p  $99 / $109 Cayetano Park 
Course # Dates Ages
9760.201 6/13-6/17  7-12 yrs

STEM Camps 

Lego Robotics | Robots in Motion Camp
Engineering For Kids

Come learn the basic concept of robotics, automation, programming, and the Engineering Design Process. Working in pairs, with tablets and Legos, you will gain a hands-on understanding of how robots are designed and programmed. *$40 materials fee payable to the instructor on the first day of class.  

Days Time Res / NR Location
M-F 9a-12p  $243 / $267 RLCC
Course # Dates Ages
9614 6/13-6/17  5-8 yrs

Junior Chemical Engineering | Crazy Concoctions Camp
Engineering For Kids 

The Junior Chemical Engineering program introduces our youngest engineers to fundamental concepts of solids, liquids, and solutions. Students investigate the properties of several crazy concoctions and make their own samples of bubbles, play dough, flub, and more.  *$40 materials fee payable to the instructor on the first day of class.  

Days Time Res / NR Location
M-F 12:30p-3:30p  $243 / $267 RLCC
Course # Dates Ages
9613 6/13-6/17 5-8 years

Crazy Chemistry Camp
Mad Science 

These five half-days of chemistry are packed solid with cool reactions. We’ll explore and create exciting chemical reactions, make colorful concoctions and bubbling brews. Chemists will bring home a project each day. Hop on board the chemistry express this summer for a high-speed science experience! *$50 materials fee payable to the instructor on the first day of class.

Days Time Res / NR Location
M-F 9a-12p  $353 / $388 RLCC
Course # Dates Ages
9707.201 6/13-6/17 6-11 years