2022 Winter Spring Camps

Below are the camps offered during the LVJUSD school breaks. To register, call (925) 373-5700 or Register Online.

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Winter Break Camps (1/3-1/6)

LARPD Camps 

Pee Wee Winter Break Camp


Join us for lots of fun at our Pee Wee Winter Break Camp! We will be providing your little one with 3 days of fun, in a safe and social environment! For ages 3 and a half - 5 years old, we will introduce your young one to camp games, activities, and sports! Please remember to pack water, snack, as well as extra clothes for your young one. For more information, please email or call Recreation Coordinator Tommy Cook (925-373-5731, tcook@larpd.org).

*Children must be potty-trained in order to participate.

*Parents shall only be present for drop off and pick up.

Days Time Res / NR Location
Tu-Fr 9:00a -12p $140/$154 RLCC
Course # Age Dates
2097.101 3.5-5 1/3-1/6

LARPD Winter Break Camp


Join us for our 4-day Winter Break Camp this Fall! Our Winter Break Camp will include various sports and camp games and Winter Themed arts & crafts! For more information, please contact Recreation Coordinator Tommy Cook at 925-373-5731/tcook@larpd.org.

Days Time Res / NR Location
Tu-Fr 8:30a -1p $154/$169 RLCC
Course # Age Dates
2006.301 6-12 1/3-1/6

STEM Camps

Little Medical School - Little Wilderness Camp

Little Medical School Staff

Join Little Medical School and discover the exciting world of Wilderness Medicine! Explore STEM concepts and gain valuable outdoor skills through interactive role-playing, crafts, and games. Topics include weather exposure emergencies, snake bites, and more! Material fee $20 payable to the instructor.*Children must be potty-trained to participate.

Days Time Res / NR Location
M-F 9a -12p $273/$298 RLCC
Course # Age Dates
9835 6-10 yrs 4/3-4/7

Spring Break Camps (4/3-7/7)

Cooking Camps

Celebrity Chefs

Cooking Round The World Staff

TV Network Celebrity chefs like Bobby Flay, Rachel Ray, Gordon Ramsey, Giada DeLaurentiis, and Ree Drummond have their signature dishes. We will recreate those dishes and learn how these TV chefs became stars during this special camp week! $100 (by check) pay to the instructor on the first day of camp

Age Days Time Location
6-12 M-F 9a - 1p RLCC
Course # Dates Res / NR
9340 4/3-4/7 $303/$333

Theater Camps

Spring Musical Theater Camp

Debra Knox

Come explore your creativity and performance abilities in this fun class culminating in a short performance during the last class! Songs, dance, and light dialogue to pop, Broadway, and children's songs will be enhanced with craft activities building confidence and team skills while creating a show!

Age Days Time Location
5-10 M-F 11a - 1p RLCC
Course # Dates Res / NR
9400.101 4/3-4/7 $328/$360

Sports Camps

Skyhawks Multi-Sport Camp

Skyhawks Staff

Multi-sport programs are designed to introduce young athletes to a variety of different sports in one setting. Athletes will learn the rules and essential skills of each sport, along with vital life lessons such as sportsmanship and teamwork.

Days Time Res / NR Location
M-F 9a -12p $215/$236 RLCC
Course # Age Dates
2811.101 7-12 yrs 4/3-4/7

Nature Camps

Spring Nature Camp

LARPD Ranger Staff

Calling all nature lovers! Join us at Spring Nature Camp during one of the most beautiful and fun times of year at Sycamore Grove Park. See birds building nests, hunt for ladybugs in the grass, and stop to smell the wildflowers all while learning about the natural world around us through age-appropriate programs and activities.

Age Days Time Location
7-10 M-F 9am - 3pm SGP
Course # Dates Res / NR
9600 4/3-4/7 $290/$319

LARPD Camps 

LARPD Spring Break Camp


Join us for our LARPD Sports Camp over Spring Break! With an extension of our popular Summer Camp, we will provide an environment for your child to be active and have fun! We will be playing various sports & fun activities throughout the camp, and creative crafts for your child to enjoy! Please bring water, snacks, and lunch. Sign-in/out will be located at the Robert Livermore Community Center. For more information, please contact the Sports team at sports@larpd.org or 925-373-5731).

Days Time Res / NR Location
M-F 8:30a -1p $200/$220 RLCC
Course # Age Dates
9815 6-12 4/3-4/7