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9/11/23 Sycamore Grove Park is Open: Current Trail Status

UPDATED 9/11/23: Sycamore Grove Park is currently open to the public.

We will keep you posted as we complete repairs to each area. Thank you for your patience and interest in our Open Space parks.

Please Note: The paved path is now reopened after a reroute. 

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Open Trails / Areas:

  • Wetmore Parking Lot
  • Arroyo Parking lot
  • Arroyo Del Valle Regional Trail (paved path)
  • Winery Loop Trail
  • Dry Creek Trail
  • Nature Area
  • Olivina Crossing (South of Paved Path)
  • Kingfisher Crossing (South of Paved Path)
  • Walnut Trail
  • Sycamore Trail
  • Magpie Nature Loop
  • Wagon Loop Trail (Upper Sycamore)
  • Quail Run Trail (Upper Sycamore)
  • Meadowlark Trail (Upper Sycamore)
  • Cattail Pond Loop (Upper Sycamore)
  • Harrier Trail (Upper Sycamore)
  • Valley View (Upper Sycamore)

Closed Trails / Areas

These trails have been washed away into the Arroyo Del Valle

  • Kingfisher Crossing (North of Paved Path)
  • Olivina Crossing (North of Paved Path)