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Homeschool Nature Programs

Park Ranger with youth walking in a line

Weekday Nature Programs, Great For Homeschool Kids

LARPD Open Space offers weekday ranger-led programs for school age kids: Sycamore Science Camp geared towards ages 4 to 9 and Junior Rangers for ages 9 to 12.  Listed below are our offerings for Fall 2022.

Sycamore Science Camp (Ages 4-9)

Sycamore Science Camp: Oceans

From the smallest of plankton to the biggest of whales, a whole world of wildlife awaits us under the sea! Join us for four weeks at Sycamore Grove Park as we explore the vastness of the ocean, its rich biodiversity, our connections to it, and why it’s more important than ever to protect it. Meets weekly.

Location Res / NR
SGP-Picnic Area $50/$55
Ages Dates Days Time
REGISTER 4-5 9/8-9/29 Thurs 2:30-3:30p
REGISTER 6-7 9/7-9/28 Wed 2:30-3:30p
REGISTER 8-9 9/7-9/28 Wed 2:30-3:30p
REGISTER Mixed: 5-11 9/6-9/27 Tues 10:00-11:00a
REGISTER Mixed: 4-10 9/7-9/28 Wed 10:30-11:30a
REGISTER Mixed: 4-10 9/8-9/29 Thurs 10:30-11:30a

Sycamore Science Camp: Astronomy

Is there anything quite like looking up at the starry night sky? In this Sycamore Science Camp session, we’ll travel past the boundaries of our planet to explore the big wide universe. Constellations, planets, black holes and more await us among the stars! Meets weekly.

Location Res / NR
SGP-Picnic Area $50/$55
Ages Dates Days Time
REGISTER 4-5 10/27-11/17 Thurs 2:30-3:30p
REGISTER 6-7 10/26-11/16 Wed 2:30-3:30p
REGISTER 8-9 10/26-11/16 Wed 2:30-3:30p
REGISTER Mixed: 5-11 10/25-11/15 Tues 10:00-11:00a
REGISTER Mixed: 4-10 10/26-11/16 Wed 10:30-11:30a
REGISTER Mixed: 4-10 10/27-11/17 Thurs 10:30-11:30a

*New* Sycamore Science Camp Field Trips (Ages 4-9)

SSC Field Trip: Oceans

LARPD Ranger Staff

For the first time ever, Sycamore Science Camp will offer an optional SSC Field Trip, where Science Campers can join the LARPD Rangers for a special session at a new location that expands on the science camp theme.  Participants must be enrolled in the current Sycamore Science Camp. TO REGISTER: please contact the Rangers by calling the Ranger Office at (925) 960-2400 or at

SSC Field Trip: Oceans

Meet the Rangers at Pillar Point in Half Moon Bay to go tide pooling along California’s incredible coastline in this special Sycamore Science Camp Field Trip. We’ll get an up-close view of some of the amazing ecosystems and living things we’ve learned about during science camp.

Location Res / NR
Pillar Point, Half Moon Bay $38/$42
Dates Days Time
10/6 Thurs 1:00-4:00p
10/8 Sat 2:00-5:00p
10/21 Fri 1:00-4:00p

SSC Field Trip: Astronomy

Meet the Rangers at the park after dark for a special Sycamore Science Camp Field Trip. We’ll gather at the Wetmore Entrance to the park before walking out. Weather permitting, we should have a dark and clear sky to stargaze.

Location Res / NR
SGP-Wetmore Entrance $19/$21
Dates* Days Time
10/29 Sat 7:00-8:30p

*More dates TBD

Jr. Rangers (Ages 9-12)

Hiking, playing games, exploring nature, plus lots of fun for those who join up to be a Jr. Ranger. The program will meet every other week from September to December. Call 925-960-2400 for more information about the program or to get a copy of the proposed meeting schedule. First Meeting will be at the Sycamore Grove Park Reserved Picnic Area.

SGP-Reservable Picnic Area
Dates Days Time Res / NR
REGISTER 9/12-12/19 Mon 9a-2p $360/$390
REGISTER 9/19-12/12 Mon 10a-3p $315/$345