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Sycamore Science Camp

Park Ranger with youth walking in a line

Sycamore Science Camp

An education-based science program designed to engage your child, foster an appreciation for nature, and have FUN! Camps are held on Wednesdays in 4-week sessions with times specific to grade levels. All grades are from 2:30-3:30 p.m. For more information call 925-960-2400. Home school groups may contact for information.

Session 1: Weather

Wednesdays 9/1-9/22

Come and join us to learn all about weather and climate. From the water cycle, to different cloud types and changing climate we will talk about it all!


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REGISTER (Grades 3-4)

Session 2: Life Underground

Wednesdays 10/13-11/3

A lot of life happens where we can’t see it. Join us to learn all about life underground.


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REGISTER (Grades 3-4)

Session 3: Plants

Wednesdays 1/5-1/26

Come and join us to explore the wonderful world of plants. They provide food, shelter, medicine and even the air we breathe. Learn all about how people, animals and plants interact.


Session 4: Wonderful Wetlands

Wednesdays 2/16-3/9

Wetlands occur in many different types of habitats all around the Earth. Join us to learn all about our wonderful wetlands.


Session 5: Cryptozoology

Wednesdays 4/13-5/4

Come join us and talk about creatures that have tantalized the imagination of people for thousands of years. Do they exist or don’t they? From mountains to seas and everywhere in between these creatures are legendary and have influenced culture and history.