Adult Classes & Programs
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Adult Classes & Programs

NOTE: The classes listed below are currently unavailable due to restrictions put in place by the Alameda County Public Health Department health Order. Under normal conditions, the Livermore Area Recreation and Park District offers a wide variety of classes and programs for adults to explore.

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Recreation Guide

Arts & Crafts

Explore your creative side through painting, watercolor, wood carving and so much more; we have something for everyone. Classes are designed to meet your inner creative side, and allow you to explore your creative passion. Find a class that fits what you are looking for.


The Livermore Area Recreation and Park District offers a wide variety of different cooking classes. Our classes teach the basics of preparing, cooking, healthy nutrition, and how to follow recipes. These classes are fun and exciting, sometimes offering different themes throughout the season. Broaden your cooking ability and learn something new.

Computer Classes

In the 21st century, technology and computer software continues to evolve and grow. Brush up your computer skills by taking one of our interactive and user friendly computer classes, from Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher; these are all programs that require expert user ability. Class dates, and times vary.


Dancing is a great way to learn something new, have fun, and get fit. We offer a wide variety of dance classes for all genres, from Tango and Latin, to Ballroom, East Coast Swing, and Line Dancing; these are fun, interactive classes that you can do with a partner or by yourself.

Essential Oils

Learn how to use essential oils in a safe, effective, and efficient way. Discover how they work and the broad array of ways they can be used in your everyday living as a natural alternative in reducing toxins and supporting your health and wellness. 

Foreign Language

Students will develop vocabulary, grammatical knowledge, conversational, and reading skills. Each class will be theme-based, including learning the basics in a very fun, tactile, and visual manner. Visual aids and instructional objects will be used to help engage each student while learning.

Individual Education Program (IEP)

This course is designed for parents of students with IEP's, and focuses on all of the ins and outs of this very complex process. It applies to families with students ages 5-22, teaching the basics of an IEP, assessments, implementation, and classroom application. Discussion of your rights as a parent of a child with special needs, and help teach you to advocate for them.

Music and Instruments

The Livermore Area Recreation and Park District offers a wide variety of music and instrument classes for Adults of all ages. From basic introduction to orchestra and band playing; we have something for everyone. Explore your passion of the musical arts, and express yourself through musical sound. Class dates, times, and ages vary depending on the different class interests we offer.


Make big improvements in your photos. Uncover the mystery of light, composition, f-stops, and shutter speeds. Take different types of photos and use different lenses through cameras and cell phones. 

Safety Training

Want to learn how to recognize and respond when there is an emergency? We have the classes for you, from childcare to pet CPR, our classes will help prepare you to recognize, assess, and respond to many different types of emergency situations. Class options vary.

Telling a Story: Memoir and Fiction Writing

This class teaches the writing techniques used by pros to turn stories into page-turners. Non-fiction writers also benefit from mastering the art of storytelling. Classes consist of lecture, writing exercises, and class critiques of students writing.

Wood Carving

Beginning carvers start with a basic project using a carving knife and progress to a relief project using carious chisels and gouges. Students may bring in a project of their choice. Instructors work with each student to develop the skills needed to complete their project.