Equestrian Center

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3200 Robertson Park Road

Covered Arena
Summer Daily Drop-In
Sunday through Saturday
8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Livermore Area Recreation and Park District
Robert Livermore Community Center
Livermore Area Recreation and Park District
Facility Event Rentals
Equestrian Center at LARPD

Equestrian Center

** The Covered Arena is currently CLOSED for maintenance with the re-opening date to be determined. Please continue to check back here for updates.**

During World War I, in 1918, the American Red Cross was in need of funds, so California cities and towns were assessed $1200 each as a way of generating the needed money. John McGlinchey, who was president of the Livermore Stockman's Protective Association at the time, conceived the idea of holding a fundraiser in the form of a rodeo to raise the money. Jump forward to the future, the Equestrian Center was established and is owned and operated in partnership with the Livermore Stockman's Rodeo Association. These grounds include a Rodeo Stadium, Covered Arena, the Pole Barn, and two parking facilities. From April to the end of June each year, the Equestrian Center will be closed in preparation for the annual Livermore Rodeo, also known as the World's Fastest Rodeo which is held on the second weekend of June. Throughout the year, when the Equestrian Center is not being utilized in preparation for the annual Livermore Rodeo, this facility is available for rent and daily-drop in at the Covered Arena. Below is our rental process for each facility within the Equestrian Center, a calendar that shows you the Covered Arena's availability throughout the year, and the different facilities available for rent.

Covered Arena Daily Drop-In

The Covered Arena is open Sunday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. for Daily Drop-In; there is a fee of $5 per person or horse in The Covered Arena to use the facility.

Any group of 15 or more people or horses in The Covered Arena are required to rent the facility; please review our rental process below. Organized groups are not permitted to utilize this facility without contacting the Livermore Area Recreation and Park District and following our rental process; this will be strictly enforced. No obstacles are allowed during Daily Drop-In use.

Please review our Equestrian Calendar to ensure the facility is accepting Drop-Ins for the day and what time the Covered Arena will be opened. For more information or questions, please email outdoor_facility@larpd.org or contact 925-373-5700. If issues arise over a weekend, please contact the Parks Department at 925-382-3331.

Rental Process

Applications are accepted one (1) year in advance from your desired date, and are accepted on first-come-first-serve basis. To book and reserve a date, applicants are required to submit a completed and signed Equestrian Rental Application and refundable deposit. All other rental fees are due sixty (60) days prior to the event date. Applicants will be required to understand and follow the Facility Rental Rules and Regulations if they choose to rent with the Livermore Area Recreation and Park District. Class II insurance is required for all equestrian rentals. Rentals are not secure until a deposit has been submitted and a permit has been issued, this also applies to re-occuring rentals. 

Rental Application

Equestrian Rental Fees

Daily Fees
Rodeo Stadium Arena Only $500
Covered Arena - Full Day $400
Covered Arena - 1/2 Day, 4 hours: 8AM-12PM or 2PM-6PM (see additional fees for Arena prep)  $200
Pole Barn $150
Horseshoe Pits $15 per hour
Fire Pit $15 per hour
Stock Pens for Horses $20 a day per horse - no less than 10 pens
Stock Pens for Livestock & Cattle $750 a day
Bucking Chutes and Head Gates $1500 a day
Roping Chutes and Head Gates $250 a day
Overnight Parking $25 per vehicle per night
RV Hookups (6 spaces available) $35 per vehicle per night
Parking Lot Rental - Full Day $250 a day
Parking Lot Rental - Half Day (4 hours) $125 a day
Beer Booth $250 a day
Small Ticket Booth $250 a day
Secretary Booth $150 a day
Announcing Booth $250 a day
Concession Stand $100 each
Entire Equestrian Grounds (excluding chutes and pens) contact facilities@larpd.org for pricing
Entire Stadium Grounds (excluding Covered Arena/ pens / chutes) contact facilities@larpd.org for pricing
Additional Rental Fees
Covered Arena Refundable Deposit $200
Stadium Refundable Deposit $250
Pole Barn and Parking Lot Refundable Deposit $100
Liability Insurance *$200
Alcohol Serving Fee (5 hour max) $100**
Security Guards $29 per hour**
Portable Restroom LARPD may require additional restroom for large groups
Dumpster $200**
Covered Arena Prep - Half Day Rental  $100

* Liability Insurance Fee is subject to change and is determined and charged based on market rate.
** Additional Rental Fees may not be applicable to your rental; will be determined by District staff if they apply.

Rental Locations

Rodeo Stadium

Our Rodeo Stadium is the home to the World's Fastest Rodeo, located right here in Livermore and serves as an event center when the Rodeo is not in session. Perfect for corporate events, shows, and limited overnight RV parking. The stadium features animal stalls and chutes, rodeo arena for performances, and stadium seating for guests. There are six (6) electrical hookups that are perfect for RV's, and fresh running water if needed. Special restrictions apply with this facility and will be strictly enforced. This facility is available for rent throughout the year with limited terms and conditions. Maximum capacity is 10,000 people.

Covered Arena

The Covered Arena (300x150') is an ideal outdoor location perfect for equestrian and dog shows, featuring special footing specifically designed for the comfort and safety of horses. There are no lights at this facility, therefore, rental times are strictly enforced for the safety of the animals and individuals utilizing this facility. For weekend rentals, the Covered Arena will be closed the day before a rental to prep the grounds; gates to this facility will not open until the specified rental time. Renters will not have access to this facility unless prior rental arrangements have been made. For multiple rented days, a mid-day prep is included each day. An enclosed parking lot is also included with this rental. Livermore Area Recreation and Park District rules and regulations will be strictly enforced. When the Covered Arena is not being utilized for a private rental, it is open to the general public for drop-in use; a daily drop-in fee of $5 is charged per person who utilizes this facility. There are no public restroom facilities located in the Equestrian Center; a portable restroom is located near the Arena and a restroom facility is located at the park across the way. Maximum Capacity is 300 people.

Pole Barn

The Pole Barn (40x80') is a perfect outdoor covered space for vendors or renters. Sitting perfectly behind the Covered Arena, our Pole Barn features a concert base and steel covering. There is no lights with this facility which operating times are strictly enforced. Electrical outlets are provided and part of the rental. There are no public restroom facilities located in the Equestrian Center; a portable restroom is located near the Arena and a restroom facility is located at the Park across the way. Livermore Area Recreation and Park District rules and regulations will be strictly enforced.

Pole Barn Image  Pole Barn Wedding Image

Parking Lot

The Equestrian Center features a several gated and open parking lots available for rent throughout the year. These parking lots are perfect for staging areas when accessing Livermore's picturesque trails for running, walking, hiking, and riding your horse. There are no restrooms or lighting with this facility. A portable restroom is located at the Arena and a restroom facility is located at the park across the way. Daily parking fees will be assessed if rented; Livermore Area Recreation and Park District rules and regulations will be strictly enforced.

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