Picnic Area Rentals at LARPD

Picnic Rentals

Livermore Area Recreation and Park District offers two locations for Picnic Rentals: Robert Livermore Park and May Nissen Park. Applications are accepted one (1) year in advance from your desired date, and are accepted on a on first-come-first-serve basis; reservation dates are available from February through November of each year. To book and reserve the date, applicants are required to submit a completed and signed Picnic Rental Application and a refundable deposit. All other rental fees are due thirty (30) days prior to the event date. Applicants will be required to understand and follow the Picnic Rental Rules and Regulations if they choose to rent with the Livermore Area Recreation and Park District. Submitting an application does not guarantee and/or secure a facility, date, or desired times; the reservation is secure once the deposit has been paid and the permit has been issued. Applications may be submitted to the Robert Livermore Community Center at 4444 East Avenue, Livermore CA 94550 or emailed to facilities@larpd.org

Picnic Rental Application

Picnic Rental FAQ's

Picnic Rental Locations

Hagemann Park

Hagemann Park

459 Olivina Avenue

Hagemann Park, located 459 Olivina Avenue is a prefect park rental for vendors or renters. This neighborhood park includes a tot lot, three (3) barbecue pits, five (5) picnic tables and two (2) youth sports fields. Livermore Area Recreation and Park District rules and regulations will be strictly enforced.


Pole Barn at Robertson Park

Pole Barn at Robertson Park

Pole Barn Image  Pole Barn Wedding Image  

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Robertson Park Road

The Pole Barn (40x80') is a perfect outdoor covered space for vendors or renters. Sitting perfectly behind the Covered Arena, our Pole Barn features a concrete base, 5 picnic tables and steel covering, making it the perfect setting for your outdoor special event. There are no lights with this facility; operating times are strictly enforced. Electrical outlets are provided and included in the rental fee. There are no public restroom facilities located in the Equestrian Center; a portable restroom is located near the Arena and a restroom facility is located at the Park across the way. Livermore Area Recreation and Park District rules and regulations will be strictly enforced.

Robert Livermore Park (Only Available on Limited Sundays)

Robert Livermore Park

Available for rent Sundays in March-July & September-October.

491 Loyola Way

The Robert Livermore Park is a perfect place for a company or family picnic. This parks features a 29.9 acre park that sits right outside the Robert Livermore Community Center, Recreation Building, and Aquatics Center. Accommodating 150 people, the picnic location includes park restrooms, one (1) barbecue pit, and ten (10) picnic tables. Sports fields, baseball fields, or volleyball courts can be added to the rental based on availability and with an additional fee for some added fun.

May Nissen Park (Under Construction, Unavailable for 2019 Rentals)

May Nissen Park

685 Rincon Avenue

May Nissen Park is perfect for any outdoor picnic function. Perfectly located on 12.2 acres, this park features park restrooms, a playground for children of all ages, basketball courts, two (2) barbecue pits, twelve (12) picnic tables, and twelve (12) concrete tables. This picnic reservation area can accommodate up to 200 people.

Rental Fees

Pricing for up to 200 people. For rentals with over 200 guests please email facilities@larpd.org for pricing and availability.
Livermore Residents Daily Rental Fee Non Residents Daily Rental Fee
Robert Livermore Park $150 $200
May Nissen Park $150 $200
Hagemann Park $150 $200
Pole Barn at Robertson Park $150 $200
Additional Rental Fees
Bounce House Permit Livermore Residents $50 / Non Residents $60
Refundable Deposit $100
Alcohol Fee $100 for the day 
Liability Insurance  *$200
Robert Livermore Park Sports Fields with Picnic Rental (Will Require Insurance) $25 per hour per field
Robert Livermore Park Baseball Fields with Picnic Rental (Will Require Insurance) $25 per hour per field
Robert Livermore Park Volleyball Court with Picnic Rental (Will Require Insurance) $25 per hour per court
Portable Restrooms LARPD may require additional restrooms for large groups

*Liability Insurance Fee is subject to change and is determined and charged based on market rate.