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Brushy Peak

Brushy Peak

Brushy Peak Adventure

A prominent landmark from both the Livermore Valley and the Central Valley, Brushy Peak has drawn people to its slopes for hundreds of years expanding across 507 acres. From the peak you can look out across the Central Valley toward the Sierra Nevada mountains. The preserve has a number of sensitive features, and are considered a sacred place by the Native American People. To protect this special place and several of the endangered and threatened species which includes the red-legged frogs, California tiger salamander, and two species of fairy shrimp, Livermore Area Recreation and Park District offers guided tours with a Ranger. To register for a guided tour, click here. The Livermore Area Recreation and Park District's Brushy Peak Preserve is operated in cooperation with the East Bay Regional Park District which owns and manages an adjacent portion of the preserve. East Bay Regional Park District's portion of the park is open to the general public daily, and is located on the south slope of the peak.

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