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Robert Livermore Community Center
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Important Message:

Livermore Area Recreation and Park District has closed facilities and suspended programs in response to the Alameda County Public Health Department Order but we want you to know - our parks and open spaces remain OPEN!  Parks and open spaces are an essential resource for public health and wellness, especially in uncertain times like we are experiencing today. While we are staying away from many activities and public places, parks and open spaces provide access to nature, fresh air, sunshine, and enough room for everyone to move around and have fun during these uncertain times. NOTE: The following park amenities remain CLOSED to the public due to the Health Order: Playgrounds and play structures, picnic areas, basketball courts, sand volleyball courts, bocce ball,  BMX bike courses, synthetic turf fields (by permit only) and public swimming pools. Thank you and stay safe.

Requirements While Utilizing Parks and Open Spaces

  • Pack-In, Pack-Out your garbage and recyclables.
  • You MUST maintain a distance of six (6) feet between you and other park visitors at all times. 
  • Have a face mask with you at all times to use in case you are unable to maintain a minimum of six (6) feet distance from others.
  • "High touch" amenities such as play structures are closed and prohibited from use.
  • To avoid overcrowding, we suggest visiting the park on less crowded days or times, or taking a walk in your neighborhood.
  • Bring your own Mutt Mitt and clean up after your pet. We no longer provide them in the dispensers.
  • Be mindful if choosing to utilize restrooms and use at your own risk.
  • Practice healthy hand washing habits using soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds as required by the public health Order.

Mutt Mitt Notification

Our Parks

The Livermore Area Recreation Recreation and Park District has a rich set of parks including community and neighborhood parks, dog parks, and areas for hikers, bikers and horses. If you love to camp, our beautiful and popular Camp Shelly is in South Lake Tahoe in the woods. We hope you'll explore all the places you can enjoy the outdoors on trails and open spaces with beautiful views of the Livermore valley and beyond.

Park Rules and Regulations

In order for the community of the Livermore Area Recreation and Park District to use and receive maximum benefit from District facilities, parklands and programs, the Board of Directors of the Livermore Area Recreation and Park District has established rules and regulations that govern the Districts facilities and parklands. These rules and regulations can be found in the District's Ordinance No. 8; to view these rules and regulations, click on Ordinance No. 8.

Ordinance No. 8

Park Intent to Use Permit

Livermore Area Recreation and Park District strives to provide facilities and parklands that are clean and maintained for your use. To help us meet this expectation, the District requires any person, group, commercial entity, or agency, whether public or private to obtain and purchase a Park Intent to Use Permit. This permit would be issued for any function that would classify as, but not limited to, a meeting, organized gathering, celebration, parade, service, exercise, organized sporting event, or any other group activity held within or on a District facility or parkland that has 15 or more people attending. Applications for a Park Intent to Use Permit will be processed three (3) weeks prior to the scheduled function; there is a daily rate of $50 for Livermore residents and $60 for non residents. Permit fees are due at the time of submitting your application. The Livermore Area Recreation and Park District will not issue a Park Intent to Use Permit for Almond Park, Cayetano Park, Independence Park, Livermore Downs Park, Max Baer Park, Robertson Park, Vista Meadow Park, and William (Bill) J. Payne Park. Purchasing a Park Intent to Use Permit does not guarantee a reserved space; park space is determined on a first-come, first-serve bases. For a function of 100 or more people, applicants will be required to go through the Picnic Rental process. To schedule your next function of 15 or more individuals in one of our available parks, please fill out and submit the Park Intent to Use Application. For more information or to submit your application, please contact the Picnic Rental Office at 925-373-5720 or email

Park Intent to Use Application

Picnic Rental

Park Intent to Use Permit Fees

Livermore Residents Non Residents
Daily Permit Fees $50 $60

Neighborhood Park Ambassador Program

Neighborhood Park Ambassadors help to ensure their local park is clean safe, and green while assisting with future park programs and activities geared towards connecting parks with people and people with parks. For more information about the program please checkout our Park Ambassador Handbook.

To be a Neighborhood Park Ambassador, email

Donations and Memorials

Are you interested in making a donation or purchasing a memorial item to commemorate a loved one? The LARPD Foundation offers several memorial purchase options and accepts donations to continue their mission to provide services, programs, and facilities to those who could not otherwise afford to participate or have the opportunity to learn, play and explore in a healthy environment. If you are interested in purchasing a memorial or commemorative item, please contact Sandra Kaya by phone at (925) 373-5786 or by e-mail at

Memorial Donation FAQs

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