Park Intent to Use

Park Intent to Use 

Livermore Area Recreation and Park District maintains and operates many parks throughout our District for all to enjoy. Per our Park Ordinance No. 8, the Park Intent to Use permit is designed for organized groups of 15 or more people, and for commercial and for-profit entities to have a permit prior to utilizing a District Parkland. Any individual or organization who meets the criteria under §401(b), §401 (c), §401 (d), and/or §401 (e) of our Park Ordinance No. 8, will be required to obtain a permit from the District. All Intent to Use Applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to determine the nature of the request and the fee structure. Park Intent to Use permits will not be issued for any large group reservation including picnics, events, festivals, sporting events, weddings, or any other activity that are similar in any way within a District Neighborhood Park. For community organized runs, District fees will be processed through our LARPD Foundation which is the District’s 501 c3 that supports our community services and programs. Nonprofit organizations will be required to provide proof of nonprofit status at the time of submitting their application. Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications three (3) weeks prior to the date of use. Application fees will vary based on the request and are due at the time of securing the permit. Depending on the nature of the application, applicants may be required to provide their own Commercial General Liability Insurance or may be required to purchase insurance through the District. For more information about our Park Intent to Use process, please contact the District at 925-373-5720 or email

To reserve a picnic site, please visit our Picnic Rental page for more information.

Park Intent to Use Application

Park Ordinance No. 8

Park Intent to Use Permit Fees

Permit Fee
Park Intent to Use  $50-$500 (daily)
For-Profit Runs $4 per runner
Nonprofit Runs $2 per runner