Hoot Owls

Hoots and Owls Program at LARPD

Hoot Owl Programs at LARPD

What’s a “Hoot Owl”?

A “Hoot Owl” is a fun, after-hours walk in Sycamore Grove Park led by LARPD Rangers! As the sun sets, your group learns about nocturnal animals and their adaptations. Participants can touch wings and talons and see taxidermy specimens. The introductory talk is followed by a one to two-mile hike as twilight transitions to darkness. Along the way, rangers make frequent stops so the group can look and listen for nocturnal creatures and offer fun activities that exercise all five senses to better experience nature at night.

When are Hoot Owls offered?

This program is offered from March through November on specified dates. Additional dates may be available by request. The start time for Hoot Owls is based on when the sun sets so times vary depending on time of year.

How long is the program and how far will we walk?

Hoot Owls generally last between 1.5 and 2 hours. Most groups walk about one-mile at a very relaxed pace. Let the ranger know if you would like a longer hike.

What are the trails like?

Our usual route is on wide, dirt trails with some sections that have loose rock and gravel. This route is not recommended for strollers or wheelchairs. An ADA (paved) route is available upon request.

Plan Ahead

Hoot Owl Hikes are limited to 20 people – this includes kids and adults. You may need to book more than one hike so everyone can attend. We suggest all participants be at least 5 years old. Pets are not allowed. When registering, note which entrance your hike meets at. The Nature Area Entrance does not have restrooms or water fountains. If your hike is at this entrance plan extra time to make a restroom stop at the main park entrance (1051 Wetmore Road) before coming to the nature area.

What to Bring

  • Sturdy shoes like hiking boots or tennis shoes. Unless an ADA route is requested, you will be walking on dirt and gravel trails.
  • Layers of clothing – when the sun goes down it may get cold, even in the summer.
  • Drinking water in a reusable bottle that you can carry with you.

What is NOT Allowed

These items may not be taken on the night hike – you will need to leave these items in your car:

  • Flashlights
  • Cameras with flashes
  • Food
  • Walking sticks
  • Cell phones

Our Meeting Locations

Sycamore Grove Park, Nature Area Entrance
Sycamore Grove Park, Wetmore Road Entrance

Program Fee

Fees are per group, not to exceed 20 participants per group. The non-residents fee is for groups not residing within the city of Livermore.

  • Livermore Groups: $205
  • Non-resident Groups: $225

Register Online

If none of the dates on the registration page work for your group you may request a specific date by calling the LARPD Ranger Office at (925) 960 2400. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.