Weekend Ranger Nature Program - Mushroom Madness

Jan 19, 2020 at 1:00 PM

Contact Phone: 925-960-2400

Join Ranger Amy and the Bay Area Mycological Society for our annual SGP mushroom hunt! We will crawl around under trees, wander through meadows, and look at rotting logs to see how many different types of fungi we can find.  Please remember that you may take lots of photos, but mushrooms may NOT be removed from the park! This even will happen rain or shine!

Meet at the Sycamore Grove Park, Reservable Picnic Area.

DIRECTIONS: (Please follow these directions to the site location)

- Get to the intersection of Arroyo Road and Wetmore Road in Livermore. Go south on Arroyo Road (RIGHT turn from Wetmore).

- Go 1.8 miles south on Arroyo Road.

- Look for signs for the Veterans Medical Center. 

- Turn RIGHT on the road to the Veterans Medical Center (Labelled "Veterans Road" on google maps but there is no street sign).

- About 200 feet up the road, look for a brown and white wood sign on the LEFT that says "Sycamore Grove Park Reservable Picnic Area / Rangers".

- Turn LEFT at the sign and head down the driveway. Park in the parking lot.

** If you search 5035 Arroyo Road, Livermore in google maps it will show the placemark in the correct place BUT as we are not actually on Arroyo Road, please make sure to follow the directions above.