Weekend Ranger Nature Program - Spiders And Their Kin - Reservation Required

Sep 19, 2020 at 2:00 PM

Contact Phone: 925-960-2400

They creep, they crawl and they give many folks the heebee jeebees. They are the eight-legged animals of our world- spiders (and their relatives). Join Ranger Dawn to talk about these wonderful creatures. We will learn about some of the different types of spiders around the world and find out which are considered dangerous. There will be a few live specimens for us to look at. *Reservation Required. RSVP by calling 925-960-2400 or email dsoles@larpd.org.

Meet at the Sycamore Grove Park, Reservable Picnic Area.

*Livermore Area Recreation and Park District requires pre-reservation for all Weekend Ranger Nature Programs to limit the number of participants to allow for social distancing and advise about cancellations, if needed.