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Hot Shot Basketball

LARPD Sports Staff

Have fun learning the game of basketball through dribbling, passing, shooting, and defense! These fundamentals of the game will be taught through a variety of drills and competitions, all while maintaining a fun and safe environment.

DaysRes / NRLocation
Wed$100/$110RLCC Gym

5-7 Years Old

Course #TimeAgeDates
9728.1013:15-4p5-7 yrs3/22-4/19
9728.1063:15-4p5-7 yrs4/26-5/24
9728.1034:15-5p5-7 yrs3/22-4/19
9728.1084:15-5p5-7 yrs4/26-5/24

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8-10 Years Old

Course #TimeAgeDates
9728.1023:15-4p8-10 yrs3/22-4/19
9728.1073:15-4p8-10 yrs4/26-5/24
9728.1044:15-5p8-10 yrs3/22-4/19
9728.1094:15-5p8-10 yrs4/26-5/24

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11-13 Years Old 

Course #TimeAgeDates
9728.1055:15-6p11-13 yrs3/22-4/19
9730.1105:15-6p11-13 yrs4/26-5/24

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