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LARPD Park and Outdoor Space Rules

LARPD Outdoor Space and Park Rules

Help keep yourself, other park users, our parks and wildlife safe by following a few simple rules:

  • Keep your dog on a leash no longer than six feet.
    • Why? This keeps wildlife from being frightened, keeps your dog safe from hazards such as rattlesnakes and helps avoid conflicts with other park visitors or their pets.
  • Put all pet waste and trash into provided trash cans or pack it out with you.
  • No smoking in open space parks or trailways. No smoking in parking lots.
  • No alcohol allowed in open space parks or on trailways.
  • If you are doing a formal photoshoot in an LARPD open space park please call (925) 960 2400 for a permit.
    • Why? Due to the number of people doing photoshoots in Sycamore Grove Park and the damage caused to certain areas, we require a permit for all commercial photographers or persons doing more that one photo session in a 90 day period. This way we ensure photographers are fully informed of the rules and areas are not overly impacted. For more information, read the Commercial Photographers and Filmmakers section.
  • Leave everything where you find it. Collecting is not allowed.
    • Why? Whether it is a rock, a stick, a flower, an animal or an ancient artifact, it has a reason for being where it is and should stay there. (Even non-living things like rocks and dead branches can provide habitat for living creatures.)
  • Please do not allow children to climb trees. This is for the safety of your children and your trees!

Trail Safety

  • Stay on designated trails.
    • Why? Off-trail areas may be unsafe, may be sensitive habitat or may have been recently planted to restore vegetation. When visitors stay on trails, wildlife have safe spaces to feed and nest.
  • Stay within park and trail boundaries. Enter and exit only at officially marked park entrances.
  • Pay attention to trail signs. Some trails are not open to bikes or horses.
  • Share trails safely: Bikes and people yield to horses. People yield to bikes.
  • Alert others when you are passing them on a trail by calling out or ringing a bell.
  • If you wear headphones keep the volume low enough you will hear people call out when passing.
  • Always travel at a safe speed for conditions.

Read the full text of LARPD Rules and Regulations here.

LARPD Rules and Regulations

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