Meet the Arroyo Seco ESS Team

The Extended Student Services (ESS) teams have worked tirelessly throughout COVID. We'll be checking in with our sites over the next few months to see how they're doing and asking them to reflect on the last two school years of running ESS during the pandemic. We're kicking off the series with Harmony, Alyssa "Essuh", Joanne "Jojo", and Della from the Arroyo Seco site.

Have you picked up any hobbies during COVID?

HarmonyYeah, Gardening. I grew my own watermelon patch and pumpkin patch. I got 23 watermelons and 18 pumpkins. We shared them with all our neighbors and had the kids come and pick out their own pumpkins.

Alyssa "Essuh": Fishing. We love going to the beach. Hiking and fishing were our #1 hobbies. We go to Half Moon Bay and Point Reyes because it is a little more secluded.

What do you enjoy most about working at ESS?

Joanne "Jojo": The teamwork and camaraderie. We’ve all worked here a long time. I’ve been here 7 years and I’m still the newest one and I enjoy coming to work every day. The kids and families have been so supportive and understanding over the last 18 months.

Is there something that you're proud of that sticks out during COVID?

Alyssa "Essuh": I’m most proud of how we were able to be super adaptive to everything with the never-ending changes. We went with the flow and we were able to communicate it with the kids.

Harmony: I’m most proud of how my team has been flexible and willing to accommodate the modifications and requirements we’ve had to follow. I have an awesome team here and the kids and families are amazing.

Have you witnessed any acts of kindness recently?

Della"The biggest act of kindness I’ve witnessed recently was when we had a child lose a parent. Our students came together and got a lot of things for the child." 

Thanks for all you do for our community!


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