The Voices of LARPD - Customer Servcie Staff

The Customer Service Staff are the voices of LARPD. When you call the main number, you will be greeted with, “Good morning/afternoon. Livermore Area Recreation and Park District. This is …”.

Every day, we work with the public to explain the services LARPD offers, resolve any minor conflicts and point out any opportunities that might fit their needs while treating them respectfully and patiently. Our nine-person crew is the first stop for information for the public or our co-workers, whether it is in person or over the phone. We stay busy enrolling students in classes and camps, setting up reservations for campsites, and helping direct calls from the public to our appropriate departments for assistance. 

The Customer Service Staff are hardworking, helpful, and work very well with each other, whether they have worked at LARPD for years or are more recent hires. Jane (‘07) and Dorothy (‘09) have the longest tenure at the Front Counter and have the stories and memories to prove it. These two have seen or heard it all!

When you visit the Robert Livermore Community Center, please stop in and say hello to our staff; they will undoubtedly greet you when you walk in!

Customer Service Staff Pictured:
Top from left: Veronica ‘22, Jane ‘07, Natalie ‘12, and Julie ‘02

Bottom from left: Melissa ‘22, Dorothy ‘09, Emilia ‘16, and Darlene ‘15

Not pictured: Candy ‘13

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