Meet the Marylin Avenue ESS Team

Meet the LARPD Extended Student Services (ESS) team at Marylin Avenue Elementary School: Michelle, Andrea, and Thomas. This group has worked non-stop over the past few years, and we want to highlight their dedication to LARPD! The team at Marylin Avenue reflected on the past few years of COVID and the ever-changing dynamics at their ESS site.

The staff’s favorite part about working with the kids is being able to watch them experience new things for the first time, outside activities, and the unpredictability of the children. Some day-to-day responsibilities of this core staff include supervising and playing with the kids, preparing snacks, keeping everyone safe, and creating an environment where the kids want to show up.

Since working at ESS, the staff feels they have become better individuals and helped shape the children's lives.   

  • Michelle Cook: Celebrating 22 years with LARPD!

  • Andrea Looby: Celebrating 16 years with LARPD!

  • Thomas Cook: Celebrating 9 years with LARPD!   

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