Meet the Altamont Creek ESS Team

Meet the Team from Altamont Creek Extended Student Services (ESS)! They had a blast working with the kids, and they'll miss them so much! We caught up with the team on their last day of school to chat about some of their favorite memories at the site. Thanks to Jennifer, Frida, and Ashlynn for all their hard work over the years at Altamont Creek. 

The staff’s favorite part of their job is seeing their smiles every day, doing crafts with them, and building relationships with the students and their families. Some day-to-day responsibilities of the staff include snack time, creating curriculum, being a nurse, janitor, and overall, taking care of the children. 

Jennifer has been with LARPD since November 2006. 

Ashlynn has been with LARPD since 2017. 

Frida has been with LARPD since September 2021. 

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