Community Benefits from Partnership Between LARPD and Livermore Aquacowboys

LARPD and the Livermore Aquacowboys (LAC) began their partnership during COVID out of necessity. 

The Aquacowboys were looking for a home and LARPD aquatics department was unable to offer normal programming due to health order restrictions. With organized sports being allowed, this was the perfect opportunity. LAC has 250 kids on the Aquacowboys team along with another 90 who participated in the Seahorse swim school last year and LARPD was able to provide them with a place to swim. 

Coach Alex Silver shared, "Our team is comprised of over 95% Livermore natives and we are proud to be a homegrown team that has been in operation in Livermore since 2007."

We emailed Coach Silver and his team of coaches a few questions about their partnership with LARPD. 

How has the partnership with LARPD worked out with your team at the RLAC and May Nissen?

Coach Silver: By having the Livermore Aquacowboys at RLCC and May Nissen we have been able to expand our programming to many more athletes. We have qualified two athletes for Olympic Trials, and have several at the national and regional levels of competition. We have also been able to run meets for beginning-level swimmers and have been able to offer learn-to-swim programming. LAPRD has been instrumental in enabling us to offer swimming programming to more members of the community. We have also had the space this season to give out 8 scholarships to families in need.

What do you see as some of the benefits for youth of participating on a swim team?

Coach Silver: There are many benefits for youth on a swim team. Swimming is a great full-body exercise, it is a life safety skill, and learning new skills through swimming develops confidence in young people. Studies also show that swimmers regularly have among the highest GPAs of all collegiate athletes and swim teams average 0.5 GPA higher than the student body average. Swimming exposes young people to an extremely disciplined and positive peer group which can have lifelong positive benefits. Many of our athletes attend top universities and are on their school’s honor rolls.

Can you talk about the partnership with your team members teaching swim lessons this fall partnering with the ASES (After School Education and Safety) program?

Coach Silver: We are excited to partner with the ASES program this fall with the goal of teaching them water safety and eventually competitive swimming skills that will open many doors for them in the future. With proficiency in swimming, these young Livermore students will have access to swim teams, lifeguard training, and to possible future work, and will most importantly be water safe.

Anything else you’d like to add about the positive impact your team has had on the families in your program and the Livermore community in general?

Coach Silver: This season we graduate 5 seniors who will be attending: UCSD, UC Berkeley, USC, Cornell, and Las Positas. Several of our athletes received athletic and or academic scholarships. We also have had numerous parents comment that their beginning-level athlete has gained great confidence and a positive peer group through swimming on LAC. We are thankful to be able to participate in the lives of Livermore’s youth and also to be able to provide programming and supervision for the children of busy Livermore parents. We greatly value our relationship with LAPRD and with the amazing lifeguards, and administrators we have contact with every day. Thank you for partnering with LAC to bring great swimming programming to more of Livermore’s youth! 

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