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Ranger Riddles: Sycamore Simon 

Sycamore Simon is our honorary Ground Squirrel Park Ranger at Sycamore Grove!

As one of the Rangers, Simon helps keep the park safe, clean, and fun for all the guests and wildlife.

Simon has also been given the task of protecting the Golden Acorn.

Every month, Simon likes to hide the Golden Acorn in a new location around the park and will leave clues for visitors who enjoy a challenge.

Check back here monthly for a new riddle from Sycamore Simon, and see if you can complete his challenge!

May contain: art and drawing


February Ranger Riddle:

"To find the golden acorn, you must read with care... solve the riddle, and you’ll soon find it there."

Park your car in the smaller of two lots, 

Cross above the water where otters are known to play,

To a spot where you can rest your feet that is forever cemented in place,

If you are lost look for the "Right" direction.


Rules & How to Play:

Use the clues in the monthly riddle to locate the Golden Acorn within Sycamore Grove Park.

If you find the Golden Acorn, you may pick it up and take a photo with it.

Email your photo with your first name or nickname to . Your name will be listed in the following month's issue of the Valley Wilds as a Golden Acorn finder.

Most Creative Photo will be featured in the next month's Valley Wild Newsletter.

The Golden Acorn will never be located off-trail or high in a tree and will always be visible, never buried.

Please place the acorn back where you found it for the next guest to discover its location.