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Summer Youth Volunteers 

The Summer Youth Volunteer Assessment Registration is now available!

If you're age 13-17 and interested in volunteering with LARPD this summer at our camps, parks, and open space, you must sign up for one of the two assessment dates below.


A group of people seated around a table with papers and water bottles, engaged in a workshop or meeting.
Five individuals crafting with colorful paper and tape on the floor.
Lecture in progress, presenter speaking, students listening, presentation screen visible, educational setting.
Summer Youth Volunteer AssessmentDayDateTimeLocation

Summer Youth Volunteer Opportunities:

  • LARPD Summer Day Camps 
  • Summer Nature Camps  (Must also be registered as a CIT or completed that program in a previous summer)
  • Open Space Projects
  • Neighborhood Park Ambassador Program
  • Sycamore Grove Jr. Docents
  • Preschool Camps
  • LARPD Craft Camps
  • LARPD Pee Wee Sports Camps
  • ESS (Extended Student Services)


Check out this video from summer 2023 to learn more about our youth volunteer program! 


If you have any questions about volunteering this summer please email us: or call 925-373-5724.