Youth Classes & Programs

Youth Classes and Programs at LARPD

Youth Classes & Programs

Livermore Area Recreation and Park District offers a wide variety of classes and programs for children under 12 years old. To find the right class that best fits what you are looking for, click the registration button below or look through the latest Activity Guide.

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Early Years Special Interest

Messy Art

For parents and children to enjoy and experience together. Each class is designed to increase creativity, dexterity, fine motor skills, imagination and vocabulary. Assist your child as they explore the wonderful world of art. These classes are perfect for children two (2) to four (4) years of age.

Youth Dance


Enjoy learning this graceful and artistic dance that is paired music and precise and highly formalized set steps and gestures. Step into a theatrical art environment and learn what it takes to be a ballerina. Classes are scheduled based on your child's age, class dates and times vary.

Youth Special Interest


Explore the colorful world of clay and sculpting. Use your imagination to create all kinds of fun projects. Classes are offered throughout the year; class dates, times, and ages vary. Find the perfect class for you.


Chess is an art, science, and sport. Learn in a group and individual setting on how to become a competitive chess player. All playing levels are welcome; classes range from players who are five (5) to fifteen (15) years of age.


Step into the world of Lego building and fun. Legos develop problem solving and mathematical thinking, explore engineering principles by design, and use your imagination to create something magical. Our Lego classes vary and have special themes to go along with them. Tap into your creative side, and explore playing in a whole new way.

Mother Daughter Paint Night

Have a fun girl's night out filled with fun and painting! Each participant will experience a spring themes paint session, including snacks and beverages. Registration fee includes all painting supplies and instructions.

Computer Coding

Learn basic to advanced coding taught by a tech professional to stay ahead of the ever-accelerating pace of technological development. Participants will receive hands-on instruction in Javascript, Java, Mobile, Python, Operate 3D printers, or build a robot from scratch. Learn how to code to shape the future of the nation's tomorrow.

Basic 3D Printing

This course will teach you the basics of 3D modeling and printing, converting images to 3D models, and critical basic concepts in 3D Slash and/or Blender.

Movie Making

Develop your love and get inspired to make movies making through technology concepts and coding! Building animated movies using scratch tools will encourage your teen to create movies of their dreams with music, dance, camera, and lots of color and characters.

Mad Science

Program participants will love our interactive programs that foster creative thinking and problem solving. Our STEM programs cover a wide range of science topics and provide children with the opportunity to experience science in a hands-on way.

Public Speaking

From beginning to advanced, participants will learn the basics and building blocks of public speaking. Each participant will learn the importance of body language, varying tempo and tone of their voice, and much more!

Social Play

This course is designed for students wanting to improve social interactions at school and in the home. Students focus on game play, social stories, and emotional regulation curriculum. Students explore vital social skills like self-advocacy, teamwork and collaboration, and managing difficult feelings through engaging game play.

Young Rembrandts

Each day a different book will be read and students will draw the lesson which incorporates one aspect of the book that was read together. Participants will express their creativity and imagination to bring the story book to life.