Picnic Rental FAQ
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Picnic Rental FAQ

For further questions regarding picnic rentals, please email outdoor_facilities@larpd.org.

Do I need a Picnic Reservation Permit for a group of 55?

A Picnic Reservation Permit is required when you have a group larger than 50 people and/or have a Bounce House, Petting Zoo, Portable Restroom and/or other addition. A Picnic Reservation Permit is required if you would like to reserve the location.

Can I have a large group picnic at any park?

Groups of 50 or over require a Picnic Reservation Permit. Picnic Reservation Permits are issued for 3 locations: Robert Livermore Park, Hagemann Park and The Pole Barn. 

Can a group of 25 have a bounce house at any neighborhood Park?

No.  Once the request includes a bounce house, the picnic will fall under Picnic Reservation Permit Process. There are 3 locations available, Robert Livermore Park, Hagemann Park and The Pole Barn.

Do I need a permit for a small picnic with just friends?

A Picnic Reservation Permit is not required for groups under 50 unless, a bounce house, alcohol, portable restroom or other addition. A Picnic Reservation Permit is required to reserve the picnic space. 

Picnic Reservation Permit

Are there any locations that are not available?

LARPD will NOT issue Picnic Reservation Permits OR Intent to Use Permits at the following locations:

  • Cayateno Park
  • Almond Avenue Park
  • Livermore Downs Park 
  • Vista Meadows Park 
  • William J. Payne Park 
  • Max Baer Park 
  • Independence Park
What does LARPD need from me to obtain a Picnic Reservation Permit?

Picnic Reservation Permit:

Please submit a completed Picnic Reservation Permit Application to outdoor_facility@larpd.org.

Picnic Reservation Permit Application

How long in advance do I need to submit my application?

Park Intent to Use applications and Picnic Reservation applications will need to be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance. An application does NOT guarantee availability

Can I bring my own barbecue to a park?

No. You will need to use the BBQ pits that are in the park. Please do not dump any coals into our garbage cans, leave the extinguished coals in the BBQ pits. Park staff maintain the BBQ pits and will clean them out as necessary. 

Is alcohol allowed?

Not in neighborhood parks. Picnic Reservation may allow alcohol, with additional fee and insurance. Please see our Picnic Rental page for more information about fees.

Alcohol Permit Link

If neighborhood parks are used on a first come, first serve basis why do I need an Intent to Use Permit?

According to LARPD’s Rules and Regulation, Any group of (15) people or more will need a park permit to conduct, organize, take part in or address, any meeting, organized gathering, celebration, parade, service, organized sporting events or any other group activity in or on District facilities or Parkland.

I would like to have a picnic at Sycamore Grove Park; do I need a Group Picnic permit?

Sycamore Grove Park is maintained by the Rangers, please contact the Rangers to obtain a separate picnic permit for this location. Please call (925) 960-2400.

Are water slides or dunk tanks or water balloons allowed in neighborhood parks?

No. The excessive water and activity damages the turf.