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Human Resources

Mission Statement

To provide the people of the Livermore Area Recreation and Park District’s service area with outstanding recreation programs and a system of parks, trails, and facilities that enhance the quality of life.

Our Values

The Livermore Area Recreation and Park District's Human Resources Division is dedicated to delivering exceptional services and support.  Underlying our core work are our HR Values of Customer Focus - Continuous Learning – and serving as Trusted Advisors.  We strive to provide our employees and community a professional and fun atmosphere. The District currently has approximately 110 benefitted employees (full and part-time) and depending on the time of the year, LARPD surges from approximately 100 casual employees to 300 to support our summer programs. 

We live our mission at LARPD through our values and are looking for energized talent to join us in making the lives of the residents of Livermore richer through our programs and services. 

  • Continuous Improvement – We change with the needs of the community.  This may be evidenced by amending and repurposing certain grounds for other activities, such as upgrading a process or technology, embracing the intranet, and providing employee professional development opportunities.  
  • Exceptional Service Delivery – We focus on putting resources closest to service delivery and streamlining “yes.”  Our customers are both external and internal.  LARPD was created to provide the people of Livermore with outstanding programs and parks.  
  • Organic growth – the ability to try something, without if being 100% complete. We fail or succeed fast and then adjust behind those ideas in the pursuit of innovation.  
  • Collaboration – breaking down barriers between departments and sharing information.  Employees that share their knowledge with colleagues create a learning environment.  
  • Promoting inclusion – LARPD subscribes to the ideal that employees should be authentically who they are including enjoying work-life balance.  Inclusion is about welcoming, developing, and advancing a diverse mix of individuals.   

About the District

The District is governed by the citizens of Livermore who have elected the five-person Board of Directors. The Board of Directors appoints the General Manager and provides direction to the District. The General Manager ensures the District is properly staffed and positioned to carry out the operational needs of the District.