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Aquatics FAQ
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General Info
Is the pool heated?

Both pools are heated to be within a few degrees, above or below, of 80ºF (27ºC).

How long is the lap pool?

Our lanes are 25 yards.

Can my child wear a life jacket?

We allow US Coast Guard approved life jackets in our aquatic facilities.

How old does my child have to be to come alone?

The child must be at least eight (8) years old. Anyone under the age of eight (8) must be with an adult. Participants 12 years and older are eligible to Lap Swim.

What age is considered to be an adult?

Adults are participants who are 16 years and older and may be accompanied with children under the age of 8. Participants 12 years and older are eligible to Lap Swim.

What kind of pool toys can we bring in?

Most pool toys are allowed. No water guns, hard balls, inflatables, or noodles. Toys and swim equipment will be restricted at the discretion of the lifeguards.

Can we use an inflatable in the pool?

Inflatables are not permitted in either of our aquatic facilities; we allow US Coast Guard Approved life jackets.

Pool Party
Can we bring in outside food?

Yes. No glass, alcohol or open flames (BBQ, chafing dish, etc.) Birthday candles are okay.

When can I have a pool party?

During summer recreation swim. To view our current recreation swim hours, please click here.

Where can I have a pool party?

Robert Livermore Aquatic Center
4448 Loyola Way (map)

If my guest count is lower than the capacity of my party space, can I use leftover bands on a different day?

Party wristbands are for party guests on day of your event only. No leftover bands will be given out since you are paying for the space, not the individual wristbands.

Are wristbands good for party time only?

Wristbands are good for the entire day of your event. 

Can I decorate my party area?

Yes. Please use corkboard strips in rooms. No tape on walls. No piñatas on pool deck areas (Tide Pool, Lagoon, Reef). Completely remove all decorations once party is over.

What cleaning am I responsible for?

Our expectations is for our applicants to leave the party area as you found it. Anything you bring in either throw in trash which we will empty or take with you. Party staff will review the room with you and confirm all is good before you leave

Where do my guests enter for the party?

The Party Gate in aquatics, located under a white pop up behind the water slide, is the only party entrance.

Do all guests need a wristband even if they are not swimming?

All guest are required to have a wristband if they are a guest at the party. 

Are there carts available to bring in party supplies?

Yes, but they are limited and first come first serve.

What if I have more guests show up than my party area can hold?

Anyone beyond your party capacity will be given a general admission wristband for the pool deck but will not be allowed in the party area since capacities are set by fire safety code.

Swim Lessons
How do I register for swim lessons?

We accept registration in person and over the phone during business hours, and online by clicking here

What if I do not know my child’s swim level?

If your child is ages 6 months–3 years, register for Parent and Child Classes.

If your child is ages 3-5 years, register for Preschool Levels 1-3

If your child is 5 years and older, register for Learn-to-Swim Levels 1-3

If you believe your child should be in levels 4, 5, or 6, please contact the aquatics office at (925) 373-5750 to set-up a swim assessment appointment.

How many lessons will it take until my child can swim?

Each child learns how to swim differently; providing and giving positive praise will increase their confidence and willingness to do their best. For an accelerated learning experience we recommend back to back lessons or a minimum of three lessons a week. The more practice a swimmer has, the faster they will progress. At the end of each lesson the instructor will inform the parents on what can be reviewed at home. 

Do we offer make-up swim lessons?

In order to maintain the integrity of our classes when it comes to content and to size, we do not offer make-up swim lessons. We believe that adding swimmers to classes for make-ups interrupts the rhythm and safety of the class. If you do miss a class for a medical reason or illness, please turn in a doctor’s note and we can refund the missed classes.

What should I expect on the first day?

Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the beginning of your class. Check in with the aquatics front desk and they will direct you as to the location of the class on the pool deck.

What do I bring?

Please bring a swim suit, towel, and goggles. If their hair is long we recommend a hair tie or a swim cap. If you are enrolled in a parent and child class, your child will need a disposable swim diaper under the swim suit.

Water Polo
What are the requirements for my child to sign up for water polo?

Athletes must be able to swim 50 yards without stopping and tread water for 30 seconds before they are permitted to join the program. 

Equipment Needed?

Athletes are encouraged to purchase a water polo suit for the program. These maybe purchased online by clicking here

How do we get ready for a tournament?

Plan to be at the pool at least 45 minutes before your first scheduled game, unless the coach gives different instructions.  Nails must be trimmed short; at many tournaments, the referees conduct nail checks prior to the start of each game.  Warm up areas are just for warming up. No horseplay will be tolerated in warm up pool. Most facilities charge a spectator entrance fee; please bring cash. Athletes are also encouraged to bring bottled water and snacks. 

Will we have to volunteer?

Parents will be required to volunteer at minimum 8 hours per season. Jobs include desk, clock, snack bar, and chaperone. 

Why do we need to be USA Water Polo members?

USA Water Polo is enforcing the requirement that all players carry a current USAWP membership. If you are not registered, you cannot play, the referees check memberships to ensure participation. If you have a current membership, bring the USAWP ID card, or print one from the website, and also a picture ID - Both of these items are required. To join, click here. Our players are "Bronze" Athletes, and our club is called LARPD Water Polo (#1391).  

Competitive Swim
What are the requirements for my child to sign up for swim team?

Athletes must be able to swim 25 or 50 yards without stopping; distance will depend on the age of athlete and tread water for 30 seconds without assistance. 

What equipment is needed?

Athletes are encouraged to have a pair of goggles, fins, and a swim cap if the swimmer has long hair. 

What do we need to know for swim meets?

Plan to be at the pool at least 45 minutes before the start of each meet; coaches will inform athletes of warm up times. Please bring all team colors, posters, and swag. We love to cheer each other on! Warm up areas are for athletes ages 11 - 18 only. Please bring water, and snacks. 

Do parents have to volunteer?

Parents will be required to volunteer at minimum 8 hours per season. Jobs include age group coordinator, timers, head timer, and stroke and turn.